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Drinking Game / Negima! Magister Negi Magi

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  • Take a shot for every Panty Shot.
    • Take an extra if panties gets destroyed.
    • Take another extra if they get stolen.
  • Drink a Bloody Marry when someone nosebleeds. (But drink half during Chapter 340.)
  • Take a sip every time someone's getting talked into making a pactio.
    • Chug down your glass if they do a pactio. (be careful if you're watching first or second anime)
    • Drink when someone summons their artifact.
  • Pour yourself some wine when Eva is acting evil. You may laugh evily before and/or after.
  • Take a shot whenever Asuna's Magic Cancel screws a spell.
    • Take two when someone else controls her powers.
  • Take a sip of beer when Rakan summons a sword bigger than himself.
    • Drink your whole beer when Rakan is ignoring rules of magic.
  • Magic Roulette: Chose an affinity. Whenever a spell of your element is cast - drink.
  • Take a shot whenever someone's clothing is destroyed, whether by accident or deliberate effort.
    • Take THREE if it's a male character.