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Kurumi Tokisaki: No matter how big the world is, Tokisaki Kurumi is the only person that can interfere with irreversible time. And also this Zafkiel. Please don’t lend your ears to nonsense made by smart scholars and authors. The thing you-Shidou-san looking right now, is the only truth.

Kurumi Tokisaki: You were ready to kill another creature, yet you're scared to be killed. Don't you think that's weird? When you point a gun at another life... This is what happens.

Kurumi Tokisaki: He is a wonderful man. He’s the best man. He looks…incredibly delicious. Ah! Ah! I yearn for him! I yearn for him! I want his power. I want to make him mine and become one with him!

Shido Itsuka:If people refuse to accept you, I'll just accept you even more.

Kotori Itsuka: Now, let our date (battle) begin.

Ellen Mira Mathers: Elliot. Elliot. You betrayer. You who betrayed our vow. Please prepare yourself. No matter where you hide, I will definitely find you and I will cut off that head of yours!

Tohka Yatogami: You were there for me, you saved me, much like how today, you asked me out on a date and showed me how nice this world is.

Ellen Mira Mathers: Who do you think it is thanks to, for the existence of that happy circle? Kotori Itsuka and the Ratatoskr? The reason why you is able to exist right now, is because of Ike and me. We are letting you all off, and letting you all live, that is why you all are able to enjoy this momentary peace.

Ellen Mira Mathers: I'll break any sword pointed at Ike.

Isaac Ray Peram Westcott: Hahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! The Kingdom has inverted! Now, prepare yourselves, mankind! It's time for the triumphant return of the Demon King!

Isaac Ray Peram Westcott: It is an honour to meet you, Princess. No… Yatogami Tohka, right? I am Isaac Westcott from D.E.M Industries. I’ll be in your I being hated? [...] My! Yes. That would actually be very simple. I want your powers as Spirit to turn the ways of the world upside down....In order to topple the restraints of this world. But you existence in this world is stable. I wonder what I have to do to make you despair? [...] To hate this world, to hate humans. Even the strongest Angel isn’t capable of filling the hole in your heart. You can only rely on external assistance beyond that of an Angel. How is it possible for you to enter that state? Looking through the AST records, there was a time when you was indeed near such a stage...what exactly happen then? [...] *sigh* —I say, Ellen. Maybe it would be faster if we increased the physical torture on her? Let’s start off with electrocution. And then decrease the oxygen concentration in the room, and observe her reaction. Maybe we can also try changing the air pressure. If those fail, then let’s chip her nails away, and her fingers… ah, right, maybe we can chip her teeth too. The pain felt by the nervous system will be unbearable by then. A Spirit’s body is much more resilient than a human… try feeding her poison. Ah, in that case, we should also give her tranquilizers. How do you feel about your own chastity? The pain you will feel when we completely destroy whatever "dignity you have as a woman". In the long time you’ve spent in this world, have you had any friends or lovers? If we were to kill a loved one in front of you, how would you feel?

Jessica Bailey: HAHAHAHA! It's looks like your time's almost up, Ms. Exceptional Wizard! Hum..The tables are turned! Don't think you'll get get away without getting hurt....

Yoshino: I... I'm not Yoshinon. I'm Yoshino. Yoshinon is my best friend.

Mana Takamiya: I'll destroy every particle in your body!

Origami Tochiichi: It was a Spirit's fault, that five years ago... my parents died.

Minerva Liddell: You won't forgive me? Like I give a damn! Shut up and die already!

Rinne Sonogami: If Shido wants me, then I'll gladly give my everything to him. To become his lover, kiss him, have sex with him, marry him, give birth to as many babies as he wants, grow old together with him. But, even if Shido chooses someone other than me, I won't mind. If Shido thinks to marry Tobiichi-san, I'll bless him with all my heart. Of course, it also applies for other person as well. Even if Shido chooses Tohka-chan, Kotori-chan, Yoshino-chan or perhaps someone that I don't know. Of course, I don't mind if he doesn't choose to be with anyone, or even if he chooses everyone I'll support his wish. I'll do anything for Shido's happiness. If Shido wishes it, I'll grant any of his wish. I don't mind becoming his childhood friend, his lover, his wife, his younger sister, his older sister, his mother, his daughter, his superior, his subordinate, his enemy, his nemesis or even someone unrelated to him. As long as Shido is happy, I'm satisfied....Oh sorry, it seems I got too worked up by myself. But it is true that I don't mind whoever Shido chooses.

Phantom: Finally, we meet again. I'm so glad, but just wait. Just a little while longer. I won't ever let you go again. I won't ever be wrong again. Soon.


Edgar F. Caroll: Oh, you are there. Fufufu. Don't worry child, I will take care of you.... Now, go to sleep.


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