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Awesome / Resident Evil: Vendetta

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  • The movie begins with the BSAA being wiped out by Arias' traps, with Chris himself being the only survivor. When the two confront each other, Arias shows off his skills by beating Chris to a pulp.
  • Even when she is partially infected by the A-Virus, Rebecca manages to get up and walk to her lab to retrieve her newly created vaccine.
  • Even though she hasn't been in action since Raccoon City, Rebecca manages to kill two zombies by herself before Chris brought the cavalry.
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  • Rebecca able to analyze to the A-Virus and its three different components and thought of how Arias spread the virus.
  • Chris and Leon, fighting back-to-back for the first time. Surrounded by zombies on every end, the two pull off several melee moves and impressive Gun Kata skills, killing every thing without even a scratch.
  • Leon vs the Cerberuses, on a motorcycle, nuff said.
  • Chris and Arias Gun Kata duel, which transitions into masterful hand-to-hand combat. Of note is the sequence of grapples, escapes, counter-grapples and counters to those grapples.

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