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  • Ash is a veritable One-Man Army and has managed to take control over most gangs of New York by the age of seventeen.
    • When we first see Ash use his gun is to scare two gang members who went against his orders of not working for Golzine. He clips their shoulders with precision and from a difficult distance, something that Arthur (who loathes him) recognises and notes his dexterity.
    • Coupled with this is how Ash manages to see through Golzine's attempts to manipulate him. Ash knows that the mob boss is hiding something and that is related to Banana Fish, but he also knows how to turn the questioning around and find more possible clues on it.

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  • The fight at the bar. Even when the space is reduced and cramped, Ash manages to kick ass and move gracefully taking down mook after mook. Skip also manages to hold his own and protect Eiji, hitting a mook on the face with a bottle and then kicking them again there for good measure.

  • Even though he missed out on rescuing Skipper, with the car rapidly speeding away, Ash still pulls out his gun and fires, killing a mook sitting right beside Eiji with a headshot. That level of precision is unreal and backs up Arthur's earlier assessment of Ash's ability.

  • Ash, Eiji and Skipper are trapped in a dead end with the mooks rapidly closing in on them. Eiji, in a moment of clarity, rips an old tube from the walls and then clearly explains his intentions of pole vaulting over the wall in hopes of getting away and call for help. Both Skip and Ash are stunned and try to talk him out of it but Eiji is adamant and even though he knows there's no mat on the other side, nor that the rusty old tube in question will not break in his hands when using it, he runs and pulls it off. It's no wonder Ibe felt inspired by Eiji because, even if he's no longer in his prime, the teen went against all odds and dangers and flew.

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  • Ash works with Ibe and Max to escape the National Center of Mental Health and Wellness, which doubles as a front for the Union to do black ops testing of Banana Fish on known criminals who have been sentenced. Despite being on the lockdown, the trio were able to defeat the security by using disguises or just good old fistfights.

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