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Be warned of unmarked spoilers while reading this page.

Westcott is the First
Westcott's thirty years old (same age as the first SQ), but some references are made to things he'd done when he should have been too young, possibly suggesting that the "30" is arrival date, not birth date.
  • Jossed. He's not the First Spirit, but he, Ellen and Elliot were all responsible for the summoning of the First Spirit. But then again, this shows that he isn't really thirty years old.

The series takes place in the same universe as Neptunia.
The reasons for saying this are:

  • 1. The art is done by Tsunako, who did both DAL and HDN.
  • 2. Both series have loads of Action Girls (DAL has Spirits, while HDN has goddesses)
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  • 3. And both have cute girls.

And NO to saying "Neptunia is about anthropomorphic Console Wars whilst Date A Live isn't."

There will be a DAL/Neptunia crossover

Just because. Actually, see above.

  • Confirmed as of September 2019, for the Date A Live: Spirit Pledge and Megamiracle Force mobile games.

The First Spirit is Shido's mom. Therefore, Shidou is a Spirit, and spirit power is inheritable

The first spirit is the originator of all Spirits, which explains how Shido has an ability to absorb a Spirit's power. This can also make for a shocking plot twist.

Confirmed as of Volume 17, although he was formerly human like most of the Spirits. Then he was killed and reincarnated by the First Spirit, and inherited the ability to seal the Spirits from her.

Every Spirit was once a human - and some of them was once a man.

Kurumi was once Quentin Tarantino.

The first theory is confirmed at the very end of Volume 13, by the 2nd Spirit, Nia Honjou. Volume 15 helps remove any remaining doubts. Then it turns out to be a Red Herring in Tohka's case.

Shido's hair was originally red, which mean Kotori IS Shido's real sister.

It can be a good twist. But it's ultimately Jossed, since we finally learnt who Shidou's real mother was.

Spirits were scientific creatures accidentally created by CERN during their black hole research.

1. For those who don't know what CERN is:

2. The First Spirit was a girl experimented by the Large Hadron Collider3. It was meant to create a tiny hole, however it turned into a gigantic black hole maker that functions through the "personal reality" of a person, which can affect other people's "personal realities" and also turn them into black hole makers.4. The person behind the research was Michio Kaku, Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson, Barrack Obama, Edward Aldrin, Daniel Tammet, Kim Ung Yong, Tony Blair, Queen Elizabeth and Farhat Abbas.5. Both the AST and DEM are funded by CERN to clean its name, while Ratatoskr is siding with the Vatican, opposing CERN.

There will be a second season in fall 2013, Or sometime after that.

They did it with Medaka Box and Jormungand last year didn't they? Also, there is waaay too much of the Light Novel series to cover in just twelve episodes, so a second season will probably be needed.

  • Would be nice if it happened. 4 light novels in 12 episodes ends up feeling a bit rushed. They probably didn't have a choice, due to 3/4 being a single arc. Doing 3 light novels in 12 episodes seems like it would actually work out just about right.
  • They could have done 3 LN's, making the confrontation with Kurumi the season one climax. It comes off a bit Deus ex Machina in that case however. And you then have to do 4 light novels in the second season almost.
  • Confirmed.

Origami will eventually find out Shido's ability to seal the Spirits' powers with a kiss. And she'll gain Spirit powers after that

By virtue of Numerical Theme Naming. Also, her obvious crush on him; she'll do almost anything (if not outright anything) to win his heart.

To extend the idea:

  • Origami is a spirit, and Shido sealed her powers during the incident 5 years ago. She isn't aware of it, either, due to memory loss or she never got to use her powers really. Possibly a Childhood Friend.
    • Her Emotionless Girl façade is something she subconsciously came up with to prevent power backflow.
    • This would explain why she likes Shido and recognized him in the first book (and seemed a bit miffed he didn't remember).
    • It would also explain why she is such a good CR pilot, despite not receiving the DEM's special treatment like Mana.
    • She also was able to resist Kurumi's "City of Devouring Time" barrier in way similar to the sealed Tohka.

It's ultimately Jossed, as Phantom turns her into a Spirit in Volume 10.

Either Spirit 2 or 6 will have lightning-based powers; most likely 6

We have Yoshino (4), Kotori (5), and 3 is already taken by Kurumi but 6 isn't. Lightning-based abilities would complete the Fire, Ice, Lightning trio.

Jossed for both, the closest spirit to having lightning powers are the Yamai sisters through storms and most likely it's only indirectly.

Shido will seal Kurumi's powers after sealing Spirit No. 6 and 7

From 1-10, only 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7 are left. He'll likely seal 6 and 7 before sealing the last 3 in descending order.

Jossed. Spirit No. 7, Natsumi, was sealed before Spirit No. 1 and 2, now only Spirit No. 6 is left. Confirmed for after Spirit No .6, Mukuro, as Kurumi has returned to Shido's school.

When Shido seals Kurumi's powers, he will not suffer the Cast from Lifespan cost that Kurumi has to pay

Highly plausible, since we still don't know the full extent of Shido's ability to seal Spirits and use their powers. Also, it'll be to make it so that Shido doesn't have to absorb others' energy or anything that Kurumi has to.

The ending will have Shido use Kurumi's powers to induce Me's a Crowd so all the girls can have him

It's an extremely Balanced Harem so this ending is the most logical. Not to mention that he's just about the only person the Spirits trust.

Kurumi will go out via Heroic Sacrifice. Probably vs the First Spirit.

  • Really, it's the only way to redeem someone with her body count.
  • After she does it, Shido will go back in time and save one of her copies (that everyone thought died) from right after she got her Spirit powers that had not killed anyone yet (thus, promoting them to the "main" Kurumi). Thus, she both pays for what she did, and gets a decent ending.

Kurumi is actually from an alternate timeline and/or a Bad Future and is also the identity of the mysterious voice Shido heard while he was unconscious in Episode 1.

  • Think about it. She has Time Travel powers and she seems to know quite a bit about Shido amongst other characters when they first met in Episode 7. The Light Novel reveals that she's a Well-Intentioned Extremist who plans on going back in time 30 years to stop the original Spirit from causing the first Spacequake, with the help of the mysterious entity codenamed "Phantom". She also mentions to Shido that she had feelings for him "for a very long time" and to Origami that she has "much, much stronger feelings for him" than her, suggesting that Shido was possibly her lover in an alternate timeline, but perhaps he was killed and she failed to protect him, causing her to go insane after hitting the Despair Event Horizon (just like Tohka would have in Episode 3 if it wasn't for Shido using Kotori's Healing Factor to revive himself), prompting her to mention that she "will never make a mistake again" as the mysterious voice in Episode 1, which is why her ultimate goal is to create a good future for the man she loves.
  • She's also okay with killing Shido herself and 'becoming one' with him because she needs his power to gain enough life energy (the multiple Spirit powers sealed within him amplifies that energy considerably) to travel back in time, so she can prevent him from ever dying again by creating an alternate timeline where Spacequakes never happened and preventing Spirits from being created from human girls by the Phantom, which in turn, would prevent the AST, DEM, and Ratatoskr from ever being created, effectively making the world normal again.
  • It would also partially explain why Kurumi is the most difficult Spirit for Shido to seal so far, because she doesn't want her powers to be sealed, as she needs them to achieve her goal.

Yoshino will take off Yoshinon of her own accord, either as Character Development or as a prelude to her Superpowered Evil Side.

  • 1. It's a pretty glaring case of potential Character Development here.
  • 2. We've seen Tohka's Superpowered Evil Side. It's implied that other Spirits also have one they can tap into when they deem their current powers to be insufficient, as Tohka has done. If Yoshino saw Shido take a really serious injury... Also, Yoshinon is said to function as a Power Limiter for Yoshino. And Power Limiters are there to be taken off.
    • She already kinda did, in that the can talk while wearing it now (though she still can't stand not having Yoshinon on her hand). The Superpowered Evil Side version makes more sense in that way.

Reine is heavily involved in the events of the first Spacequake which occurred 30 years ago

She hasn't slept for 30 years (according to her), which is too much of a coincidence to ignore. She could even be the First Spirit who somehow lost her memories.

  • Lets just go all the way: She is Shido's (and Mana's, by extension) real mother and is using him to gather all the Spirits' powers up again. When she gets the Spirits' powers out of Shido (after he seals them all)... her hair turns blue like his.
  • Another thing that should raise flags is that in Volume 5, a single Bandersnatch was positioned outside the inn to stop Origami from leaving. The only two people that encounter it are Reine and Origami, and Origami is knocked unconscious, pushing Reine out of its path. Only later Shidou and the others encounter a single unit near the inn with its head nearly caved in. Cue Origami waking up in Reine's room with Reine herself uninjured. Also, Kotori explains that Reine was the one to come up with the idea to top Kurumi's spacequake with another, equally powerful one. Something is up with her.
  • Alternatively, Reine could be Phantom, and is also Shido and Mana's mom. Evidenced by the fact that Origami in volume 10 could "recognize the speech pattern" with the way Phantom talks.
    • It is confirmed in Volume 16 that Reine is the Phantom. However, her connections to the first Spacequake event as well as the Takamiya family are still unknown.
  • Volume 11 kind of throws a monkey wrench in that guess. Phantom takes the form of Rinne from the PS3 VN adaptation to communicate with Shidou. What's not to say that it deliberately appeared as Reine in Origami's eyes?
    • Confirmed as of Volumes 17 and 18. Reine's heavily involved in this affair because she and Phantom are alter-egos of the First Spirit, AKA Mio Takamiya.

Anyone, I repeat, anyone can seal a Spirit's powers by kissing them. It's just that Shido is the only one to actually have done it.

Which would make sense in a way, considering that the First Spirit could've given the ability to seal the Spirits to whoever she wishes to made immortal. It's just that she had only ever given that ability to Shido.

Just because.

At some point, Option C will be "Put it in."

The kicker is that Kannazuki is exactly the Ratatoskr officer to suggest such a thing.


Miku Izayoi is based on Hatsune Miku.
Both are idols with blue hair. How can it be less obvious?

Shidou will encounter a male Spirit

And not a trap, but an actual male spirit. So we can finally see what Shidou can do with a problem that he can't kiss away.

  • Probably Kyouhei.
  • Worst comes to worse, if Shido can't do it, maybe a certain sister of his can...(not Kotori)

Ai Mai and Mi will become a singular Spirit with three bodies.

Because it will be interesting to see minor characters get a major role in later volumes.

Most likely jossed as of Mukuro's appearance.

The First Spirit is actually Kurumi. Or, at least, she's the one responsible for the First Spacequake.

The First Spirit is mostly known for making the greatest Spacequake by far, 30 years prior to the series. Kurumi's plan is to tear the space-time continuum to travel to that point, and kill the First Spirit. She needs an enormous amount of energy to complete this.

It wouldn't be surprising if she is the First Spirit, or she caused the First Spacequake by travelling those 30 years into the past. And that the strain on space-time was such that it allowed other Spirits to travel to our world as well. All this would make for a Stable Time Loop.

This is somewhat supported by Volume 10's plot twist, where Origami is turned into a Spirit, and becomes responsible for her parents' deaths. Considering the theme seems to be that their past and their own actions will come to haunt the characters (Miku, Kotori, Origami), or at least Humans-turned-Spirits, Kurumi being responsible for the First Spacequake fits the part.

Volume 13 changes this theory slightly with the confirmation all of the Spirits were formerly Human, meaning Kurumi's trip to the past didn't allow other Spirits to come travel to this world, it simply led to the others eventually becoming spirits themselves, and the timeloop is formed by Kurumi causing her past self to become one to eventually make the same trip in the future.

Isaac Westcott is a splinter part of a Spirit. The other part is also present in the story.

And the reason he's so eager to remake the world is because he hopes it'll make him complete once more.

  • It would be hilarious if it was Woodman.

Aside for being a splinter part of Spirit as mentioned above, Wescott have a similar analogy with Lucifer.

The overflowing amount of spiritual mana inside of Shido will result in him having a Super-Powered Evil Side.
Volume 12 has recently been announced and the basic plot is that Shido's powers (well the spirits' powers inside of him) are making him act up. But maybe it'll spiral into a full-blown identity situation that the spirits (namely Tohka) will have to stop.

Confirmed, to a certain degree in Volume 12. The climax of Volume 12 involves all 8 spirits fighting their way to a berserking Shidou, to "seal" him.

Kurumi will have to decide what is more important: Her love for Shidou, or her mission to kill the First Spirit.

Volume 16 and the spin-off novel Date A Bullet reveal the identity of the First Spirit: Mio Takamiya. If she turns out to be the biological mother of Shidou and Mana, this may make Kurumi stop and consider what's in the WMG, as killing Mio will most likely result in Shidou and Mana never being born in the first place.

  • Volume 17 reveals that she is indeed Shidou's biological mother, but only him. And Mana is not actually his sister, but rather his paternal aunt, as she is the sister of Shin Takamiya, who Shidou is a clone/reincarnation of. As to how this affects the WMG itself, it becomes a moot point, or even jossed, as during the final parts of the volume, Shido decides to take up her mission in her stead. However, he will instead attempt to seal the First Spirit, as killing her would possibly remove him from existence. But just before he could seal Kurumi in order to obtain her time-traveling abilities, an unknown party interrupts the process and drive their hands through-and-through Kurumi chest from behind.

The First Spirit is either a Big Good or a Greater-Scope Villain.
  • There is so much Foreshadowing about her that suggests both. At best, since she's been summoned by Westcott and is likely to have been a victim to his experiments, her goal could be to create an army of Spirits to fight Westcott and make sure that he doesn't succeed in becoming an actual god and bring about chaos. And she may be involved with Ratatoskr in some way in order to train Shidou and the Spirits for that cause. Or at worst, she could be The Chessmaster who is manipulating both Ratatoskr and Westcott to further her own goals against the world. If Kurumi's intentions are to be believed, it's possible that the First Spirit is actually a Sealed Evil in a Can released by Westcott and Kurumi's goal is to prevent her from being summoned. Plus, information about the creation of the Sephira Crystals is revealed to be made from human lives according to her, which could pin the First Spirit as either a Well-Intentioned Extremist for the good side or an Omnicidal Maniac for the evil side.
    • It's also possible that the Phantom aka, Reine could be her Lancer/Dragon, since the Phantom's goal is to find ideal candidates for the Sephira Crystals and turn them into Spirits. This is confirmed in Volume 18, since Reine, Phantom and the First Spirit are a single entity.

Ellen will resign from the DEM after Westcott's death. Therefore, she will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
Think of this like the ending of In Time. If a happy ending would occur in Volume 20, she is now in charge of the DEM, and a DEM Wizard asks her what to do about Shido and his harem succeeding in making humans and Spirits co-exist with one another.

She thinks over her decision, and remembers all the past events. Remembering her Ike's death, she has no plans to make the same risks he did that led up to his death.

Her response is... "Go home".

With her resignation, the DEM will be disbanded forever. Along with that, she can reconcile with Karen and have a happily ever after with her.

Possible ending for her.


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