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Moments subpages are Spoilers Off.

  • Negi gets one when he uses his magic to throw a dodgeball hard enough to cause Clothing Damage for the entire opposing team.
  • Kazumi gets a small one in the anime. Throughout an entire episode, she proceeds to discover what she can about Sayo's history and then sticks up for her when she's left out of the field trip.
  • Nodoka gets her first in chapter 33 for doing what few other Unwanted Harem characters can do.
    • This is even more awesome when you consider that out of everybody in the cast, she's the person who would have the hardest time confessing.
    • Nodoka's confession (and subsequent accidental pactio) come in handy later. In chapters 40 and 41, when Kotaro traps Negi and Asuna in a warped reality bubble, Nodoka, who merely followed out of curiosity, quickly puts together what she needs to do: when she meets Kotaro again, she gets him to reveal his name. When Kotaro disappears from Negi's sight to attack, she reads off his moves, allowing Negi to dodge with ease. And to cap it off, she asks Kotaro how to break the bubble trap, giving the three of them the means to escape. This is not merely cool. This is the same basic strategy Nodoka would use in all her later battles. And to make it more awesome? She knew absolutely nothing about magic before this event. She had just discovered Diarium Ejus, the mind-reading book, that morning, and she starts putting it to good use despite learning about it only a few hours before. Awesome.
    • Then, soon afterwards, the head temple in Kyoto is attacked by Fate, who petrifies everyone, including Nodoka. The awesome part is that while everyone else was frozen while trying to run away; Nodoka was petrified in the process of getting her pactio card out. Even under attack from a far more powerful enemy, her first instinct is not "run the hell away", but "get my artifact out and do some good". This is her response whenever she's confronted with an enemy. And it eventually pays off, in an enormous way.
  • In Negi's first encounter with nigh-invulnerable Fate in chapter 51, Fate manages to petrify Negi's arm. Negi's next offensive action is to punch him in the face with his stone fist...right after Asuna dispels his magic barrier. Ouch!
  • Evangeline gets hers at the end of the Kyoto arc in chapter 51, when she obliterates an obscenely powerful demon in one attack, reseals it, and forces Fate (who's more or less invincible every other time we see him) to retreat after he runs her through.
  • Chapter 61. Asuna splits the sea.
  • Nagi's Neck Snap on a demon during the flashback in chapter 66.
  • Yue gets a more minor one during the Festival Arc in chapter 87 when she reduces Kotaro to a quivering heap with philosophy.
    Yue: I just intellectually browbeat a kid in short-pants!
  • Kotaro gets his due in the first tournament battle in chapter 93, by defeating his female opponent (Kotaro Wouldn't Hit a Girl) by launching her out of the arena with the air pressure from his punch.
    • He then caps it off by acting to save her from drowning (he'd launched her into a lake by accident), winning the crowd's approval.
  • Mana gets one in chapter, with her battle against Ku Fei. Ku Fei manages to close the distance between the two of them, figuring that her martial arts will have a far better chance at close range against the gunner's rapid-fire coin flicks. Then she suddenly found herself face to face with Mana's stack of coins.
    Mana: There are no weak distances for me. [Fires a coin right under Ku Fei's chin, sending her flying]
    • Ku Fei gets her own moment in chapter 95, at the end of that battle, when she manages to win the fight (with a broken arm) by hitting Mana with a Ki Attack, something she had never been able to do before.
  • The fight between Negi and Takahata from chapters 96 to 99. Negi's final blow. 'nuff said.
    • Takahata got his own great moment after blocking Negi's first superpowered blow.
      Takahata: The problem with that technique is that it can't be used consecutively. *BOOM*
  • And then there's Asuna's fight with Setsuna in the Tournament Arc in chapter 102, when Albireo Imma causes her to go into a trance mid-battle, changes her harisen over to her sword, and proceeds to try and kill Setsuna in a blind rage.
    • Setsuna responds in kind with a Let's Get Dangerous! moment the instant she realizes Asuna's not quite in her right mind, and despite having her magically enhanced broom sliced in two, she proceeds to end the fight barehanded in a single move that flips Asuna twice into the air and pins her into the ground.
  • Albireo gets a moment during the Tournament in chapters 101 and 102 with the wagers he makes with Evangeline during Asuna and Setsuna's fight: Setsuna wins, Eva gets information about the Thousand master. Asuna wins, and Eva has to enter her next battle wearing a school swimsuit, the top of a schoolgirl uniform, and cat ears. Cue a long sequence of Evangeline utterly freaking out as Albireo telepathically tells Asuna everything she needs to do to win. Pity that Asuna gets disqualified when she accidentally summons her sword. To top it off, Albireo reveals afterwards that he was intending to tell Eva the information about the Thousand master anyway, and was making the wager just to see Eva panicked.
  • Evangeline gets another during the Mahora Budokai in chapter 103. Her "fight" against the hapless Keiichi, which ended half a second after the match started, with her closing a ten-foot gap instantly and felling him with a solid gut punch (with the apology, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was lost in thought.")
    • Probably the best part about the scene was that Keiichi did what absolutely no other person would do when confronted by a 10 year old Goth Loli girl, which made his ass kicking even more awesome in comparison.
    "I must not judge her by her appearance. She did make it through the preliminaries. I must be careful here."
  • Albireo’s utter manhandling of Kotaro in chapter 104.
  • Evangeline gets another one in chapter 107, with her utter manhandling of Setsuna through most of their fight. The kicker: she's completely unmagical at the time. Just a normal ten year-old girl... who's been studying Aikijiujitsu for the past hundred or so years.
  • Setsuna gets a lot of these, but the best one was during the Tournament Arc in chapters 108 and 109, when she ends her match with Evangeline in a mindscape where they both are able to cut loose, gets berated as she is battered about for daring to let her happiness get in the way of her strength, and emerges victorious. And she was still using her sword backwards (a la Rurouni Kenshin), since it was against the rules to use swords.
    • Not to deflate Setsuna's CMOA, but Evangeline was also holding back by deciding to play around with Setsuna, and she could only use non-incantation spells because of the rules. This can be a CMOA for Eva because she managed to be that strong even when holding back.
  • Nagase Kaede gets a crowning moment of awesome in chapter 111 with her fight against Albireo Imma. The climax of this fight is when he transforms into Nagi for a final blow... which Kaede largely dodges. Considering that the Thousand freakin' Master had her by the throat, this was an impressive feat on her part.
    • She gets another one when the fight started. Albireo tries to stomp her even faster than he did Kotaro, but when he hits her with a full-power gravity smash, he finds himself surrounded by four Kaedes, all critiquing his attack!
    • To top it all off, she loses the fight by concession. Albireo has to convince her to stop fighting.
    • A few chapters later, she reveals that while they would break tournament rules, she had a few ways in reserve to "neutralize" him if she deemed him untrustworthy. In other words, a self-trained middle school ninja girl that had only known of magic for months thought up, on the spot, not one but several different ways to at the very least temporarily incapacitate a companion of the Thousand Master.
  • Chao gets a moment in chapter 138, when she teleports Negi's party a week into the future when she's already achieved her goals and defeated Mahora academy - without seriously harming a single person or even lying. And even after Negi goes back in time to stop her she still could have pulled off her forced recognition spell if she wanted to.
  • In Chapter 162, Chao reveals that she brought a copy of her (and by extension, Negi's future) family history with her to the past and unleashes it as the ultimate diversion because obviously it contains the name of his eventual wife. Could also count as a Funny Moment.
    • "Negi party self destructs!! Record time 57 seconds." Funny. Definitely Funny.
  • Negi's ultimate Moment of Awesome comes in chapter 187 when Fate launches a surprise attack on Negi's party right after they arrive in the magic world by impaling Negi through the chest with a thick chunk of stone. But just as Fate prepares to start permanently petrifying Negi's students, Negi gets back up, pulls the rock out of his body, and socks Fate in the face with it, vowing not to let Fate hurt them. ...Wow.
  • In chapter 188:
    • Kotaro finally breaks his Wouldn't Hit a Girl policy, to stop Tsukuyomi from stabbing Asuna in the back.
    • Fate slips past Ku Fei and Asuna to take out Konoka, so as to ensure she won't be able to heal Negi. Setsuna refuses to have any of it, and not only successfully defends Konoka from his attack, she wards him off long enough for Ku Fei to slam him to the side, giving Asuna enough time to get Negi to Konoka.
  • Also his fight with Kagetarou starting in chapter 198. It's his first genuinely to-the-death fight for Negi against an opponent who can kill him if he makes one false step. But Negi doesn't break under pressure; instead, he shivers with excitement. In the course of the fight, Negi's right arm is cut off (fortunately, it gets reattached by magical surgery later). His response?
    Negi: I still have my left!!
  • Nagase Kaede gets another moment in chapter 206, where she takes down a dragon of the caliber that Negi himself (admittedly before several power-ups) wouldn't think of facing, with one attack. While blindfolded.
  • Yue gets one in chapter 213 when she takes on a Griffin Dragon, issues orders to her companions, dodging all manner of magical attacks, and jumping into the dragon's face armed only with a dagger and her wits. And this is without her memories and having only gotten her true power back moments before. Talk about Taking A Level In Badass...
  • Asuna gets one in chapter 218 when she stops a powerful spell supposed to beat Kaede and Setsuna within an inch of their lives, simply by waving her sword around... just as the one who cast the spell keeps describing it as being unstoppable. Nothing magical is unstoppable when set against Magic Cancel.
  • Negi looks pretty badass anytime he uses black magic starting in chapter 219. He takes out an entire group of infamous bounty hunters with an uninterrupted series of devastating blows, impaling the last with a giant magical blade. One of them starts to get back up, muttering about revealing his true form, but one glare from Negi sends him cowering back on the ground, fearing for his life. Negi is a ten-year-old boy. Bear that in mind.
  • Asuna gets another one in chapter 225, when she punches Negi out of promising to leave Fate alone, smacks Fate in the face, gives an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Negi, and threatens Fate with her big ass sword. Awesome.
  • In Chapter 225 Negi trades blows with Fate for the first time since his Magia Erebia training. Fate mocks Negi's efforts and his foolishness in thinking that Negi could match him just by increasing his power, only to get nailed and sent flying with an elbow strike and a simple but epic Shut Up, Hannibal! moments later.
  • Kotaro’s fight against Shirabe in chapter 227 is pretty awesome as well. He shows up when she's threatening Nodoka, Haruna, and Chisame. She crushes him with vines - nope, it's a shadow clone. She hits him with a sonic blast from her fiddle - wait, it's another clone. He remarks that there's really no point to fighting her (since he doesn't hit girls anyways), grabs the girls, and shadow-teleports away.
  • Nodoka gets another one in chapters 227 and 228, when she puts herself at enormous risk to attempt to read Fate's mind, despite Chisame's attempts to talk her out of it. And she successfully reads Fate's mind. Go, Nodoka.
  • Jack Rakan's introduction. The man saves Negi from the shadow user by summoning a BFS the size of a building.
    • It gets better, in chapter 226 he breaks out of a barrier dimension, which just one page earlier was said to be impossible. Oh, and he does so with a "just named" spell. Which seems to be more or less how he does everything. And by the way, earlier, in chapter 201, while trying to develop a finishing blow for Negi, he blows up a mountain - and comments along the line of "I didn't think it would make such a big blast".
      • Rakan's strategy can be summarized in one line, said by the enemies after he breaks out of the barrier dimension: "He just ignores the laws of magic..."
      • Rakan get bonus points for defeating his enemies by stealing their panties and later using them to locate them in the huge barrier dimension, then forcing them to surrender by flipping their skirts every time they tried to cast a spell.
      • It's not even that Rakan merely "ignores the laws of magic" — he hints indirectly that there's an actual exploitable flaw in barrier dimensions like that, but he covered it up by pretending to be just violating the laws of magic. That he can trick people that thoroughly, while doing something that difficult, is even more impressive than just being a rule-breaker, since it requires even more skill.
      • All he did was embarrass the master of the dimension to weaken her control, and then generate a micro black hole with his mind. Nothin' to it...
    • At chapter 256 he just copied the ultimate secret technique of Setsuna´s sword fight school! And he even gave it a new name, so Setsuna can use it without worry about its status: "In Celebration of my first kiss with Ojou-sama strike!"
      • What makes that even better is his attitude concerning the whole ordeal, he pretty much just goes "I've seen Eishun do that a thousand times! I'll just do what he does!" And he does. In a spectacular fashion.
    • Forgetting when he defeated two enemies by stealing their panties and flipping their skirts up? Later on he does it to all of Fate's minions simultaneously.
    • Not that he was worse off in the time of Ala Rubra. In Chapter 269, Ala Rubra comes to interrupt Arika's execution, and he has a following conversation:
      Evil Chancellor: Seize the rebels!
      Jack Rakan: You really think you've got the forces for that?
      Chancellor: Do I have the necessary forces? You Fool!. The guards for this event are more numerous than those you see here. There are two entire fleets stationed over a surrounding area of tens of kilometres, not to mention elite troops numbering over three thousand. You may be powerful, but even you cannot...
      Jack Rakan: Like I said. Are you seriously telling me you think that's gonna be enough?
      Chancellor: Wh... What?!
    • Then, in Chapter 272, he demonstrates why he is called "Invincible". He's been truly and utterly defeated, learned that both he and the one person he must protect are only puppets, and become truly terrified for the second note  time in his life, and lost all of his limbs. His response:
      • Fate essentially brought the Death Star to a fistfight. He abuses the power of a creation from his Physical God boss to completely erase Jack Rakan from existence. He only manages to get as far as his limbs in that attempt, though. Rakan's response? He activates another powerup, gets replacement limbs and proceeds to beat the crap out of fate before being deleted for realsies. Not content with that level of awesomeness, The Thousand Blades willed himself back to existence. Yes, he defied every law of magic and gave the middle finger to the power of The Life Maker. What was his objective for doing such thing, you might be asking? Using Captain Akagi's most famous maneuver to calm down a rampaging Dark!Negi.
  • Negi's father, crowned "The Thousand Master" and generally agreed by everyone to be the single most powerful man on the face of the earth gets a chance to prove it in chapter 233. Going up against a boss who managed to one-hit K.O. his entire party including Nagi himself, he takes it out with what can only be described as a Shoryuken!
    • Unfortunately in Chapter 266, according to Godel, that didn't take out the Life Maker. And for that, the Life Maker did a Beam Spam on Nagi. So what does Nagi do? FACE ALL OF IT AND TURN HIS OWN STAFF INTO A SPEAR!
    • Knowing Ken Akamatsu's constant shout outs to fighting games, the Shoryuken was probably intentional.
  • Chapter 241 is one for both Negi and Rakan and by extension Asuna too.
    • Rakan: His first attack was confused with a terrorist attack... He nearly blew the entire arena up!
    • Negi: Survived this, counterattacked and CORNERED Rakan by surrounding his head with knives.
    • Rakan's Response: HE BIT THEM! While mourning that Negi was only using the power of his girls...
      • It should be noted that, in fact, the knives were Sweat Droping as he was biting them; look closely!
    • Negi's Response: Offered Rakan some Good Old Fisticuffs. He basically stated he was going to beat Rakan at his own game. Never was a ten-year old boy more Badass, until the next chapter.
  • Chapter 242: Negi uses his second shiny powerup - Rakan's comment before getting knocked out: You're kidding?!
    • Topped in 243 by Rakan getting up at the very last second, unscathed, laughing, and beating the SHIT out of Kotaro and Negi.
    • How he does that is far more impressive: He anticipates Negi, who is pretty much literally as fast as lightning, and then beats him like Negi beat him just before. However, just before, this would be a little cheap to end the fight ... which brings up the question just how far this fight will go in 244.
    • Chapter 246 answers this: Pretty freaking far. Every dog has his day, indeed.
    • Chapter 247 takes this chain of awesome and bumps it up to fifteen or so. First Negi uses a perfected version of his previous powerup to take on Rakan IN CLOSE COMBAT. Then he sparks up an all-new self-made spell and challenges Rakan to a power contest, and THEN reveals that he didn't have any intention of taking Rakan's power head-on, and that whole battle was one big set-up to allow him to absorb Rakan's strongest attack and use this power to one punch him. Just... Awesome
    • Chapter 248: BEST. ENDING. FOR A TOURNAMENT FIGHT. EVER! Manly Tears are a guarantee from reading it (yes, even if you're a girl; it's just that awesome).
    • The entire fight is nothing less than a giant Moment of Awesome for the series; we get one CMoA surpassing another, then wraps it all up with a Funny Moment by lampshading (look at the quote) and completes with an ending like that. If the manga gets any better, it might be able to use its Beard as a robe. Hopefully this gets animated soon.
    • Negi hits Rakan with every move he's got: first Rakan-powered fist, then in turn, a lightning form full-body blow, Rakan-powered Cherry-blossom Fist, Lightning-god Spear AND a Thousand Bolts spell. It looks like Rakan is dead... until he punches Negi in the face. Everyone's aghast, but Negi doesn't wonder how Rakan can get up after taking all that, nor fall into angsting over his power levels. Instead, for the first time, he's inspired. Then, Rakan finally recognises him as a man and asks him for one more round of Good Old Fisticuffs, just for the hell of it; during it, Rakan reminisces to himself that, though Negi's nothing like his father, it's like he's fighting Nagi again. By the end of it, they're both battered, bloody, and bruised - and laughing together like brothers. Overkill, manly fisticuffs and a CMOH? Best shonen fight ever.
    • Let's put this in perspective: This is a series that started out as just another Ken Akamatsu harem manga and went that way for the first few volumes. Then in 200 or so chapters it gave us a fight that pretty much distilled everything good about shonen and turned it up to eleven.
  • Ako. Chapter 245. Proving that even a supposed "side character" Woobie can be awesome.
    • And furthermore, proving that you can be awesome without throwing a punch, firing a shot, or uttering a single badass line.
      • Although one can argue she DID use a Badass line when you consider what she said implies...
      • The same scene can also be a crowning moment of awesome/heartwarming for Tosaka, because he turns her down, proving just how much of a real man he is... and probably causing more than a few shippers to go Squee!
  • Chapter 252 and 254: The new character Kurt Godel marks his entry by being both awesome and infuriating at the same time. And probably helped discover Asuna's problem.
    • Chapter 272: Negi looks like he's about to accept Godel's offer of alliance. But before he signs:
    • He then recites, word for word, what both Godel and Fate are talking about when they say they are trying to "save" the world, something only a handful of people in both worlds knew about, and then explains exactly why Godel is full of crap, promptly wiping that smirk off of Godel's face that he's had ever since his introduction.
    • Also in Chapter 252, Setsuna performs an Offhand Backhand by splitting a steel ball that was flying at Konoka and a couple of children (they were a few meters behind her and its trajectory was within her reach) in half with her artifact... without even knowing she did it. She was busy worrying. About how she thinks she's getting WEAKER, no less. Um...
  • Natsumi finally got one in a recent chapter: After her pactio kiss with Kotaro, she admits her feelings for him... and then hides her embarrassment by grabbing Chamo and stuffing him in Kotaro's mouth.
  • Chapter 233. Nagi shoryukens the Big Bad of old.
    • As of chapter 264, it seems that Negi is following in his father's footsteps.
  • 265 has the three girls note  (Nodoka, chibi!Chisame, Kazumi note ), who have no serious combat skills whatsoever, stop a Magia-Erebea-influenced Negi!! Who was tearing apart Godel due to his announcement in the previous chapter. ESPECIALLY Chisame and her slap (more like a palm thrust) on Negi. Dayum.
    • The best part of that is the fact that Nodoka and Asakura are genuinely afraid of Negi giving into the darkness, but Chisame is just straight up pissed at him, with no real sign that she's intimidated by the whole "Negi turned into a demon" thing.
    • From the same chapter, for the first ever, Kazumi Asakura is seen PISSED OFF at someone - with a visible throbbing vein-mark, no less - after having thus far proven herself to be basically unflappable and happy-go-lucky person. Godel had better not leave his dirty laundry out in the open, or she's surely bound to snatch it and air it out all over Megalomesembria; never piss off a blackmail specialist, people.
  • From earlier on, Chachazero defeats the Smug Snake Big Bad of the Kyoto Arc by giving Chigusa a Breaking Speech about how she's just a pathetic coward... and then scaring her so badly that she faints, proving the point.
  • Chapter 269: Nagi rescues Arika from her execution in a valley full of powerful monsters...while unable to use magic due to an Anti-Magic field in the valley. Yup, the Thousand Master is reduced to a completely ordinary guy, and he still manages to be a Grade A Badass.
    • Rest of the team does not do too shabbily either. Two entire fleets of magical battleships and three thousand elite troops? Punk, do you really, seriously think it's gonna be enough? Hell, the entire chapter is basically one big Moment of Awesome for Ala Rubra.
    • Also such a Heartwarming Moment that it qualifies as awesome. Why is he braving a horde of incredibly powerful monsters as an ordinary human to save her, even after she's cast out of power and no longer his commander? "Because I love you!! Why the hell else?!!"
  • In 271, more of a Crowning Moment of Shocking: Oh, hi there Mr. Black-Cloaked Supposed-To-Be-Dead Guy!
  • And 272, after getting his limbs blown off by Mr. Black-Cloaked Supposed-To-Be-Dead Guy (again), Jack summons forth a set of armored replacement limbs and gets ready for Round Two Three.
    • Even better because of the response it gets from Fate: "Ridiculous".
  • Also from the same chapter, Negi completely blows Godel out of the water, reminding everyone that he's still got a brain behind the cute face and fighting ability. Remember, he's the Boy Genius Mage.
  • Chapter 273 had several:
    • Negi creates two thousand lightning clones to fight Godel.
    • Godel gets his when he wipes out all of the clones with a single technique. And before that, he was keeping up with Lightning!Negi.
    • Chisame uses her artifact to hack and crash Godel's illusionary space barrier and the room's government security systems.
    • Asakura reveals to Godel that the entire meeting was covertly broadcasted to the rest of the Ala Alba.
    • Asakura directs Ku Fei's attack through use of her artifact.
    • Ku Fei smashes Godel into a wall using her staff artifact grown large. As in "freight train" large. Through a wall.
    • Takamichi follows up Ku Fei's attack with his "Silent Fist" technique, nailing Kurt right in the face.
    • Just before they escape, Nodoka asks Godel for the last secret the magical world contains, reading his mind and gaining the final piece of the puzzle.
      Takamichi: What's the matter, Kurt? These youngsters seem to be beating you senseless.
  • Chapter 274 continues the trend.
    • Introducing Sayo and her gatling gun! Nope, not her armaments, a REAL gatling gun!! Doubles as a CMoF when she gives out a warning to the Red Shirts: "Please stay away, it's dangerous!". With a happy face.
    • Kaede managing to have another use for her artifact which is to teleport ALL of the attacks directed to them via her cape.
    • Setsuna cutting the armour off a Red Shirt in a single slash when he takes Konoka hostage. Followed by her introducing her new pactio, which is another sword.
  • As does Chapter 275:
    • Yue once again kicks large amounts of (Demon) ass. Achievement Unlocked: Took a Level in Badass - Reverse-stab a demon with a BFS.
  • Takane pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment, without getting her clothes blown off.note 
  • Chapter 276... Mana. Gun Kata. Unorthodox Reload. Victoria's Secret Compartment. BFG. Also, this chapter ends with a really nasty Mood Whiplash!
    • Damnit, Akamatsu, you've made a bet with Eiichiro Oda who will make the longest CMOA entry on this wiki, haven't you!?
  • Chapter 278: Rakan's Obi-Wan Moment.
    Fate: This too is meaningless, Jack Rakan... The outcome is already predetermined.
    Rakan: Still... it was fun, wasn't it? You should enjoy these things a little more. Fate. [*BAMM*]
  • Nodoka is now the queen of this trope. Everything has gone to hell for everyone, all her most powerful allies are totally outclassed, she's seen several friends get erased right in front of her eyes, the guy who did it is about to kill her, and she has no combat ability whatsoever. Her response? Rather than go into a psychotic breakdown like pretty much everyone else has (understandably) gone through, she gets up, and calmly explains to him that she's not as helpless as he thinks she is.
    • To follow it up, she backflips away from an attack and grabs his artifact from his hands and forces him to tell her how to use it, allowing her to block his own unstoppable attacks and teleport away to Kaede and Setsuna. He tries to follow and send her to the Garden of Spirits anyway, but Setsuna note  and Kaede have a Big Damn Heroes moment and force the enemy to retreat. The crew consider going back to Earth. Nodoka rallies them and tells them that no, they're going to take the battle to the Enemy's Cosmic Keystone. There's a damn good reason that the attribute listed on her pactio card is "courage".
      • Just to clarify: Nodoka, who up to then was one of the least capable of fighting characters, showed in half a chapter that she can easily keep up with an over 9000 level (by Rakan's measure) caster and have much more in-battle learning and adaptability than even Negi - she doesn't even need to have the techniques used on her to learn them! Also note that she stole the Big Bad's Reality Warper powers and used them to facilitate her escape.
      • Setsuna deserves props, too, for dropping in out of nowhere and saving Nodoka by hacking off Dynamis' hand right before he could snap Nodoka's neck, and then she summons her sword and uses Konoka's power to make it huge. Kaede draws her own oversized weapon, and Dynamis, who up til now has been carving through all resistance, decides it's time to run.
      • Yuuna Akashi has some things to say about the subject.
        Yuuna: Hold on a minute! You're saying what... we're just going to leave things like this? We're... we're just gonna run home like cowards with the enemy still on top? After all those people who helped us out while we've been here have just given their lives... we're just gonna turn tail and run?"
      • Which helps Nodoka to have her next CMOA, as she deduces that the Cosmic Keystone is the key to resolve the mess.
    • The whole series' of Nodoka's awesomeness is capped by the fact that a few chapters later, even the other characters are gushing about how awesome she was. Even Negi.
      • Further clarification concerning Negi: He started to angst about how he wasn't there to protect her, then stops mid-sentence and takes it back saying, "No... I suppose I have no right to act as though I should have been the one to protect you. You are a valuable comrade, and a great adventurer in your own right." Considering how over-responsible Negi is, for him to say something like this to Nodoka is indeed the final word on how awesome Nodoka has become.
    • And it's not like there's no precedent for that sort of thing either; going all the way back to chapter 41, one of very first things she does with her artifact after receiving it is to save Negi's ass from Kotaro, and then uses it to find the way out of the trap that Negi and Asuna were caught in. Even though she technically hasn't even been let in on The Masquerade and has no idea what's going on.
  • Chapter 281: Yue kicks yet more enemy ass. Chao gets yet another retroactive one for creating a kickass artifact for Chachamaru, Haruna also proves to be an awesome pilot.
  • We all thought 282 was a Breather Episode but 283 cut it short! Usually, when a suspect is interrogated, he or she gets to be maltreated and stuff. Mana was all ready to do the torture and Nodoka's mind reading technique doesn't work. So what does Negi do? Negi, of all the things he could do to unmask Shiori, makes A PACTIO WITH HER!!! I repeat: Negi unmasked Shiori BY KISSING HER!
  • In Chapter 285 Setsuna and Kaede have to face Negi's Superpowered Evil Side. This is less a Moment of Awesome than more like a Moment of Oh, Crap!, especially when they found out, that Demon!Negi despite his appearance still can use his new signature moves, which includes a Flash Step as fast as lightning and a Big Freaking Lightning Spear, called Titanslayer.
    • Chapter 285: He's told his Superpowered Evil Side is turning him into a demon, and there's no known way to stop it. He'll get more power as a higher level of being, but he'll be a beast, no longer human. Rather than fearfully trying to figure out a way cure it or slow it down, he immediately, without hesitation decides to do it now and get it over with. Not even a single question about keeping his mind or emotions, or a pause to think about it or anything. Damn.
    • The true CMOA of this chapter? Evangeline blocks the last one without even sweating... And she isn't even the REAL THING!
      • Oh, and she isn't even the least bit serious. After all, she developed her own and Negi's Super Mode, and she has never used it, no matter how much her current opponent kicked everyone else's ass before.
  • When Negi learned to use the Magea Erebea, by fighting Evangeline in his mind for two days and nights, while suffering real injuries on his body. Even more impressive is the fact that it was ten days to him, specifically ten days of constant fighting and being killed 70 times. He's a tough little sonuvagun.
  • Chapter 290: After pestering Fate to make him admit his feelings for Negi, Tsukuyomi teases him that she will steal his fight with Negi; Fate retaliates by totally wrecking shit and telling her that no such thing will happen, basically admitting that she hit a nerve.
    • Also a crowning moment for Tsukuyomi, given that Negi's powerups haven't been able to give him the upper hand against Fate, but she handled his attacks even after the wrecking of shit and left without a scratch. Oh, and during the fight, she surprises Fate by cutting his arm off. It doesn't really slow him down at all, but he was downright shocked that she landed a hit.
  • Chapter 291: Negi hits Eva like Fate did way back though it only slows her down for a few seconds. Oh, and he finally gets his Magia Erebea under control.
    • Another, more subtle Crowning Moment in that chapter is that Negi finally acknowledges that he can't do everything himself, and says that he trusts his students to take care of him if the whole Black Magic thing ever goes wrong. Given that he learned Black Magic in the first place with the intention that his students would never need to protect him, he's made quite a bit of progress.
  • Chapter 292 Is Negi Springfield gonna have to choke a bitch?
    • What makes this moment awesome is the fact that one, it's NEGI of all people doing the choking, and two, Tsukuyomi's seemingly permanent and annoying psycho-grin was COMPLETELY and UTTERLY wiped out.
    • Note: Not just any psycho-grin. Maybe the worst she ever showed! And not even FATE was able to make her look so uncomfortable!
    • Bonus Points for application of Generation Xerox. Explanation: He applies ANOTHER of Nagi's moves, the Neck Lift, all that remains is the other step.
  • Chapter 293 continues the awesomeness: Tsukuyomi can escape and takes Nodoka hostage. Negi´s answer: ROCKET LIGHTNING PIMP SLAP PUNCH!
    • The fact that Tsukuyomi managed to use the Code of the Lifemaker to summon said army arguably makes this a CMOA for *her* too. Holy crap, she has become a terrifyingly good antagonist.
  • Chapter freaking 294! The reappearance of ZAZIE. RAINYDAY. Fans shat brix.
    • Why should they be surprised? They should already know Zazie was never meant to be a small side character. Since when? Well, if you would take a look at this pic FROM THE VERY FIRST CHAPTER and examine the middle of it... Yeah, another CMOA for the author itself!
      • Considering that he seems to have sent his entire fanbase on fire with this, he deserves it. May have something to do with Akamatsu mentioning Zazie will play an important role in the final arc. I don't know why everyone's going nuts now though, it's not as though this is the end... right?!
      • It's the fact that we know Zazie will play a role in the final arc is why the fans are going nuts about it now. Everyone already knows about that Foreshadowing picture, and everyone was thinking "Zazie probably won't appear, I mean she's with Evangeline and the rest back from home right?" All of a sudden, wham! She's here!!!
    • Negi's and Setsuna's Big Damn Heroes moment. Negi using a Lighting Lance to take out two gigantic demons at once from over 100 meters out.
  • Zazie's utter incapacitation of Setsuna, Kaede and Mana in Chapter 295.
  • Chapter 298: Negi delivers a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Fate.
    • The chapter was already awesome BEFORE Negi gave that speech to Fate. Zazie's twin older sister explains that the collapse of Mundus Magicus will begin in less than ten years, and Chisame starts freaking out about how little time that is. Negi, on the other hand, announces that it should be plenty of time, before revealing to the eavesdropping Fate that he has a plan to prevent the collapse of the world!
    • Let's not forget that the reason why Zazie's sister attacked Makie and Chisame at the beginning was because they were not affected by the LEM.
  • And before that, in 297... Negi breaking himself free from Zazie's Lotus-Eater Machine. Considering that it gave him what he had wanted the most in the world, aka having Dad and Mom with him, it overlaps with Tear Jerker.
    • Which is followed by a Moment of Awesome and a Heartwarming Moment for Zazie, who takes all of this very gracefully and shows it by dispelling the Lotus-Eater Machine, warning Negi that his next opponent (her sister) is also very powerful, and promises to wait for him and the others at Mahora.
  • Chapter 299 and Negi is officially an Inhuman monster no matter how we look at it. Not only did he figure out a plan to save he Magic World from doom in a matter of days when even the creator of said world hasn't thought of anything better than putting everything on back disc, he also conducted practical experiments to test his theory in the spare time he had while in middle of soul-crushing, body-mutating Training from Hell. Is there anything he is incapable of doing?
    • From the same chapter, Kaede, Mana, Setsuna, and Ku Fei all escape from the Lotus-Eater Machine, and in doing so allow everybody else to escape from it as well.
      • Which in turn antagonizes Poyo Rainyday to the point that she reveals her true demonic form and decides the only way to stop them is to send them all to the real Cosmo Entelecheia for good.
      • To which Mana's response is to throw gravity-increasing bombs at her, then shoot her down into the lower floors.
      • And then Mana takes her on alone, revealing that she's half-demon, and scares the until-then unfazable Poyo.
      • Alright, it's decided, Mana's dad is Sparda. That's the only possible explanation.
  • From Chapter 301, it's hard to not see Dynamis as the beginnings of a badass. A man who has had very little dialogue since his debut, and one of the most mysterious characters still in the manga, has one awesome speech, including some of the greatest announcements of battle in the series.
    Dynamis: I am but a defeated General who has lost his master. Yes...but a wretched puppet who has lived beyond his years. You should be proud, girls. When I thought that all my wishes would come to naught, it was you who gave me a final chance... AN OPPORTUNITY TO BRING THE HAMMER OF DIVINE PUNISHMENT DOWN UPON A FOOLISH MANKIND!!! NOW IT IS TIME THAT I MYSELF STOOD ON THE FIELD OF BATTLE!!!
  • Chapter 302 is pretty much a long string of CMOAs for everyone involved:
    • Negi Busting through Dynamis' barrier.
      • Dynamis Shrugging off that attack, and forcing everyone hiding in Kaede's artifact into the open.
    • Fate's minions managing to trap Negi with a time stop so Homura can roast him.
    • Nodoka saving Negi's ass by body-slamming Homura, who is at this point made of fire.
    • Yuna shooting Homura in the head, keeping Nodoka safe and canceling Homura's transformation.
    • Makie stealing Koyomi's artifact with her gymnastics ribbon.
    • Ku Fei effectively using her artifact to pole-vault into Koyomi.
    • Kaede blasting the everloving crap out of Tamaki.
      • And quite a few other things.
      • Including a retroactive one for Rakan, who beat Fate's subordinates without taking any damage back in chapter 260.
  • Chapter 305 gives Dynamis an awesome one by subverting the Leave Him to Me! trope when Kaede and the rest of the gang all tell Negi go to Fate. Dynamis gets knocked down with a combined attack between Negi and Kaede. Negi takes Shiori, Chisame and Nodoka and tries to fly away... and then out comes Dynamis' gigantic shadow blade/arm aimed at Negi's chest. The wound causes Negi to tap into his Superpowered Evil Side yet again.
    • Not to mention, Kaede is being tested enough to open one of her eyes. This may not seem major, because she has done it in the past, but the important thing is, SHE LOOKS ANGRY. The once unflappable, ever-smiling Kaede looking angry. I would be so afraid of her.
    • No mention of Takamichi!? He uses Hokuto Shinken AS A RANGED ATTACK!!!
  • Chapter 306 gives us a Nice Job Fixing It, Villain when Negi Curb-Stomps Dynamis, culminating in tearing him in half. Take note that at this point, Dynamis is at least Fate's level. And Negi is thrashing him around while it's nothing with his Superpowered Evil Side.
    • Still, Dynamis thinks of this as his victory because Negi lost to his dark side. Clue for Homura and Shiori, who drops her mask to throw theirselves between Negi and Dynamis.
  • And then we have episode 307...
    • Konoka, Nodoka, Kuu, Makie, Kaede and Ako join into calming down Dark Negi, with Chisame calmly slapping him and talking him down. Doubly awesome for Konoka, as she's the one who takes the initiative despite not being a fighter, which clues the other girls into joining her.
    • Shiori was already awesome the last episode, but she doubles it by giving Homura a Kirk Summation and explaining her why she's joined Negi now.
    • And then, when Dynamis insists that they have won and Negi can't fight anymore so Cosmo Enteleicheia has pwned them, the girls don't give into despair and decide to keep believing in Negi. It even sneaks in a Funny Moment when Kuu Fei shuts Dynamis up by poking his face with her staff.
  • For 309: "This is my chance to shine!" Awww, Natsumi, you've come such a long way, and it's even more awesome since she goes all Plucky Girl right after almost having passed out due to having Fate motherfucking Averruncus just inches away from her. Not only she keeps holding on her artifact and doesn't dispell its effects, but manages to successfully take Koutarou and the rest of the group (Kazumi, Yue, Nodoka, Kaede, Beatrix, Yuuna and Makie) towards the place Asuna is held in.
  • Chapter 310 is another long string of CMOAs for everyone involved. Keep in mind that all of this happened in a span of several seconds:
    • Chachamaru blasting Fate with Al-Iskandaria., then Fate blocking it with one hand.
    • Kotarou catching Fate off-guard, then transforming into a wolf and body-slamming him away.
    • Yue and Beatrix blocking most of Fate's petrifying darts, with Yuuna shooting the rest of the darts mid-air.
    • Beatrix, Yuuna and Sayo Taking The Bullets for Yue, Makie and Nodoka.
    • And finally, Kaede managing to unbind and rescue Asuna, and Makie and Nodoka grabbing the Cosmic Keystone. At almost the same time.
  • Chapter 311. All objectives complete! Fate got blasted with Al- Iskandaria! The Cosmic Keystone in our hand! Asuna and the petrified persons are secured under Kaede's protection! Time to regroup and go hom- Oh, Crap! there are FOUR fates?! All with different elemental powers?!
  • Chapter 312: Kaede getting the crap beaten out of her, so that they can get their hands on the Cosmic Keystone. Takes guts, man.
    • The real impressive thing is how she does it: she goes toe to toe with Quintum for a few minutes, while one of her doppelgangers steals the key right off of him and carries it back to Makie.
    • Takane pulling a flaming spear out of Chachamaru's chest (burning her hands in the process) and managing to block one of Quartum's blasts. And Jonny's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Let's be fair to the rest, too. 313, even with all the clusterfuck, had:
    • Kazumi slapping a panicking Natsumi to get her back on track.
      • Also, trying to stall Quintum by using her artifact to position Chachamaru's Kill Sat and upon realizing she's on her own, not running.
    • Kotarou being willing to do a Last Stand.
    • Makie and Yue willing to do something similar for Nodoka, Natsumi and the still unconscious Asuna (and even sneaking in some Character Development in the form of a friendly chat).
    • Nagi inside Negi's mind telling the Angst Comatose Negi to not just leave things like they are in the moment... which triggers Negi's He's Back!.
  • Chapter 314: After the hell that is 313, Negi makes a He's Back! moment when he finally wakes up again from his coma. He then proceeds to shatter Sextum's barrier (and her clothes) and all of a sudden, the Gravemaster makes a Heel–Face Turn and decides to side with Negi and his team. Then Negi blindsides Quartum while Tertium Fate hits Quintum with a rock. And with the most awesome usage of Two Scenes, One Dialogue, both Negi and Fate declare that they're going to protect Negi's True Companions.
  • Chapter 315 has Negi beating Quartum into next week culminating in him tearing him in half.
    • Note that while he did this: He was not hit even once, he dodged an attack with his eyes closed, and he used his left hand to block a punch from a HUGE summon.
  • Chapter 316, Quintum totally outclasses Tertium, and finally ready to put a Gungnir to him... NOT. Tertium, empowered with, as strange as it sounds, Jack Rakan's words, catches the spear meant to impale him, blocks Quintum fist, twists and breaks Quintum's arms, then one hit KO's Quintum in single punch. Then he takes back the key from Nodoka, stating that he'll do the plan as himself. Awesomely cool.
    • Fate really was channeling the spirit of Jack Rakan, as the fight shares more than one odd similarity with Negi and Jack's fight earlier in the series, such as "Telephone punch". Rakan. Fate.
      • More so if you compare that Rakan scene with what Fate did to Negi in chapter 319.
  • And in chapter 317, Nodoka once again proves her courage by pointing out Fate´s contradicting behavior. He gets angry and slaps her, but she still keeps smiling right in his face!
  • Chapter 318, Negi walks to meet Fate face-to-face. While walking, he pulls out a hair band and ties his hair back in it's familiar tail. Without using his hands.
    • That's nothing. Negi deactivates Magia Erebea and faces Fate in his normal form. After some talk Fate punches him in the face... which does nothing, and Negi counter sends Fate flying. Negi became a whole lot stronger since he mastered Magia Erebea.
  • Chapter 319 contains a number of awesome moments:
    • Negi hitting fate with enough magic arrows (1001 to be exact) that Fate compares it to a large scale spell (EG: Thousand Bolts).
    • Fate demonstrating his petrification eye laser to take out Negi's right hand and stop a 1001 arrows fueled Ouka Houken.
    • Fate demonstrating just how you take advantage of the ability to summon swords.
    • Negi Destroying each individual sword by PUNCHING them.
    • Fate summoning enough spikes in the time it took Negi to destroy the swords to make Negi pull an Oh, Crap! face.
    • Negi bypassing said spikes fast enough to cut Fate off mid-sentence with a punch to the face.
    • Nodoka and Natsumi standing up to Shirabe despite having no combat ability or artifacts, with both arms tied behind their backs.
  • Chapter 320. There's the joint effort of Anya, Ku, Misora, Takane, Mei and Colette in taking down Shirabe, which eventually succeeds... But not before she manages to tank all the attacks, wound the majority of her opponents (even after she's forced to unsummon her artifact) and bring Asuna to the altar, all out of sheer determination and devotion to her cause.
    • Negi and Fate soon follow suit by destroying each other's swords and starting a ground-breaking fistfight.
      • Fate gives Negi "The Reason You Suck" Speech, saying that Negi is too soft, and asks him if he intends to shoulder the weight of the magical world with that softness. Negi's reply is simple and to the point: "Yes, I do."
  • Chapter 321. Fate for breaking out laughing mid-battle. It wouldn't be such a big deal if he wasn't The Stoic.
    • Also Ayaka, as she first tells Evangeline that she knows a good part of the truth. Then in all seriousness, she promises to keep her secret. And then? In an awesomely hilarious way, she ropes the girls Locked Out of the Loop into thinking it's a class activity and that they must support Negi. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Chapter 322. Demons rampage throughout Mahora Academy and since the command is to make people who are from the Magic World disappear, this does not affect real people, and thus they get stripped (as usual seeing Yue experienced this one.) Ayaka then claims that the whole event is just the sequel of the Martians VS Magicians game that they did last summer just to put up with the masquerade. Let me say it: Ayaka made everyone believe that the whole thing is just another event game that they pulled off last summer. People who knew about magic were impressed.
    • While riding one of the Martian Spider Tanks accompanied by Evangeline Big Damn Heroes style. Ayaka sure is grinding levels in awesome.
  • Chapter 323. Haruna's ship gets caught in a mana turbulence caused by the battle between Negi and Fate, losing power and being bombarded with giant rocks. She decelerates to follow the mana flow and descend, summons two giants with her pactio card to stop two giant rocks from squishing the ship, while using the ship's cannons to blast an even bigger rock out of the way, and finally gets back to the real world. It's amazing what you can do when you and your friend's lives are on the line.
  • Chapter 324. Yue had already anticipated that she'll be hit with a paralysis spell so she embedded a delayed spell to release the paralysis effect. She goes to help Makie who also got hit with the paralysis and was about to help Asakura, when she bit her tongue mid-incantation due to Makie.
  • Chapter 325. Negi and Fate put a hold to their battle to have a little chat, then Fate continues the battle with a handshake deathmatch. Then both of them ready their destructive spells and unleash them on each other. The result is seen by the residents of the Old World as a giant explosion that spans the top of the Gravekeeper Palace.
  • Chapter 326. Secundum, Nii, Septendecim and Tertium's fight with Nagi. Tertium captures him with an Earth ward trap, then Nii hits him with a Firestorm spell while Septendecim finalizes the incantation for her Ice Prison spell. When she activates the spell though, Nagi had escaped, all thanks to Arika. She even lands on top of the Ice Prison Spell for good measure.
  • Chapter 327. Fate watches as Secundum erases Luna's sister, then makes his choice as Secundum is getting ready to erase Luna as well and BEHEADS HIM.
  • Chapter 328. Nagi REAPPEARS!!! Followed by Rakan beating up Fate then finally back to Negi. Fate then admits that he lost.
  • Chapter 329. Setsuna creates the Sword of Ala Alba and after pulling a Shut Up, Hannibal! on Tsukuyomi, she defeats her with one slash. Poyo admits defeat and when it seems that everything is going to end with a good ending, the Lifemaker blasts a hole through both Tertium and Negi. Damn, Akamatsu, Damn.
  • Chapter 330. The LifeMaker returns and restores Dynamis, all the previous KE members, Secundum, Quartum, Quintum and Sextum, and after curbstomping Negi and Fate, Secundum is about to erase Tertium. But... EVA-CHAN ARRIVES ON THE SCENE!.
    • The chapter is called "Resurrection of a Nightmare", right? So who is it more likely to be referencing? A bunch of random bad guys or THE Doll/Puppet Master, Dark Evangel / Dark Gospel / Gospel of Darkness, Maga Nosferatu ("Undead/Undying Mage"), Apostle/Disciple of Calamity/Destruction, Demon King in the Form of a Child, The Advent of Evil, Demon Lord of Darkness, The Girl Queen of Darkness, Visitation of Woe, the Disciple of Dark Tomes, The Tidings of Evil, The Queen of the Night, High Daylight Walker Evangeline McDowell THE MENTION OF WHOM GIVES MAGES NIGHTMARES!
  • Chapter 331. One after another, Konoemon, Eishun, Albireo Imma, Kurt Godel and Takamichi join the battle. But that's not all, oh no the best is yet to come. Jack Rakan comes back from the dead AGAIN! to kick ass and chew bubblegum. It's a bit scary to think what will Akamatsu do to top this particular Moment of Awesome.
  • Chapter 332. Eva starts preparing a magic spell that scares Dynamis, who gives the order to stop her. Quartum, Quintum and Sextum surround her, but she blows them away with her bare hands. Quartum and Quintum try again, only to be denied by Konoemon. Meanwhile, all of Class 3A have gathered on top of the Gravekeeper's Palace, so that they can rescue Asuna.
    • Eva beats the crap out of Quartum, Quintim and Sextum while still chanting her spell.
    • Secundum tries to Rewrite Rakan again. Jack casually dodges the blasts and knocks him away.
    • Chisame's response to Shiori's reasoning that Asuna's life spanning hundreds of years would overwhelm the short while she had with class 3-A.
      Chisame: Screw those hundred years. I don't give a damn about that delusional epic fantasy crap anymore.
  • One for Akamatsu himself: There have been consecutive chapters on this page since 309!
  • Chapter 333. Evangeline finishes her spell, which proceeds to freeze the whole area, along with all of the Cosmo Entelechia. Looks like a victory... except the Lifemaker enters the stage, knocks everyone away and grabs Negi in a Neck Lift.
    • A smaller one for Rakan, who smacks Vrixo Nagasha away with double Rakan Punch and avoids Eva's spell, apparently set to lock on him too.
  • Chapter 334. ASUNA IS BACK! She saves Negi from the Lifemaker's Neck Lift, and then they team up to defeat the Lifemaker, who turned out to have Nagi's body all along. When it seems that Negi will enter a Heroic BSoD, which the poor guy has quite the right to after that... he quickly slaps himself back into reality and Asuna proceeds to use her sword and the Code of the Lifemaker to restore everyone erased by KE. And then the chapter ends with the words "At long last, the bond between Negi and his comrades... HAS SAVED THE WORLD!!!".
    • Just Asuna alone proved to be able to kick ass at this point. Aside from saving Negi by lopping the Lifemaker's arm off with her BFS, she just blocks a HUGE beam fired by the Lifemaker at them with ease with the same sword. And as mentioned earler, she saves the world and restores everyone.
  • In an example of how powerful Negi has really gotten over the course of the manga, Negi has triggered Raiten Taisou 2 with a sneeze. Unconsciously. It's a frankly scary that, during the split second it takes to sneeze, his body simultaneously creates and absorbs the most powerful lightning spell known to man twice over. Very, very scary.
  • 340: When Ayaka finally gets her Pactio from Negi, she is this close to switching the rules of the whole Pactio system and become Negi's Magistra, instead of the other way round. "The Power of Love", indeed.
    • After that flashback we see Negi, Fate, and FREAKING KOTAROU talk about FREAKING POLITICS.
  • A very subtle one (and awesome because of said subtleness). Negi lets loose with one of his trademark sneezes, and Asuna stops it cold.
  • One of Negi's most intense scenes... is his argument with Fate over which is better, tea or coffee.
  • Chapter 347: Negi manages to not die to Ku Fei going all-out, with his magic power cut off.
  • Chapter 349: Yotsuba, of all people, stood up against Evangeline telling her why they should stop looking at Negi's secrets.
    • And let's not forget Akira not only getting her own Pactio with him, but giving it a pretty good use in its first time.
  • Chapter 352: This chapter might have a sad beginning, but it has an awesome end: Asuna gets a visit from Evangeline and long-unseen Chao Lingshen.
    • It's also awesome since it shows that Negi's plan worked.
  • Negi gets slapped around a lot by girls but he doesn't always let girls slap him. At one point, he blocks Anya's punch.
  • Chapter 354 has Magical Detective Yue's performance against Paio II.
  • Yue gets one in the first anime when she confesses her love for Negi. This was a great moment which summed up all of Nodoka's character flaws throughout the series, and ultimately forces her to make an effort to change.
    Yue: I wanna know something... why do you think you fell in love with Negi?
    Nodoka: I-I don't know.
    Yue: I remember you saying once that he wasn't like any other boy that you knew. Do you think that's because he's smart and cute or because he's already saved your life twice? My point is can you honestly say you're in love with someone just because he doesn't scare you as much as the other boys do?
    Nodoka: No...
    Yue: It was brave of you to admit you loved him, but instead of moving things forward it only gave you another place to hide. That's why you're always so afraid to let anything more develop. Because you're happy with everything staying the same! Tell me, do you feel safe with Negi!?
    Nodoka: I-I don't—
    Yue: By holding onto this crush, do you feel you'll never have to change!?
    Nodoka: Y-Yue...
    Yue: Is that what truly loving someone is about!? Is it!? [She kisses Negi.] I can't hide it! I'm in love with professor Negi!
  • With the drama adaptation, it manages two things from the very start. The first is that it's one of the most successful adaptations of a manga and anime to live action in history. And, The reason they're all frozen in place? It's part of the plot! Ken Akamatsu hid a PLOT POINT in the intro!
  • Not quite for Negima, but in UQ Holder! Chapter 129, it abruptly returns to a classic art style, and the campus of Mahora Academy at the time of this series... only to bring back the Negima logo, and announce that it's a direct sequel!

Alternative Title(s): Mahou Sensei Negima