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  • In the first episode,
    • Both Shiro and Sora are shown to be able to control 4 MMO characters simultaneously, and are able to beat twelve hundred players without a single loss.
    • Then when Shirou fell asleep, Sora got saddled with the 2 characters she was using. And he still won. That's right, Sora can control 4 characters simultaneously and win.
    • They beat Tet, who is the setting's Physical God of Games, in a game of chess.
      • Also a moment of Fridge Brilliance depending on how you go into the Big Damn Movie, because not even Riku and Schwi were able to beat Tet. And yet their successors did.
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  • In the second episode, Shiro and Sora outplay a cheater at poker by predicting her cheat, and using one of their own cheats that gives them a Royal Flush.
  • In the third episode, Sora figures out that Kurami's chess game is more like an RTS rather than a turn based game, so he uses this to his advantage by increasing his soldiers' morale with a Dare to Be Badass speech so they fight valiantly against the enemy. When Kurumi plays her trump card by using brainwashing magic to take control of Shiro's pieces, Sora uses his dating sim experience to seduce Kurumi's queen and convinces her to perform a Heel–Face Turn and join his side, making the queen see that Kurumi is a mad tyrant who rules through oppression.
  • In episode 4, Sora continues the magic chess game by by triggering a revolt, where many of her troops turn against her thanks to their loyalty to the queen that Sora had won over. This makes Kurumi so angry and desperate that she forces her troops to march to their death to take victory, which Sora had anticipated made her such a reviled leader that her king got assassinated by her own side.
  • Episode 5.
    • Sora uses his experience playing "Civ" games to literally solve all of Elkia's domestic problems in a single day.
    • Sora's speech to the Imanity Kingdom, which earned him and his sister the right to be Imanity's representitives against the other races.
  • Episode 6. Fight against Jibril; Game: Materializing Word Connector (Japanese/Imanity)
    • They first start the game with a Hydrogen Bomb, then later after removing the Mantle, they remove the Crust, the Lithosphere (which soon killed Steph but the game revives her after the match). Next, they remove Oxygen, which then makes the air unbreathable. Jibril, not knowing the composition of the atmosphere, summons Air, which brings back the O2, but removes the rest of the breathing air, which is poisonous but Jibril isn't yet knocked out. Shiro and Sora release the air in their lungs without breathing back to remove the Rest of atmosphere which then creates a vacuum and makes Jibril lungs implode. Jibril isn't yet knocked out but due to the lack of atmosphere, her voice cannot be heard which almost disqualifies her. She uses light to draw the word Sora showed her on a piece of paper Ego-centric and they finish it by showing her the back of that same piece of paper and removing Coulomb's Force (the force that keeps ATOMIC orbits in check, without it all mass would focus in a single point due to gravity) and causing a hypernova which finally kills off Jibril. Jibril is absolutely delighted about this event and starts praying to the founder of her race to claim absolute obedience to 『  』.
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  • Episode 7. Stephanie's grandfather was not a foolish king. He pulled a Kansas City Shuffle on the Eastern Federation while making them think that they were taking him for a ride. He challenged them eight times in a decade in order to find out the mechanics of the game they liked to play. Since they erased the memories of everyone else that lost, this is critical intel. Also, while he lost a lot of land, Elchea wasn't using that land anyway. It was useless and so he didn't loss anything at all. He stored all this information in a room locked with a key that he gave Stephanie on his deathbed, so she could give it to the winner of the "Imanity's greatest gambler" competition. All of this was to set up his successor to take down the Warbeasts.
  • Episode 8:
    • After 『  』 found out everything they need about Warbeast's favorite game, their next problem is confirming it and getting Warbeast to agree to play a game with them. Sora and Shiro proceed to manipulate their conversation with Ino, first Sora calling out their bluff on mind reading that actually is Cold Reading which happens to be Sora's specialty.
    • Then Sora proposed a ridiculous game of betting Steph's panties in exchange of territory, it sounds like a joke at first until Sora revealed he has found out about their game. Even though Warbeast need to erase their memory, they can't accept the challenge as it is. As stated in Disboard's third of the Ten Commandments, they have to wager something of equal value, thus confirming that aside from Steph's panty, their memory is of equal value with their territory. Which will confirm that Sora and Shiro's guess is right the whole time.
    • They still have the choice to run away from this challenge, but Sora and Shiro hammer down the final nail to their coffin with putting Imanity's 'Race Piece' as another wager. This wager triggered a chain of reactions that would be easily noticed by anyone in Disboard. That the representative of Imanity dared to bet their everything on a game with the Warbeasts. If they run now, it's the same as shouting to the whole world that Sora's guess is spot on.
  • Episode 9:
    • Sora manages to win a game of Reversi, in which the player has to prioritize 32 things that will disappear once that said piece is flipped; this is without his body, memories, and consciousness, with 3 pieces left. The three pieces in mind are #3: The method to win; #2: Absolute trust in Shiro; #1: Memories about Shiro. After Shiro wins the game on his behalf, he makes Kurami and Feel his double agents in Elvengarde by uploading a copy of his memories into Kurami and claiming the right to alter Feel's memories.
    • What's even more awesome is Shiro's part in the game. Since Sora's fourth piece essentially erased him from existence, it was up to Shiro to play the last three pieces. In addition, she barely remembered that there was a game at first and she couldn't even see the board until she put a piece down. She still pulled through.
  • Episode 10:
    • Sora is cool with their people rioting, simply because he wanted them to. If Imanity is suspicious and alert, they will be a perfect observer of their game against the Warbeasts. Thus, it is even more difficult for Warbeasts to use obvious cheat from outside. Sora outright tells Steph and Jibril that he didn't need his people to believe in them, if it will help their team to win the game.
  • Episode 11:
    • Shiro effortlessly corners Izuna in a building, deflecting each of Izuna's shots with her own and forcing her to jump out the building...where Jibril and Sora are waiting. They would have won right then and there if not for Ino and Izuna cheating.
    • Later, Blank leads Izuna into another trap by having Shiro pretend to have been shot by Izuna, tricking her into attacking them and falling into a trap. Then Izuna activates Blood Devastation.
  • Episode 12:
    • Despite Izuna activating Blood Devastation, Sora and Shiro anticipated this and set up a plan where they predict the game's NPC pathing so accurately that they can use an NPC to carry an unconscious Steph, who thanks to the pledges is programmed to shoot straight ahead the moment she wakes up. Sora and Shiro lure Izuna right into Steph's line of fire, and because Steph is unconsciously aiming at Izuna, the warbeast can't detect Steph's hostile intent until it's too late.
    • The battle against Miko. Both sides know the stakes are high. Imanity needs the Warbeasts' technology while the Warbeasts need Imanity's resources, and the Warbeasts are willing to put their sovereignty on the line. The game is decided by a simple coin flip. However, Sora manipulates the toss so the coin lands on its edge, resulting in a tie. Since neither side had a contingency in the case of a tie, Sora declares that both sides win. The Warbeasts can keep their autonomy, but they must join with Imanity in a mutual alliance. Since both sides mutually benefit, Miko agrees with Sora's plan.
  • Volume 4
    • Steph proves once and for all that she is not a "steph" by defeating Elkia's entire crop of nobles, guild leaders and other big wigs in poker. She uses so many card tricks and mind games that Ino says her style of play resembles that of Blank. She does this despite becoming sleep-deprived due to the sheer volume of challenges and without help from Ino's Super Senses, except for the first couple games.
      • The larger plan is also impressive. Sora and Shiro leave the country for the Eastern Federation, and put Stephanie in charge in their absence. With so much new land and so many resources newly available thanks to Blank's win against the Eastern Federation, the big whigs think this is their opportunity to score privileged managing positions. The Plan is to use Stephanie as bait to draw them in and then use the pledges to force them to cooperate with the crown. Each loser forfeits their memories so they can't tell anyone about it. In this way, the people with the knowledge and skill to manage the resources are forced to do so without ulterior motives.
    • Sora and Shiro spend a month playing games with Miko and they win every time. Even when Miko uses a game that they've never seen before, they master it in 30 minutes and are cheating better than her at it.
  • Volume 5
    • Kurami and Feel's activities in Elvengard. A local politician blackmails Feel into playing a game with him and cheats by having his butler help him. What follows is a series of awesome that shows that Kurami and Feel can plan on a level that rivals even Blank. First, Kurami challenges the butler to a simple card game under the stakes of revealing his cheating and his involvement in a smuggling ring. The butler obviously tries to cheat by using magic, but it turns out that it's not Kurami, it's Feel. The Feel playing against the politician is actually Kurami, with Feel providing the magic to operate the game (later justified by Feel pointing out that she said we when she was negotiating the terms of the game). Feel wins easily and Kurami proceeds to continue the game against the politician, not only without the risk of losing Feel since she bet herself, but also plays a flawless round against the politician, leading him to give up. They then exploit their win by setting it up so that the politician is revealed months latter to be The Leader of the smuggling ring and is replaced in his company by someone who Feel and Kurami already played against. Not to mention, they prevented him from spilling the beans that Feel is part of a slave emancipation movement by forcing him to forget about them, which also forces him to forget that Feel is a far more competent mage than her reputation suggests.
    • When Sora and Shiro find out the 'actual' winning condition to win and wake the Seiren Empress up by making the Empress falls in love with the prince, Sora gives one massive "Reason You Suck" Speech to her when the Empress fails and before Sora leaves her dream:
    "You're a grown woman for goodness sake, and here you are daydreaming and stuff. Are you stupid or something? Who do you think you are? An idiot? Do you really think that everyone has to treat you well? Even the kindergartners nowadays are smarter than you! Also do you have any idea how long you've been sleeping? Eight hundred years! Eight, hundred, years! Don't tell me you think you're some sort of sleeping beauty waiting for her prince? You're over eight hundred years old! You goddamn old hag! I said you were pretty old earlier, but you've got to have a limit somewhere! I confess, I do prefer older women, but they at least need to have some brains you know!? Also, the thing that I hate the most about you is your 「All men will definitely fall in love with me」 attitude! Women should know their place! Sexiness must come with some sort of humility and restraint before it has any meaning! Unless you're thinking something like this? That when people ask you to take off your clothes you just strip off everything without a doubt. Do you really think of yourself as a woman? Or that! Are you one of those people who try to get starring roles in AV's but when the actual shooting comes, you just take off your clothes and everything, one of those idiots with romantic stats of below twenty!? If you think all that matters is how much skin you show, you might as well go be a nudist! You bloody halfwit! Also, why do I have to suck up to a woman I don't like? With any semblance of common sense, one would immediately realize it's just a waste of time and effort! Are you genuinely an idiot!? If so, I might as well go chase some 2D girls, which would probably be more meaningful, less time-consuming, more appealing, and probably won't damage my wallet and break my heart! Furthermore, I want to say one last thing - I don't know whether you call those things water elemental or whatever but, you only have the ability to seduce and hypnotize when those things are around - so to be honest your looks are only at a medium standard; you're only going to be a third wheel in my crew, which you should have realized long ago if you would just look in the goddamn mirror! You sponge-brained idiot!!"
  • From volume 6 of the light novels and the Big Damn Movie:
    • Humanity's efforts throughout the war. Even Schwi points out that with their vulnerability to the ash in the environment (which has been shown to cause breathing problems and burns the skin), they should've been wiped out. And yet humans have survived to the point of an Ex-Machina questioning why.
    • Schwi runs into the worst possible being to run into all on her own: Jibril. At this point, Schwi knows that she's screwed, there's no way she'll be able to defeat the Ultimate Lifeform of a race created to kill Old Dei. So, she convinces the Ex-Machina to restore her connection to the Hive Mind and then proceeds to force Jibril into using her strongest attack, something considered by Flugels to be the highest form of respect for their enemy. This sacrifice gives Riku the final piece he needs to put an end to the Great War.
    • Also, the Ghosts' successful efforts in luring all of the other Races into a power stalemate a la the Cold War with their information. No one could truly piece together what the Ghosts' true intentions were, and when Artosh finds out, he acknowledges the whole effort with grudging respect.
      • Hell, it's because of the humans' efforts along with Riku and Schwi that the Great War even ended. The race that so many other Races considered trash was the race that saved the world and rebuilt it as Disboard under Tet. It is through this that Tet gives humans the name of "Imanity", the name itself a Wordplay on "Immunity" and "Humanity".
      • Riku's plan revolving entirely around manipulating the three most powerful races on the planet into using three of the most powerful superweapons ever conceived, and re purposing the massive energy of the result for his own benefit.
      • A Show, Don't Tell moment of the Ghosts' handiwork is a Awesome Moment in itself. Riku makes contact with "Nina Clive", the applicant and caretaker of the theory behind the Elves' ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction, in her home. She could kill him with a gesture, but he knew she was too smart to do it without finding out first where the leak is. He proposes to play chess with information as their betting chips. She accepts and immediately tries to feed him false information as her initial wager and make him believe her lie with magic, but he calls her out on it before she can try and even tells her exactly what lie she was going to tell him and what fact she was trying to hide with it. This gets under her skin and then Riku ups the ante even further by telling her that the Dwarves already knew about the weapon, deemed it inconsequential in the long run, and that he has proof of it. From then on "Nina" had no option but to play along and win enough chess matches to get as much information as she can out of Riku. Once they're done, she reveals that she noticed that Riku lost several matches on purpose, implying she realized that his real objective is to manipulate her with the truth or mostly truthful intel. The best part is that even knowing this, and knowing he knew she realized this, didn't change a thing — the Elves have to act exactly as she suspected her visitor or his (nonexistent) master wanted them to for their own benefit because doing otherwise would put them at a severe disadvantage against the other Races. Finally, she tries to take some of her grievances out on Riku with her parting words by remarking on the only thing he seemed to get wrong, but...
        "Nina": [smiles] I guess I should tell you. My name is not Nina Clive. My name is Think Nirvalen. Did I fool you? Or did you figure it out?
        Riku: [keeps walking away without looking at her] [chuckles] Did you ever hear me call you "Nina"?
        Think: [smile vanishes]
    • Blank only became so powerful underneath the Ten Commandments and their own skill. Riku and Schwi won their own game in Disboard during the Great War when there were no rules.


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