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First Stage

  • Takumi overtakes Keisuke during a slow turn in Mount Akina, by going to the inside when Keisuke braked into the turn. Keisuke thinks Takumi will crash, considering he was going too fast into a right-left combo turn. He is proven right seconds later when the AE86 slides on the right turn. Cue Takumi pulling off a kansei (inertial) drift into the left turn, using the countersteer from the first right turn. Keisuke is left wide-eyed, utterly dumbstruck.
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  • Episode 4 gives us the series first real big moment when the build up comes to a head, capped off with the Awesome Music Running In The 90s. Takumi is currently racing against Red Suns member Keisuke, clearly the underdog in the race. The members of the Akina Speed Stars and Itsuki are discussing exactly what kind of chance Takumi has. Iketani says they should trust Bunta, Takumi's father, in that if the old man believes in Takumi, so should they. Nobody else really believes that's enough. Then Iketani drops the bomb on them that Takumi has already beaten Keisuke before. Cue the music, cue disbelief Takumi has these skills, and cue Takumi finally catching Keisuke, and putting on the pressure for the first time all race. Hell. Yes.
  • After Takumi's victorious race against Keisuke, Takumi takes Iketani for a ride in the Trueno, as Iketani wants to see how Takumi races. Takumi's usual driving causes Iketani to freak the hell out after turn one and outright faint after the third turn!
    • And then Takumi takes Iketani's S13 for a spin: Iketani stays conscious, but he realizes that he is nowhere near Takumi's level.
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  • In a schadenfreude kind of way, Shingo crashing his EG6 when he tried to ram Takumi off the mountain pass and kill him and failed. Given that he's never depicted racing again afterwards and he's shown to be softer in Extra Stage, one can assume that it's the last time he ever tries to race dirty against someone.
  • Keisuke's First Stage race against Nakazato in Myogi Pass. When the battle start to rain Keisuke decide to pass Nakazato in the last corner near goal of Myogi pass using suicidal attack, Keisuke tailslide his FD rear right tire into pedestrian path and using it as an advantage to take a lead against Nakazato's R32 GT-R. Which resulted Keisuke into a victory with only left distance only a hair between him and Nakazato's R32 GT-R. Also that race leads Takumi into a excitement for his first time which marks that he and Keisuke are destined to be rivals.
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  • Takumi being made to delivery tofu, rain or dry, pays off when he races Kenta in the rain. Kenta is the rain specialist for the RedSuns. Takumi outruns Kenta so hard that Kenta just outright gives up.

Second Stage

  • Takumi delivers this line to Natsuki in 2nd Stage (after he saw her with an older man).
    Takumi: Good luck with your buddy in the Mercedes. Now leave me the hell alone.

Third Stage

  • In Third Stage, Takumi chases Natsuki's Psycho Ex-Boyfriend up Mount Akina. He's in a 4WD Celica Turbo, Takumi's in his RWD 86, and it's snowing heavily, so naturally Takumi sticks to the guy's bumper like glue until his sheer driving technique scares Natsuki's ex into spinning out before pretty much passing out at the wheel. Since we watch the entire thing from the latter's point of view, also doubles as a Mook Horror Show.

Fourth Stage

  • Takumi's victory in 4th stage against a professional. Specifically the part where Takumi turns off his headlights.
    • In the previous race, Takumi beats a Toudou School student by keeping the lead in the first run while not using his top 2000 rpm, on a course he's only practiced for a day, then surprising his opponent in the second run with the additional power.
  • Bunta beating Takumi in an impromptu downhill race... When test driving a GC8 Impreza.
    • Of note: Takumi's reaction when he uses the gutter drop technique.... Only for the mysterious Impreza (he at that point didn't know Bunta was behind the wheel of the Impreza) to do the same. Bonus points for having one of those rare moments where Takumi swears.
    Takumi: No fucking way!
  • In Episode 16 of Fourth Stage, Keisuke faces off against the Tsuchisaka Lan Evo hillclimber, who spill the oil in the first place that resulting him into an "accident" and causing him unable to race or practice either. And because of that he decide to borrow Kyoko's FD that arrived in the same day when the battle settled. Even with two handicaps that Takumi mentioned, one that he's using a car that he never drive before, and second he never practice fully in the Tsuchisaka pass. But even with those two handicaps Keisuke manage to win against Lan Evo by passing him after went side by side which leads him making a Villainous Breakdown for driving so recklessly because of the pass earlier. But Keisuke pointed that two cars can go side by side with the barricade place in the straight and lead him humiliated because of his defeat.
  • In Episode 17 of Fourth Stage, Takumi faces off against the Tsuchisaka Lan Evo downhiller, who threatens to call thugs to beat up the rest of D if Takumi doesn't throw the race. Takumi spends about half the race behind him before figuring out that the guy's braking technique is trash, and manages to pass him partly thanks to the oil slick his team used to sabotage D. Takumi's opponent and Kenta both suppose that Takumi will have a hard time maintaining the lead in the high-speed section of the course. Cue Ryosuke correcting them. Cue Awesome Music. Cue slow motion as Takumi demonstrates his demonic braking technique, utterly destroying the Lan Evo in two corners.
  • The conclusion of Project D's battle against Tsuchisaka Lan Evo Team. When the Bosozoku gang arrived at Tsuchisaka, siced on Project D after Tsuchisaka Lan Evo Team's defeat, Keisuke came to meet and face the gang by himself since he's also a former delinquent. But at that point, it was revealed that Bosozoku's gang leader and members are Keisuke's former subordinate, and they're came from the same prefecture as the Project D. Needless to say, the current gang leader is not amused at being made to look bad in front of his former boss, which lead Tsuchisaka Lan Evo Team to get beaten instead.
  • Keisuke's race against Kozo "God Foot" Hoshino in Fourth Stage. After Kozo passing Keisuke on pylon at second round of the battle into downhill battle. Both of them start to drifting together. Which is impossible for GT-R to do so because of ATTESA ET-S system that denied any oversteer and understeer. And after both Keisuke and Kozo went drifting at many several corners causing Hoshino's GT-R to losing traction of his front tire and the car went understeer even more because the tires are more suffering. Near the goal line Hoshino drifts too far because of his tires, allowing Keisuke to attempt to pass him on the outside. Although Hoshino's weaker tyres made him bump Keisuke slightly, the FD pulled out in front and finished the second round and completely turning his table at second round.
  • Takumi's race against Toshiya "God Arm" Joushima in Fourth Stage. After Joushima has spent the entire race (seven rounds of the downhill) psyching out Takumi by taking different lines while still pushing him to his limits, Takumi turns it around on him thanks to a bit of advice from Ryousuke. Takumi pulls out both of his signature moves, using the gutter drop technique to keep up, followed by turning off his headlights to overtake. This psyches out Joushima so much that he puts both hands on the wheel for the first time in the whole race note , shattering the utter confidence he's had the entire race and completely turning the tables on him.

Fifth Stage

  • In Episode 8 of Fifth Stage, Keisuke passes Ikeda during a thick fog on Hakone, which forces both of them to drive blind. Keisuke, using his own training, fighting spirit, and a call from Kenta (he does not pick the phone up but this affirms him that the oncoming lane is empty), defeats Ikeda and his Zero Theory when he hesitates in the face of imminent danger (i.e oncoming traffic), at the same time exposing the weakness of the Zero Theory (it works less well in dangerous environments like street racing).
  • The race between Shinigami (Hojo Rin) and Ryosuke Takahashi has several:
    • Shinigami first rams Ryosuke from behind to wake him up, because the former thinks the latter is spacing up and/or "acting half asleep". Ryosuke successfully recovers without much of an effort, showing the audience just how good he is.
    • Later on, Shinigami attempts to ram Ryosuke again. This time, however, Ryosuke sees the attack coming, and accelerates just before impact, causing Shinigami to miss. Shinigami is stunned by this, while Ikeda finally learns who really is driving that white FC.
    • Ikeda then further notes that even locals of Hakone are not brave enough to take downhill at full throttle, noting how dangerous Hakone is. Yet Ryosuke, despite not even hailing from Hakone, does this anyway.
    • Shinigami rams Ryosuke again, side-pressing him into the shoulder of a right-hand turn. Ryosuke, in what is noted to be a split-second decision (or, alternatively, one that requires full-on superhuman reflexes) aims his FC to ride the shoulder slope like a bank in a corner. Shinigami's only reaction is a Big "WHAT?!".
    • Again when Shinigami attempts ramming Ryosuke, only this time there's no shoulder slope, only a guardrail. Ryosuke however, anticipated this and enters the corner at high speed, which slows down his exit speed but saves his life when he is going just fast enough to barely graze the guardrail before returning to the road. At this point, Shinigami can't say anything.
  • In finale episodes of Fifth Stage, Keisuke pulled away from Go Hojo by disappearing at every corner with a similar technique to Fujiwara Zone after he save the tires from first round into full throttle mode. Because of that, Go attempts to follow, causing his tires to wear out rapidly and causes a spin-out when he goes overboard. Which settles Keisuke's victory over Kanto's fastest hillclimb driver.

Final Stage

  • In the series' final battle, Takumi uses his signature "Blind Attack" to take the lead during the final stretch. With the finish line in sight, Takumi turns his lights back on, and sees that he's pushed his engine to over 12,000 rpms, way past its maximum of 11,000. He only has enough time to register this before his engine blows like it did against Kyouichi. Only this time he keeps a cool head, spins the car around, depresses the clutch, and lets his momentum carry him backwards to a victory.


  • The series' Eurobeat track, which has become synonymous with the franchise, now has its own page.
  • In Extra Stage, an unnamed Team Emperor driver declares that he's going to defeat Mako and Sayuki, with his rationale basically being "they'll lose, because they're women." Not only is the Impact Blue duo not pleased about this, they then prove him wrong by outmaneuvering him on Usui's C-121 corner, where he suffers an understeer-induced crash that puts him in such deep shame that he begs his teammates to not tell Kyouichi about it.


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