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Awesome / Digimon Adventure: (2020)

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Episode 1

  • Before Taichinote  even met any of the Digimon or arrived in the Digital World, already he's showing the courage his original counterpart was known for. The moment he hears his mother and Hikarinote  are stuck on a train that's going berserk, the first thing he does? Don his signature goggles, leap over the turnstiles to the train station, and make a run to the tracks to help his family in whatever way he can.
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  • After Taichi meets Agumon in the Network, a swarm of Child-levelnote  Algomon attack the duo. It doesn't take much time for the two to immediately start whooping digital butt as Agumon's quickly roasting them with his Baby Flame attack, while Taichi himself grabs an Algomon and slams it around into its allies to take them out.
  • The first Digivolution has to count for a moment of awesome. In a burst of courage, Taichi and Agumon both rush into battle against a significantly stronger Adultnote  level Algomon, which quickly leads to Agumon's first evolution to Greymon. And in the middle of the evolution sequence itself, Agumon holds off Algomon's attacks, before fully evolving to Greymon, slamming the enemy away with a single tail strike before resuming the battle.

Episode 2

  • Garurumon leaping to Greymon's aid and taking out a couple of blindsiding Algomon. He even noticed them without any warning from Yamatonote  if his body language was any indication, meaning he acted just to save his friend. Taichi and Greymon return the favor not too long afterward.
  • Even though Taichi and Yamato did the brunt of the work, Koshironote  deserves props for looking into the U.S. military and guiding the two of them to the Algomon attempting to nuke Japan. Had it not been for him, they most likely wouldn't have made it.
  • Yamato and Garurumon drawing in the Algomon's attention so Greymon could focus on the boss, complete with Wall Run.
  • The boss Algomon evolves into its Perfectnote  form and curb-stomps Greymon and Garurumon. Despite the worse odds, Greymon and Garurumon power through and deliver a combination attack that does a considerable amount of damage.
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  • Unfortunately, despite the above, the countdown has not stopped. Algomon evolves into its Ultimatenote  form and launches the missile right at Tokyo. At this point, there's seemingly no hope left as all of their attacks do absolutely nothing. All Taichi and Yamato can do is steel themselves to stop the catastrophe. At the bleakest possible moment, both of their Digivices glow with the accompaniment of angel feathers. The group is engulfed by Algomon's attack, and when Koshiro looks at his computer again, a familiar glowing sphere is seen...and out from the sphere emerges Omegamon.note  Is it a repeat of Our War Game? Undoubtedly. Did they play the Omegamon card earlier than normal? Absolutely. Is it still awesome? Oh fuck the hell yes.

Episode 3

  • As soon as Omegamon comes into play, Algomon barely even stands a chance in the Dark Area. The Royal Knight utterly thrashes Algomon without so much as a second thought, dodging and blocking most of its attacks with the last stretch of the fight accompanied by an instrumental version of the reboot's opening. And after that, Omegamon manages to knock the missile into the stratosphere!

Episode 4

  • The entire dual fight against Coelamon and Snimon. To recap:
    • On Taichi's end, Greymon immediately manages to gain the upper hand and hold it throughout the fight. Despite the two of them being in the water, it hardly felt fair for Coelamon. Hell, we even see Greymon swimming for the first time in any Digimon-related media!
    • For Sora, who got to the Digital World mere minutes ago, she hitches a ride on Snimon's leg to save Piyomonnote , comforting her in the process. This enables Piyomon to evolve into Birdramon for the first time, annhilating Snimon in one shot with a Meteor Wing.

Episode 5

  • Tentomon fending off the Tylomon attacking him and Koshiro despite being clearly outclassed. It culminates in him evolving into Kabuterimon and targeting the Soundbirdmon controlling them.
  • Birdramon powering through the Dokugumons' web with a Phoenix Taze attack, followed by Greymon taking out several of them at once with a single Mega Flame. And keep in mind, they only recently had their battle at the river, meaning these versions of the Chosen Digimon have a lot more energy to spare than the previous canon.

Episode 6

  • Mimi got hit with the Adaptational Badass stick the hardest. She and Palmon were certainly not pushovers in the first anime, but her introduction has her willingly taking up a leadership role to a bunch of Tanemon and setting up a trap for any fruit thieves at the first sign of trouble. All before Taichi and Sora came across her. Special mention goes to Palmon's Poison Ivy attack, which is actually capable of ensnaring an entire group of people this time around.
  • The group fending off Ogremon's invading army. Once again, divided into portions:
    • Greymon manages to fend off four of the Tuskmon that are attacking, then manages to make it back in time to snap Ogremon's horn off of his head.
    • Birdramon attacks the Coredramon that attempts to ambush Greymon from the air.
    • Then there's Palmon's first battle. She takes on a Drimogemon that attacks her and Mimi directly, risking her life to protect her in the process. When Mimi refuses to leave her side, Palmon evolves into Togemon and delivers an absolutely brutal beatdown to Drimogemon.

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

  • Joe pulling a You Shall Not Pass! on Mammonnote  and its Yukidarumonnote  minions while telling Yamato to stay close to Sora. Being impressed by his sincere act of bravery, Ikkakumon gets swole as he evolves into Zudomon and proceeds to completely wreck house. If that didn't remind you that Joe can be every bit the Cowardly Lion his 1999 self was, we don't know what will.

Episode 16

Episode 17

Episode 18

Episode 19

  • Leomon just got here and he's already kicking ass and taking names. Not only is he leading the resistance like Neamon said, but he's also riding in on a Peckmon and using his BFS to cut up Troopmon like they were tissue paper. He proceeds to lead an infiltration on the Valvemon wreaking havoc in the desert. Then there's his battle with Minotaurmon, rarely giving him an inch and deflecting every attack he throws at him before finishing the fight with his trademark Jūouken blocking Minotaurmon's attack and hitting him with a second Jūouken with his free hand.

Episode 20

  • Although offscreen, but Leomon managed to defeat a Megadramon certainly cemented his badassery.

Episode 21

  • As MetalGreymon is being dragged into the miasma by Splashmon, Taichi runs up to the latter and tries desperately to pry the its jaws off. He succeeds, tapping into a newfound power than not only gives him the strength to throw Splashmon off, but also lets MetalGreymon undergo a Mode Change that gives him a cannon for a right arm. Before the cannon even properly forms, his arm becomes a tendril of energy that he uses to launch Splashmon into the air with a single hit. Now in Alteros Mode, MetalGreymon fires the cannon through one of Splashmon's attacks to shoot out its core.

Episode 22

  • SkullKnightmon proves to be a terrifyingly competent fighter now that they've been properly confronted, rapidly switching between modes and making very effective use of all of the weapons at their disposal. They're able to keep MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon on their toes for a good few minutes with several new attacks that the Xros Wars version never used. This is despite SkullKnightmon being a level lower that either of them. When the two finally get SkullKnightmon on the ropes, SkullKnightmon undergoes what is thus far the only full evolution sequence by a villain and proceeds to absolutely wreck the heroes as DarkKnightmon with even more new attacks.
  • WereGarurumon manages to one-up MetalGreymon's Mode Change. He gets pinned to a pillar by DarkKnightmon in fairly brutal fashion, but powers through the pain with the knowledge that Yamato and Takeru are in danger. He absorbs the arrows pinning him and undergoes a Mode Change of his own, gaining several Hard Light wings and jetting off at lightning speed to save the two and the Holy Digimon's egg just as they're about to fall into the miasma. WereGarurumon then fights DarkKnightmon using his wings as Morph Weapon Laser Blades and energy cannons. The best part? Unlike MetalGreymon, he wasn't being powered up by his partner's emotions. He did all this himself.

Episode 30

    • Even though they were overpowered, outnumbered, and outmatched by Crossmon note  and the Allomon army, Taichi and Metalgreymon absolutely refuse to give up. Even when battered and their Heroic Second Wind failed, they both still refuse to go down. Their indomitable spirit is what pushes them to unlock their Mega Evolution.
      Taichi: We don't have time to mope! We can't be chickened out! We'll get back up again and again!
      Agumon: Yeah! We'll dive back into battle over and over!
    • Even the evolution sequence is awesome as well. We first have Metalgreymon floating underneath a gigantic Crest of Courage as parts of Metalgreymon transformed into Wargreymon, then the Trident Arm and Alterous Arm turns into Dramon Killers, then Wargreymon simply bursts out of the evolution sphere in a glorified Crucified Hero Shot, arming his Dramon Killers and announcing his arrival. Judging from the leading Veggiemon being blown away by the burst, one could say that Wargreymon bursting out of his sphere is felt even in reality.
      Metalgreymon Mega Evolution!! WARGREYMON!!!
    • Then the subsequent battle between Crossmon and the Allomon army against Wargreymon. Well, not so much of a battle but more like a massacre.
      • The Allomon army fires fireballs at the newly formed Mega, accompanied by Crossmon's Mystic Break. Thinking that will do the trick, Veggiemon smugly smiles. However, that smile was soon wiped off its face as the smoke clears and the Brave Shield tanks all those attacks, with no damage done to Wargreymon and Taichi, as the Brave Shield remotely reattaches itself to Wargreymon's back.
      • Wargreymon then leaps up, pass Crossmon, into the sky. As Crossmon powers up another Kaiser Phoenix attack, Wargreymon's answer? GAIA FORCEnote . And it isn't just any normal Gaia Force, but a gigantic one, much like the Spirit Bomb Goku used, fueled by the life force of every person on Earth, on Majin Buu.
      • The gigantic Gaia Force envelopes Crossmon, defeating it, and also the entire Allomon army and the leading Veggiemon on the ground. They couldn't do anything by stare as the literal sun was dropped on their faces. The battle even concludes with the sun rising from the horizon.
      • Props one to the audio filter as well, as they give Wargreymon, and by extension his voice actress Chika Sakamoto, a Badass Baritone.
    • All this action is accompanied by Break The Chain, another masterpiece by Takayoshi Tanimoto.
  • Even though this episode's spotlight is on Wargreymon's appearance, Garudamon has one at the very start of the episode. Even when 3 Megadramons piled onto her with a fourth one aiming a Genocide Attacknote , Garudamon's answer to that is enveloping the 3 Megadramons that piled onto her with Shadow Wing, and aiming the attack at the fourth one, taking out four mons in one attack.

Episode 31

  • Although WarGreymon's battle with Gokumon was very short, it's displays his fighting prowess nicely with him quickly impaling Gokumon with a Dramon Killer, deflecting the oncoming counterattack, and charging up an palm-sized Gaia Force that finishes the fight.

Episode 32

  • Patamon has exhausted his ability to evolve into Angemon but through sheer determination is able evolve into an alternate Adult form, Pegasmon, and proceeds to dominate the pair of Fangmon who were threatening them with Silver Blaze. He's even able to destroy 2 of Cerberumon's heads and nail it in the chin with Rodeo Gallop, causing it's charged up Hellfire to backfire and cracks start forming all over it's body. And with help from Garudamon, who delivers an epic knee drop causing the Hellfire to backfire again, and MetalGreymon's Giga Destroyer, Pegasmon's Silver Blaze finishes it off in a huge explosion.

Episode 39

  • Joe of all people knocks some sense into Jyagamon. How? BY CLOBBERING HIM WITH ZUDOMON'S GIANT HAMMER.

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