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  • The entire first half of episode 1, when the idols put on their performance while being attacked by military tanks and riot forces. Especially if the viewer was expecting a normal slice-of-life show, and then got an amazing futuristic action sequence instead.
  • Chieri's Heroic Sacrifice in order to save Nagisa in episode 3, despite the later reveal of the whole thing being a Secret Test of Character.
  • The WOTA brigade who enter in episode 6, deploying a handheld glowstick missile barrage and mecha decorated with AKB0048 members to assist Team 00 in fighting off DES.
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  • Episode 9: Coordinated Multiple Concerts as a decoy for the main event.
  • Episode 13 in its entirety. No, seriously. The awesome is so widespread in the episode there is no way to pick and choose among it.
  • Yuuko defending Akibastar and becoming Center Nova in episode 21, even considering how she Disappears into Light at the end.
    • Also, in episode 21, Mikako showing why she's the best pilot in 0048's history.
  • A meta one considering the licensing issues that affected all of Kawamori's previous series in the same genre, this series got a full English release, including simulcasting on Crunchyroll.note 

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