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  • Whether you liked Quiche or not, you cannot deny the awesomeness of this speech.
    Quiche "If you want to destroy the world, go ahead. But I will never let you touch Ichigo!"
  • Episode 35 has a very demonizing moment for Quiche, when he threatens a young girl. Which makes it incredibly satisfying when Zakuro pulls him out of his escape portal and punches him in the face. Especially since the main characters rarely physically strike anyone without their weapons.
  • Anytime Ichigo uses the Mew Aqua Rod.
  • Lettuce saving Ryou in episode 41.
  • The aliens siding with the Mews when they realise Deep Blue only cares about claiming earth for himself. Deep Blue is basically a god to them, who they have been faithfully serving for over forty episodes and is possibly the only person *with* the power to restore their planet. But they all choose to side against him.

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