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  • Gyasa deserves a mention, simply because he managed to kill Sago and Kutal, which lead to the first formation of Mushrambo.
    Mushra: I'm looking at a ghost. This battle is already finished.
    Gyasa: If you fight like your friends you won't stand a chance.
    Mushra: They sacrificed themselves on purpose, now I have their card power. All to protect Yakumo. Hyper Flame Mushrambo!
  • Golden Mushrambo V.S. Dark King Mushrambo. After a lengthy battle, Dark!Mushrambo is finally killed by Hyper Mushra, Sago and Kutal.
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  • Yakumo's line near the end of "The Battle of One" shows just how badass a Badass Pacifist can be.
    Yakumo: (to the original Mushrambo) I have tried not to be a vengeful person, but I cannot forgive you!

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