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  • The first episode opens with Gigelf Liqueur, a powerful sorcerer attempting to stop the Lucifer Hawks by sealing the portal that connects Earth to Nemesis. True he fails, but not from a lack of trying.
    • The AMP's first appearance in the series, and Kiddy's first line.
    Kiddy: Hey, you boneheads from Search Division One. Don't go messsin up the evidence.
    • Katsumi's powers awakening for the first time.
    Lucifer Hawk: She is awakening, no!
  • Episode 2, Kiddy rescuing Section Chief Mana. By ramming her hovercraft into the Lucifer Hawk that was about to kill her.
    Yuki: (exasperated) Honestly, sometimes you really go overboard Kiddy.
    Kiddy: (laughing) That felt good.
  • Kiddy in episode 3, arriving just in time in an AMP chopper to rescue Katsumi and Roy from the Ghouls.
    Kiddy: Sorry to keep you waiting Katsumi.
  • Episode 4, Lebia's demonstration of her "Graviton" gun. Even though it's technically a Flawed Prototype, Kiddy thinks the advantages out way the flaws.
    • Rally and Mana arriving in time to save the AMP team from a Lucifer Hawk, all while piloting a Cool Ship.
  • The introduction of the sentient sword Grospoliner in the episode 8, "Yes, My Master".
  • Episode 11, Ralph arriving at the Orbital Elevator in time to give Kiddy a hand with some rouge rovers.
  • From episode 12, the moment when Rally hurls an energy blast at Rosa when she starts taunting and laughing at Katsumi.
    Rally: (radiating with power) You insist on destroying what I love, and what I cherish Rosa!?
  • Episode 15, Lum Cheng makes her debut by completely obliterating a Lucifer Hawk by summoning a giant elemental dragon.
  • Episode 19, Roy willingly going up against the Lucifer Hawk Damia. True he's totally outclassed for almost the entire fight, but he did surprisingly well considering the circumstances.
  • Near the beginning of episode 20 "LOVE", the AMP girls saving Roy from the Lucifer Hawk.
    • Ganossa kidnaps Katsumi and Roy, Roy overcomes Ganossa's magic with Heroic Willpower to reach Katsumi and with a little bit of The Power of Love, the pair are able to destroy his Lucifer Hawk minion.
  • Episode 23, Rally pulling a coup and managing to take over the police administration. Reinstating the AMP after it had almost been shut down.

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