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The series takes place in modern day.

Why else would you see modern cars around? Because it is around the year 2012. Some of you may ask why modern cars don't show up in the first few stages? Because all the people in those stages don't have enough money to afford new cars. That's why we only see cars from the 90's there. Because it was all the characters could afford. That's why Takashi Nakazato had an R32 Skyline. Because in 2012, it is an old car that is outclassed by something like the Nissan G-TR, and it probably is cheap for an old domestic. The reason The Takahashi brothers drive RX-7's is because they have put a lot of modifications for them, and they probably thought they were better than the current cars. The Emperors also owned old Lan Evo's because they couldn't all afford current Evo X's, and Sudo probably had his Evo for a while, so he probably put a lot of work into his car. The leaders of Purple Shadow own an R34 and an S2000 because they're getting to be middle aged, and they probably bought the cars when they were new, as they mention that they have a lot of money to spare.

  • It could be more likely set in 2003, when the street racing scene was in decline, plus, Japan's car inspection system is one of the most unfair laws in the world. So 2012 was not possible.

Bunta's Impreza was originally bought fresh from factory.

The license plate confirms that it was registered in Gunma prefecture, and Subaru was also headquartered there. It could be possible that the previous owner bought the Impreza fresh from factory before he sold it to Bunta.

The series is in the same universe as Pokemon.
Since it takes place in the Kanto region, it should take place in the Pokemon universe! And the reason you never see animals is because there's Pokemon instead.

Keisuke is DIO

Two years before the events of part 3, Dio Brando stole street racer Keisuke Takahasi's identity. That's why he looks so similar to DIO. Dio also faked his death.


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