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  • Shingo getting taken to the hospital after slamming a guardrail as a result of a failed attempt to slam Takumi off the mountain pass. The people who offer to escort him? Iketani and Itsuki, who days before were victims of Shingo's road bullying. Even though they were rivals with Shingo, in the end he's still a fellow road racer to them.
  • Itsuki buys what he thought was an Eight-Six, but it's later revealed to be an Eight-Five. The Speed Stars make fun of this, resulting in him running off crying. Takumi comes and consoles Itsuki by admitting that he is jealous of Itsuki who can already buy his own car while still in high school (Remember that Takumi's Hachiroku is still his father's), and tells him that it doesn't matter if it's an AE85, it's still a car. Itsuki becomes encouraged, especially after Takumi wallops two steet racers who make fun of Itsuki's car.
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  • The whole part where the Eight-Six gets its engine blown during Second Stage. Specifically Bunta and Takumi's moment during the latter's Heroic BSoD. It just shows how Bunta really is a caring father despite his apparent aloofness towards his son. He's also pretty tender to Takumi about the blown engine, reassuring Takumi that it isn't his fault, though subverted in that Bunta is hiding the fact that he intentionally allowed the engine to get destroyed.

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