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  • For starters, any time you hear "Salva Nos", expect the awesome to commence.
  • Kirika's fight in the third episode of Noir — in which she manages to not only give an Offhand Backhand shot to an enemy behind her, but uses popcorn to find them — was probably the moment we realized that she really was that good. Mireille's expression at this is priceless. An appropriate tag to this scene via one website was "Kirika isn't a Ninja...she's a Witch."
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  • Other "holy frijoles" scenes includes her killing someone with objects such as sunglasses, student IDs, and toy trucks.
  • Kirika shooting two mooks through a single gunshot hole yards away.
  • Kirika facing about fifty Triad gunmen in broad daylight with Chloe's help, with no cover.
  • The time Kirika takes out a squad of soldiers by herself in a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown In the Soldats village is another impressive fight, though it's incredibly brutal and more disturbing than anything, involves her taking a hostage and using him as a Human Shield while she shoots the rest, and ends with her dispatching said shield with a shot to the head without even looking at him or missing a beat. Cripes.
  • Though it's also a wince moment, Kirika's last fight with Chloe can be summed up in two words: Olive Fork.
  • The entire final episode, when both girls show of their best stuff against the Soldat nuns, including one with a sword.
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  • Kirika snapping a grunt's neck with his own tie in the very first episode, by grabbing it then jumping down to a lower level. Spatially it is a bit hard to follow, but it is hardcore.
  • Chloe walking into their flat, Mireille holding a gun on her and getting the viewers tensed for an action scene — then Kirika asks: "Would you like some tea?" Mireille's expression is priceless — but Chloe's politeness does not, however, stop Mireille carrying a 3-inch long fork up her sleeve — with which to KILL Chloe if the latter ever let her guard down.
  • Kirika being chased by a thug up the spiral staircase of a bell tower in Sicily. She kills him by tying a bell rope to her ankle, and diving down the center of the staircase, shooting him as she passes him in headlong flight. This is also the same thug who has broken both Kirika's hands, and she still manages to shoot, by tying the gun on her hand.
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  • In one scene where the girls are once again running from goons, Kirika gets shot in the arm and can't get her fingers to close around her gun handle (muscle and/or nerve damage preventing the motion from completing). A few seconds later, one of the goons goes down, and we see Kirika step into the scene, having tied her hand in place around the gun.
  • Chloe taking out Shaoli in a matter of seconds. Made more awesome by the buildup throughout the episode and the one before it establishing Shaoli as a badass.
  • In episode 17, we have Mirielle hunting down and killing a sniper.
  • A moment that takes place before the series... Odette's Last Request for Kirika - that she shall take care of her daughter Mireille. With these simple words, a non-combatant dead woman completely derails Les Soldats' plans in the long run.


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