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    Indian Butler Arc 
  • It's a small one, but, in his introductory episode, Agni the Funny Foreigner Battle Butler actually manages to get a draw in fencing against Sebastian. What is confirmed by Sebastian himself to be nothing more than an ordinary human — not an asura, demon, angel, shinigami or any sort of supernatural being, just a plain vanilla Badass Normal — managed to get a fencing draw against the most powerful demon in the series. And he did this against a Sebastian who was going all out — Ciel directly ordered Sebastian to win, so that means he was fighting with no Power Limiter.

    Circus Arc 
  • 1 episode of Book of Circus is simply filled with CMOA : Lord Brandel, a tea manufacturer (and also a gun trafficker visits the Phantomhive estate to ask Ciel for his help in promoting Brandel's new tea range specially for children. It's just an excuse: Lord Brandel has hired fifty (!) hitmen to kill Ciel, Sebastian and all the servants, because "The Queen's Watchdog" is standing in the way of expanding the gun trafficking business.
    • One: Sebastian beat down all of the hitmen using cutlery and a flame-thrower.
    • Two: Ciel and Sebastian offer Brandel a cake "with a surprise inside" to match his "new tea range". Surprise meaning a bullet from one of the hitmen Sebastian defeated.
    • Three: Cedric, visibly shaken, calls Sebastian a monster. Sebastian happily agrees with him and changes into his demon form.
    • Four: This brilliant line from Ciel: "You know why nobody knows what happened to the people who were in conflict with the Queen's Watchdog? Because dead people can't talk."
  • While a massive Tear Jerker, the battle between the Phantomhive servants and the circus troupe when the later attempted to invade the mansion. Ciel didn't necessarily hire them for cleaning the house; he hired them to take care of intruders while he's away. Mey-rin is a sniper with telescopic vision, Finn has superhuman strength, and Bard is a war veteran with exceptional foresight, and planning skills. Add them together and you get some WAY badass fighting scenes with these three.
    • The start of that sequence really sells it. Jumbo has apparently bashed Finn's head in, and apologizes to him as he walks off. Then Finn grabs his leg. Meanwhile, Ciel is mocking Joker's proclamation that the Circus never leaves survivors: "What do you take them for? They are servants of the Phantomhive Family." Finn tells him that Ciel told him not to let anyone onto the grounds and punches his head in..
    • Just then Peter and Wendy sees Finn kills Jumbo when he ask him to not wake the mistress up. They both tried to kill him until Wendy was instantly killed by a headshot. Intend to take out the sniper, he was shocked to find out that Mey-rin's the sniper and uses a crazy amount of rifles just to save time from ammunition. This also gets himself killed when realizing that she even could shoot Wendy from a very far distances.
    • Beast and Dagger, unaware that their allies are dead, sneak inside the house only to find Bard in his badass moment while ordering both Finn and Mey-Rin to deal with them. Once they enter the kitchen, Bard greets them only to reveal his weapon and shoots them. Out of self-defence, Dagger was killed; protecting Beast. But she meets her fate as she was killed by a powerful flour explosion.
    • So to speak considering this is the first time all three reveal their badass moment, this is why Ciel consider them as "Servants of the Phantomhive"
  • Mey Rin, Finny and Baldroy were already awesome in the manga. In the Book of Circus, their badassery is taken Up to Eleven - Finny throws around giant, marble columns like a rag doll, Baldroy can ignite matches using the soles of his shoes, and Mey too awesome for words. No wonder that Sebastian was quite amused when Joker mentioned their plan to "kill all the servants".

    Luxury Liner Arc 
  • After acting like a Distressed Damsel for most of the series, Lizzie, who purposefully hid her "uncute", Little Miss Badass side in fear that Ciel fell under No Guy Wants an Amazon, reveals herself to be an Action Girl all along in chapter 57 and vows to protect him. Much decapitation and stabbing of zombies ensues.
    • Though, it's good to note that Lizzie is a member of the Middleford family, known for their exceptional swordsmanship.
      • What really seals the deal is how she addresses the zombies. She states proudly that she's not only gonna be Ciel's wife, but she also states how she will be the wife of the Queen's Watchdog. THAT'S amazing.
      • The entire MIDDLEFORD FAMILY kicking zombie butt while protecting the innocent civilians on board.
  • Chapter 61, Undertaker vs Ronald, Grell and Sebastian at the same time. Undertaker is winning as of the end of the chapter, with very little apparent effort.
  • Chapter 63, after the prolonged flashback of Sebastian and Ciel's meeting and training of playing the parts of Butler and Earl, it cuts back to Sebastian still bleeding profusely from being hit by the Deathscythe. With a huge scream, he manages to propell himself forwards mid-air to grab Ciel's hand and lands safely with him in the next chapter.
  • Sebastian himself is basically a walking Moment of Awesome. Whenever he shows up, you know he's gonna kick ass.
  • In chapter 64, Undertaker cuts the Campania in two.
  • Also in chapter 64: Sebastian taking down Ronald despite the fact he can "barely stand up".
  • Sebastian taking on an entire horde of zombies in a lifeboat while floating in the middle of the frozen Atlantic all while bleeding heavily in chapter 65. He wins, of course but that does not make it any less thrilling or badass.
  • Zombies on the Titanic. That is all.
    • Killing zombies with a lawnmower on the Titanic.
    • Horse-drawn zombie carriage on the Titanic.
    • Cute, adorable Lizzy kicking zombie ass on the Titanic. With TWO swords.
  • It's worth noting that as badass as the arc was in the manga, the "Book of Atlantic" film has such beautiful animation it manages to make the fight scenes even more awesome.

    Public School Arc 
  • Chapter 71 for Ciel. o retaliate against Maurice Cole, he confronts him about his lying (from the time to meet at the Swam Gazebo to making others do his chores). Once cornered, Maurice attempts to have his friends rape Ciel, but the heads of the dorm charge in, having overheard everything because Ciel had tapped the room. Maurice is then denounced by Redmond and breaks down. Ciel then offers a tissue to him and says that they can start anew, right before revealing that he spread around pictures of Cole without makeup on because 'to start, everyone should see your true face.' Revenge is a dish best served cold indeed.
    • After reading the above spoiler, you might be wondering "How did Ciel tap the room? Isn't this series supposed to be set in the mid-19th century? Surveillance technology hasn't even been invented yet!" And you would be right. How Ciel did it is attach strings to every painting in the room and connect them to the ones in the Swan Gazebo. He even explains how it can transmit sound almost exactly like the old "two-cans-and-some-string" telephone trick some people made as kids.
  • Chapter 77 for Edward. To win the cricket tournament's deciding match, Ciel and Sebastian decided to use an orchestra to disguise the use of a particular sound to signal when a pitch hits the ground so the Blue House players can strike it at that exact moment, resulting in them earning 40 points in a row...then Edward steps in. Not only does Edward see through this, but he beats it! Having learned to use the Purple Burnout used by Cheslock through observation alone, he proceeds to consistently bowl out Green House, beating Sebastian's orchestra's swing. Sebastian was shocked that this happened.
  • Chapter 79 for Lawrence, Once it's his turn to fight Edward, he somehow tosses a ball up in the air, turns around and walk away. What the audience sees it as a wild ball until THE BALL HITS THE TARGET LIKE A METEORITE IMPACT, surprising everyone even Edward.

    Emerald Witch Arc 
  • The werewolf arc in general.
    • A werewolf busts through the window. What does Finny do? He jumps to protect Ciel. Said werewolf claws up Finny's back while he's protecting Ciel. Finny's response?
    • And cue side-kicking a werewolf (while still shielding Ciel with his own body) through the door immediately after the above line.
    • The fact that Sieglinde was able to create the what is possibly the most lethal gas ever created at the age of eleven is really quite the feat, even though she was being tricked into thinking a completely different story/had her entire life controlled/had her legs parentally broken by the orders of her own mother in order to make it happen.
  • Chapter 98 leaves Sebastian locked in a room with about 10-20 people toting machine pistols. Do we really need to wonder whose going to win that fight??
  • Chapter 99 has Sebastian go on a killing spree. First he annihilates all of the German soldiers that try to kill him with mustard gas, by surviving direct exposure to it and then using it against them. Then he inhales the gas and tracks down Sullivan's mother, reminding her that she loved her precious gas so much that she was willing to ruin her own daughter's life for it, and then rewards her by grabbing her and breathing the gas down her throat. Then finally he destroys all of the formula and notes on the gas, so that no matter what happens, the Germans won't be able to recreate what they tricked Sullivan into making.
  • Chapter 100: The servants of Phantomhive vs. Wolfram and his comrades. Points for Wolfram for actually being able to overwhelm Bard and Snake. Too bad for him that Ciel had disguised himself as Sieglinde and left her to Finnian.
  • Chapter 101: Wolfram manages to dodge Ciel's bullet, which was pretty much point blank/aimed right up against his face! However, when he's about to return Ciel the favor, an old friend of Ciel's father, Diederich, saves Ciel just as Wolfram fired.
  • Chapter 102: Sebastian vs. giant, armored German panzer. Guess who won.
  • Chapter 104 has a non-action one: Sieglinde, an eleven-year-old with barely any experience, managing to successfully perform bullet-removal surgery on Wolfram while on the back of a moving train.

    Blue Cult Arc 
  • Chapter 110/111 has the fortune teller Bravat, who is the first person to see through Sebastian and call him out on it. Though whether or not Bravat is a normal person and not supernatural remains to be seen.
  • Chapter 118 has one for Ciel's intelligence. Creepy Cult manages to be a Villain with Good Publicity by inventing the first Boyband? Steal their idea, set up shop right across the street, give your performers better outfits and sell food (company speciality) at your hall. He even has his band debut in the middle of a Shinistra performance so they can be sure they're stealing Bravat's followers, and has Sebastian fix up their new hall so that they can start performing in two weeks, ensuring Bravat's ignorance of the incoming competition before they arrive.
    • Chapter 122 goes further, with Ciel using the same principal behind the tin-can telephones used in chapter 71 to create rudimentary microphones in his music hall, allowing him to completely avert a very real problem faced by all professional performances in this era; how to gather the biggest crowd without making the audience so big that people in the back can't hear the performance.
    • Then he increases profits even more by using Bravat's tactics (and prior knowledge of advertisement) to make his shows even more profitable.
      • Where Bravat used a small amount of performer-audience direct interaction to get the blood types of his victims and lure them into a trap, Ciel has the Phantomhive 5 go directly into the audience and interact with the people there (even selling toys for this specific purpose to the audience).
      • Where Bravat gave away free bracelets to customers to mark their blood type so they could be organized and drained properly, Ciel gave away glowsticks and handkerchiefs to be used during the performance.
      • Where Bravat's shows allowed the audience to go to special meetings (actually where they get drained of their blood) after the shows so that the audience feels like they're getting to take part in something special and inclusive, the Phantomhive 5 greet audience members directly right after the shows to talk to them in person. The singers act more casual and "out of character" in these events, so the audience feels like they can see the "real" person.
      • Bravat's shows generally start with the four main dancers wearing large concealing cloaks? Ciel's have the dancers use bungee cords to swing onto the stage from the rafters, using cloaks to conceal the safety equipment and make their "flying entrance" even more impressive.
      • Sphere hall uses lighting, costumes, etc to create specific atmospheres? P5 do the same, only taking it even farther with tricks like turning all the lights off in parts, having some themed songs with unique moves (and minor costume details) specific to the songs, etc.
      • Bravat used Audience Participation to draw crowds in, but as stated above, Ciel's shows take it Up to Eleven in comparison.
    • Chapter 123 reveals that this was just the tip of the iceberg. As it turns out, Ciel had deduced that, for whatever reason the Sphere Music Hall group is gathering blood, the dead bodies they're hiding are being drained because they don't have enough. So, the whole development of his own music hall was to steal just enough of the crowds away that their blood supplies would dip, and they'd have to once again drain someone dry. And when they do, Sebastian is waiting there for the hall's goons at the body dump site, along with a photographer, exposing the whole thing. And when the goons try to shoot him, Sebastian merely throws knives into their guns, blocking them, and then knocking them senseless.
    • The entire thing is basically Sebastian and Ciel advancing the field of marketing and marketing research decades ahead of its time.
  • Chapter 127 is filled with these for Soma, Agni, and the assassin. Soma shows impressive thinking saving his own life more than once, Agni shows his skills as a bodyguard, and the assassin keeps up with Agni - whose skills impressed Sebastian- well enough to kill him.
  • In Chapter 141, after Undertaker explains how he'd developed the real Ciel and how the two of them had been spying on our Ciel since the start of the manga, Grell and Othello burst into the mansion, intent on giving Undertaker "a spanking".
  • Chapter 145 has Snake, Baldroy, Mei-Rin, Finny and Snake break Our Ciel and Sebastian free from the police carriage and escape. Oh, and did this troper forget to mention they intentionally left Blavat behind?
  • In Chapter 147, Lau and Ran-Mao help Ciel and the Phantomhive Staff take shelter in one of their dens. Lau and Sebastian discuss whether they should hide in either Germany, India or China and start new lives. Then Ciel, succumbing to his anger, stands up at the dinner table...and starts scoffing down his food and guzzling his drinks like an animal before declaring, NO! He is not going to run away! He was Earl Phantomhive and Queen Victoria's Watchdog first, he's done pretending to be someone he's not and he's going to fight his own brother to take everything back from him!
  • Chapter 152: What is Our Ciel's plan to defeat the real Ciel? Cut off his blood supplies to keep him from going feral. So he and the Phantomhive staff split up into teams of two (Ciel and Sebastian, Mey-Rin and Ran-Mao, Finnian and Snake; and Baldroy and Lau) and go to the locations connected to the Aurora Society all across Great Britain.
  • Chapter 161 Mey-rin's skill as a sniper is phenomenal. She was ordered to kill Ceil and Sebestain revealed that by pure luck he raised the tea pot to deflect the shot, as she was too far away for him to sense at all

  • During the first season's finale, Ash/Angela starts burning London to the ground with a mind-controlled Pluto in order to begin their quest of "purifying" the world. At the seeming moment of their triumph, Ciel and Sebastian confront the mad angel atop Tower Bridge. Before moving to kill them as per Ciel's orders, Sebastian asks Ciel to close his eyes so as to not see his true form. When Sebastian does reveal his true self, Angela/Ash is frozen in a mixture of shock and revulsion and can do nothing as Sebastian begins counting down from ten. What makes the scene so awesome and satisfying comes from a combination of "London Bridge is Falling Down" playing in the background, Sebastian punctuating each strike with a sequential number, and the Angel's mad ranting about how Sebastian is unclean, evil, bad, and revolting before it simply devolves into shouting "FILTHY!" over and over again rapidly before that too turns into a cry of anguish. Cool? Yep. Brutal? Definitely. Satisfying? Oooohhhhh dear God yes.


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