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  • In Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Les Yay pretty much defines Setsuna and Konoka's relationship. Setsuna harbours a Bodyguard Crush so enormous it can be seen from outside the galaxy (which isn't much of an exaggeration considering literally Everyone Can See It, including Negi), while Konoka is very much The Tease towards "Set-chan". For a long time it was uncertain what their relationship would be, Setsuna convinced she is not worthy to be so close to Konoka and Konoka herself remaining guarded about the extent of her feelings, but on an almost constant basis Akamatsu would tease people with hints from both sides, comedic and serious, detailed in specifics in the series' extensive Ship Tease entry.
    • Probably the most blatant early example is a small arc where Setsuna defends Konoka in battle dressed as a male samurai and Konoka done up as her princess in distress against an enemy who is practically dripping with Foe Yay. This is so obvious the other girls all assume the whole thing is an actual date and commence squeeing their support for Konoka's and Setsuna's love. Also after they're separated at the start of the Magical World Arc, the chapter they're reunited in is called We meet again, My Beloved.
  • Chapter 252 beats the above in blatantness and may have just moved this relationship from sub-text to text-text. Good grief, Konoka. Pactios don't need to take that much time. Nor do they require that much tongue. In fact, they don't require tongue at all. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • Konoka does the Finger-Suck Healing to Setsuna in one chapter.
  • Konoka and Setsuna slump into a Sleep Cute position at one point.
  • Konoka in Setsuna's fantasy is stark-naked except for an apron.
  • Setsuna does the Bridal Carry all the time with Konoka, including on most promotional artwork.
  • And then there's chapter 341, where Setsuna muses over what she considers as the ideal future for her. Her conclusion? Reaching third base with Konoka.
  • And in the last chapter it's implied that they got married.
    • Or rather, they just have to play with it one last time by saying they both got married, at the same place and time, but refusing to say/admit whether or not it was to each other.
    • Konoka having Identical Granddaughters to them both in UQ Holder! only raises further questions.
    • By chapter 169 of UQ Holder!, it is pretty much stated that both become a couple, as said Granddaughters explain to Touta that they had "two Grandmothers" instead of the typical Grandpa and Granma.
  • There's some retroactive Ho Yay, when the girls realize that because Albireo has a pactio with the Thousand Master, they might have kissed at some point.
  • There's also a (much, much) smaller amount of Les Yay between Setsuna and Asuna, specifically Asuna's obsession with stroking Setsuna's wings, and Setsuna's reaction to it.
  • As it warrants a re-mention because of the later chapters, the absurd amounts of Foe Yay between Setsuna and Depraved Bisexual Tsukuyomi.
    • Tsukuyomi also has interest in Konoka and Asuna.
  • There's also some minor Les Yay between Yue and the Class Representative in Adriane. Which makes it that much more tragic when Emily fades from existence in Yue's arms...
Haruna: I don't know how she does it...even though she's a midget with a giant forehead, she seems to attract girls left and right and drive them to tears...
  • In chapter 284 Asuna finally comes out of her Heroic BSoD state and Anya is so relieved that she glomps Asuna and rests her face on Asuna's breasts.
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  • In chapter 305 Anya is relieved that Yue came to rescue her with the others so she jumps into her arms and snuggles close to her with both blushing.
  • Observing Mahorafest Kotaro shows some Tsundere qualities towards Negi giving him advice, only to insist they're not friends in the next breath. His rather cavalier attitude towards Ku's broken arm compared to his gentler handling after Negi's fight with Takamachi. Finally his absolute fear of Negi not liking him anymore.
  • Negi and Fate. Holy crap. With each of their encounters it became more and more obvious that if Fate weren't the poster-child for The Stoic he would be all over Negi like Tsukuyomi on Setsuna, with a particular emphasis on In Love with Your Carnage. By the time Tsukuyomi eventually confirmed it such a thing had become highly redundant.
    • Chapter 336 Lampshades it: after Fate says "He already belongs to me," the last page reads "The strongest love(?) rival appears!!"
    • There's also how Fate tends to act like a Tsundere for Negi.
    • It doesn't help when their relationship can be paralleled with Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa's.
  • Shiori has the power to "become" another person, copying their appearance, memories, and powers... by kissing them. Not like a peck on the cheek, either; she makes out with her target until they pass out due to lack of oxygen. So far, she has used this power once... on Asuna.
  • The Chichigami. She only appears briefly, but seems to exist for the sole purpose of Skinship Grope-ing literally every girl she can get her hands on.
  • Chapter 341 features Konoka glomping Asuna by way of a greeting, Setsuna wanting to wash Asuna's back, and Setsuna stating she lives to protect Konoka and carrying her in a Bridal Carry. Also Setsuna has a fantasy of a perfect future with Konoka.
  • Chapters 343 and 344 features a bit of Setsuna/Asuna.
  • Chapter 349 features two bridal carries between girls.
  • There is quite a lot of this between Asuna and Ayaka, to the extent of the latter doing an I Will Wait for You for the former.
  • Nodoka and Yue have a bit, being close friends like in chapter 355 where they hug with heart marks and Yue comments that Nodoka is beautiful who blushes and stutters in response.

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