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  • Dorian versus Doppo, Even though he ain't in the same level as Yujiro in sheer Jerkassery and given what an utter disrespectful scumbag he is towards his opponents and his overuse of under-the-table tactics, it's satisfying to watch Doppo flat-out destroy and cripple Dorian when his methods doesn't work on him, not even hypnosis.
  • Sikorsky first kidnapping attempt on Kozue where he says if she so much as screams he is gonna kill her and her mom. Kozue knows he means it but she decides to bet on one thing she is even more certain than Sikorsky making good on his threat: That Baki will kick his face in before he get close enough to her. She is right.
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  • As of issue #278 in Son of Ogre, Baki actually countering and putting Yujiro (yes, THAT Yujiro) in an armlock. Though the fight itself is likely far from over, to see the villain (who has up until now been nigh-impossible to even stagger, let alone defeat, and who has routinely gotten away with smacking around Baki and his loved ones throughout the entire manga) get brought face-down to the pavement with his arm caught in a vice is rather nice for a change.
  • The ending with Yujiro and Baki's epic handshake finally earning his respect after a fruitless long battle, Baki also manage to be given the title The Worlds Strongest Creature by Yujiro.
  • Example from the Playstation 2 Game (Fighting Fury): Okay, so the fighting game may not be all that great compared to other fighters on the same system, but the best and most satisfying thing to do in this game is being able to beat the everlasting crap of (and ultimately defeat) Yujiro, who is Not So Invincible After All in this game! Giving the bastard what is finally coming to him is a huge case of Catharsis Factor!
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  • Hanayama vs. Speck. First Speck uses everything he has including Hanayama's own shoe and a barrage of strikes that almost destroyed the Statue of Liberty, Hanayama tanks all of it before giving him solid punches until Speck admits he had enough. The moment Speck says that however he shoves a bunch of bullets in Hanayama's mouth and make them explode. Hanayama's cheeks are gone but he still stands and deck Speck in a lampost before dragging him to the authorities. And if that wasn't enough Speck gets back on his feet before Hanayama can leave and keep fighting him with guns and flash grenade. It ends with Hanayama having to use his vice grip to tear Speck's forearm, thight and throat. Even more awesome is that Hanayama is the first of the martial artist defeat an death row inmate while Doppo and Baki lost their first fight.
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  • Miyamoto Mushashi has managed to make Yujiro visibly bleed! Yujiro has shrugged off armies, beasts and a caveman that killed dinosaurs for breakfast without any difficulties and now is bleeding.

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