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Nightmare Fuel / No Game No Life

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  • Episode 6: Despite the absolute awesomeness of the whole scene, and the (necessary) lengths they went to defeat Jibril, the situation they all were in is terrifying on many levels:
    • The first move by Blank. The first object they conjure is a freakin hydrogen bomb. Which, of course, blows up, and leaves a wasteland behind. The siblings are saved by Jibril, and she herself is unaffected... It's both horrifying that Sora would summon the most destructive weapon ever created by mankind, and that Jibril shrugs it off like nothing.
    • No atmosphere. It doesn't mean instant death, but simply reading about what are the actual effects suffered by an human body left in a vacuum space can be pretty disturbing.
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    • Everyone was killed during this game. Even if they were resurrected immediately afterwards, there is no mention that their sense of pain was removed at all (it was made clear that Jibril suffered at numerous occasions during the whole ordeal, and you can only imagine how Sora and Shiro felt with their perfectly normal bodies... And, well, there is also Stephanie, who dies first, not understanding a single thing of what is happening, and who ended up burnt to a crisp). Between the aforementioned effects of a vacuum space and the hypernova, you can be certain this experience was everything but painless. Gosh, these siblings have guts.
  • Jibril would on occasion mention and reminisce about the good old days prior to Tet's ascension where she could solve any problems by killing. While its played for laughs, it also provides a grim reminder for the characters and audience that were it not for Tet's laws, this beautiful, ditsy angel would be casually killing everyone without a second thought.
    • To further emphasize the point on how Tet's laws have greatly protected everyone from Jibril's wrath, Feel recounted that Jibril once razed an area of Elvengard to the ground during the great war, killing many in the process. Jibril's reason for this? She bumped her head because she got struck with an anti-flight ward. She even states that were it not for that one offense, she wouldn't have even noticed the elves. In short, Jibril's solution to anything that would so much as to inconvenience her is destroy the offending Exceed who caused said inconvenience, along with everybody else.
      • This is shown even further with volume 6 of the Light Novels and the Big Damn Movie. The animation delivers in how Jibril is in her home during the Great War, casually killing Shuvi with no extra thought aside from wanting to collect Shuvi's head, all because Shuvi is a rarity in being a excommunicated Ex-Machina. She doesn't actively taunt Shuvi, no, but it's her actions in trying to bring Shuvi down that really hammers in the horror that could've continued had Tet not remade the world through Riku and Shuvi's efforts. Shuvi uses everything she has just to stay alive, and Jibril is just bored. The ending of the battle only shows Jibril lamenting the meaningless effort in trying to get Shuvi's head, because Shuvi put up so much of a fight to where nothing was left to even collect, not even bothering to learn the Ex-Machina's name until the epilogue back in present day.
  • Episode 8: The modified ending theme... and the scene right afterwards, instead of a preview, it was like something out of a horror movie. The glitched screen, the semi-broken happy music, and the fact that Sora looked photoshopped out of everything.
    • And on that note, the entire situation from the end of episode 8 and all of episode 9. Imagine waking up one day, and having your big brother (who you literally can't be more than a few feet away from, otherwise you're prone to nervous breakdowns) not be there. What's worse, nobody seems to think he exists except you.
  • The Game of Reversi where the more pieces you lose the more of yourself you lose. And by that, we mean you can literally lose everything that is you, including your senses, your memories and even your ability to move any one of your limbs. When you lose it all, you cease to be. You don't die. Your entire existence is erased and not one trace of you will remain.
    • The worst thing about all this? Sora actually experienced this. Everything went according to his plans and in the end all was well, but Sora still ceased to exist for a period of time. The anime doesn't go into the full specifics, and with good reason: what already seemed like a horror movie hook (the previous episode "preview") leads into was IS a horror flick in all but name, because the light novel does NOT hold back, as it graphically describes how Sora gradually loses his memories, senses and motor functions. It gets to the point where he can't see or feel anything, his body is nearly completely paralyzed, and the only thing that still kept his confused and fragmented mind going was the unconscious drive to place his full trust in Shiro, who, by the end of his time in the game, he was only barely able to remember. The narration also makes it quite clear that it hurt like hell the entire time. This game is the single most brutal and nightmarish thing we have seen thus far to ever grace Disboard. Due to the nature of the game, it was extremely difficult to create and even it could only barely meet its functions before running out of power and destroying itself. Thus, it is unlikely to make a reappearance. Thank Tet.
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  • Humans in other kingdoms are slaves so every time the old king bet away part of Elchi he was condemning untold masses to this life.
  • A weird mix of this and adorable is Terminator Shiro
  • The Flügel were created as weapons of mass destruction. They can blow up cities, raze the planet, casually part the sea, and take nukes to the face without flinching. Yet they are the weakest of the top six Exceeds. It takes at least 6x of them to taken down a Gigante, 50+ to take down a Dragonia, and 200+ of them will still very likely all die against an Old Deus.
  • Commandment #6: Any bets made in accordance with the Pledges must be upheld. While this ensures that nobody weasels out of a bet, it also carries the implication that once you've agreed to a bet, you must hold your end of the bargain, and the universe will ensure that you do. This means that bets like "if I win, you must do everything I command" or "you must pledge loyalty to me if you lose" can be seen as a form of Mind Control, and the loser would have no choice but to comply. Case in point, Azrael is prepared to order all the Flugels to commit mass suicide if she found out that Sora had forced Jibril to come up with an answer to why they still exist through a pledge because that would mean Jibril is merely following a command rather than acting on her own will.
  • The entirety of volume 6 of the light novels is this. The Great War had rendered humans into nothing more than a refugee population constantly on the run. The other races pay no heed to humanity's existence (not even as collateral damage) while the latter's entire population had been reduced to mere thousands. Putting this in context, Imanity at the time of Sora & Shiro's arrival was at its weakest state, but at least it was a kingdom of 3 million strong.
    • Also hammering in this fact is that during the Big Damn Movie, there is an early scene where Riku angrily starts reciting the names of all the people he's had to send to their deaths while doing recon for the colony in front of Shuvi. Made worse when we saw a man earlier run to his death to this big, black slug-creature thing that isn't even recognizable from any of the beasts we see in the TV series. The beginning of the entire story even shows a child Riku witnessing the destruction of his home by the Ex-Machina and Dragonia, where he was only able to get out because someone shielded him, and the animation showed that same someone charred black and almost unrecognizable as an actual human.
    • Even the injuries Riku and the other Ghosts retain for the means of controlling the Great War are horrifying to see. Apparently because of the ash falling down onto the world, breathing it or even touching it is enough to hurt humans, because we see Riku cough and be covered in burns. Shuvi tries to help with decontamination solutions, but it doesn't stop Riku from suffering the loss of his left eye and arm by the second half of the movie.
      • Also, the entire battle between Jibril and Shuvi can be seen as this, because of Shuvi's desperate attempts to hang on, only for her body to get destroyed more and more, and Jibril is just smiling through all this carnage...

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