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Awesome / Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

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  • The example of Impossible Task Instantly Accomplished is an in-universe Awesome Moment, and a meta one compared to canon. Goku learned a Wave Motion Gun technique in seconds what took Old Master Roshi fifty years to develop and perfect. What makes this awesome compared to canon is that canon!Goku could only make a small beam that would fit into his hands, while PtP!Goku managed to perfectly recreate the humongous beam that Roshi had used on his first try.
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  • The entire climax is one. First, Black has Goku on the ropes with his Humongous Mecha, until Android #8 comes out of nowhere to save his friend. Although he valiantly struggles, he's ultimately no match for Black and is crushed to pieces. Witnessing 8's noble sacrifice, Goku starts crying and promptly explodes with rage in one of the most spectacular power-ups in the series' history, as the earth literally shatters around him. Cue one colossal Kamehameha that sends Black straight to HFIL.

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