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Awesome Moments in Date A Live. Unmarked spoilers ahead.

  • Volume 2: To save Yoshino, Shido crosses a five meter barrier that would likely have killed him despite his Healing Factor. He survives.
  • Volume 4: Efreet curbstomping Kurumi, who had earlier taken down Mana, Tohka and Origami with ease. You don't usually see a Time Master get defeated this easily.
  • Volume 5:
    • Kyouhei Kannazuki successfully defending the Fraxinus from the Arbatel's attacks using the ship's Realizers with pinpoint defences, and getting in a sneak attack with a Realizer while already controlling 7 Realizers' worth of generated mana, certainly counts. That's right, he was controlling 8 Realizers with pinpoint accuracy, where most people can only do 1. And he made the whole thing look easy! No wonder he's the vice-commander of the Fraxinus. If not for his masochistic tendencies, he could've easily become the commander instead of Kotori.
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    • After resolving their conflict, Kaguya and Yuzuru are interrupted by the Arbatel's attempt to crash into the island. Needless to say, the Yamai twins are ticked off by such a Moment Killer, so they decide to wreck the ship, as well as their army of Bandersnatch drones, with the might of their combined attack and their Angel's true form, Raphael El Kanaph.
  • Volume 6:
    • Origami in the White Licorice unit that Jessica had previously brushed off as a defective unit and delivering a serious asskicking against the incoming DEM Adeptus Wizards. Even though she ended up becoming powerless when White Licorice approaches its operation limit anyways, it shows her badassery after all her losing streaks against the Spirits.
    • Just when Origami was about to be overwhelmed, Mana swoops in with a new Power Armor, swiftly defeats the enemy commander, and throws her unconscious body at her subordinates, forcing them to retreat.
  • Volume 7:
    • Origami gets one by comparison. When Jessica makes an appearance piloting Scarlet Licorice, she is said to be completely crazed due to chanelling too much magic through her brain. Origami was capable of using White Licorice without succumbing to such effects.
    • Shido protecting Miku from Dark Tohka when Miku's spiritual energy runs out and she can't defend herself. Also counts as Heartwarming since earlier on, Shido vows to risk his life to protect her if she were ever in danger, even if she didn't listen to him, having lost trust in humanity, especially guys, long ago.
  • Volume 9: Murdock tries to kill Westcott using three satellites that he's dropping at the city. Obviously it fails but fan reaction was a big HSQ for him being that Crazy-Prepared.
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  • Volume 11: Shido running like a madman to push Origami's parents out of the way from one of spirit!Origami's stray attacks and takes the full brunt of the attack. Granted Death Is Cheap for Shido but props to him for having the balls to pull it off.
  • Volume 12:
    • A member of Ratatoskr's round table tries to kill Shido with a weapon made just to kill him... Phantom finally confirms her status as a Spirit by using a barrier to stop the blast!
    • All of the Spirits, with only 5 minutes of power (minus Natsumi who used hers up already, but still aids Yoshino regardless) team up to use the chance Phantom gave them to save Shido by restoring the Spirit paths.
    • Tohka is the only one left who needs to kiss Shido but ran out of power and is caught right in the surge of spirit power, but she walks through it despite the damage, and has a Love Epiphany as she finally realizes she's in love with Shido and saves him.
  • Volume 14: While Spirits are known to be a walking disaster wherever they go, Mukuro takes this to a whole new level by using Michael to send the remains of the destroyed DEM warships she had dispatched earlier all over the globe simultaneously. One was sent through the gateway to South America, while another impacted the Raisen High School right as Okamine Tamae wishes a meteor. Given that her Angel's epithet is known as "Seal-Removing Lord", her entrance as a living Kill Sat certainly lives up to it.
  • Volume 15:
    • Shido and Natsumi completely outsmart Mukuro by having the latter disguise herself as him, giving Shido the opening he needs to unlock her emotions successfully.
    • The Fraxinus crew and Ellen, equipped with the Goetia like in Volume 10, have their long awaited rematch and using the other Spirits' powers to aid them, Kotori finally gives Ellen the first defeat she can't make an excuse for. Kotori even smirks and gives her a thumbs down just to help it sink in before blasting the Goetia down to Earth.
    Kotori: We've won this moment. Bite the dust, world's strongest wizard.
    • Shido and Mukuro are hit and begin atmospheric re-entry, knowing the others can't reach him in time, Shido uses Zadkiel and Raphael's powers to save him and Mukuro from the fall. Thanks to this, Mukuro's feelings for him are cemented, even if she gets a bit crazy about it later.
    • After volumes of having things go their way despite losses, Westcott finally admits he was defeated after the DEM's attack on Ratatoskr fails and Elliot manages to amputate his arm.
      • Ratatoskr actually beating Westcott's assault shows just how badly he underestimated the organization he called a bunch of greenhorns.
  • Volume 19: Westcott has the biggest awesome moment in this volume. After faking his death at the hands of Kurumi, he has recreated the ritual that brought Mio into the world, but this time, he is in the center. As a result, he has become the Second Spirit of Origin which gives him access to not one, but three Demon Kings: Athiel, Belial, and Qemetiel. With this, he has become godlike and delivers a curbstomp beating on Shido and his harem.
    • By combining all of the Spirits' powers, Shido defeats Westcott by landing a huge punch against him in the face.


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