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  • If you think that Kazuma is weak for being an adventurer, think again as it shows he could do pretty well. It just that his teammates always screw things up as it was shown on Volume 2 of the Light Novel. After Dust insults him for having a harem party and being the weakest member in their group (since an adventurer is consider the weakest class or job), Kazuma decides to trade himself with Dust to prove him otherwise.
    • At first Dust's three members Taylor, Rin and Keith were surprise and in disbelieve that Kazuma's the leader of his own party due to his adventurer job. But after Kazuma show's off his beginner magic skills against the Goblins, they are convinced that he's strong to the point they laugh about the fact that he uses beginner magic in the most unique effective way. They even apologize to Kazuma for looking down on his job and respect him.
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    • This also includes their encounter with the Rookie Killer, TWICE, which looks like a large black saber-tooth tiger. Their first encounter is Kazuma using Hide skill among the party after convincing them not to ambush it. But the second encounter make it more epic. It was consider a bad timing since Taylor was injured and they're almost near Axel. How did Kazuma save them? Use Create Earth and then Wind Breath so it would blind the Rookie Killer and run for their lives. It worked.
    • After the two incidents, they laughed on their way back that they couldn't believe that an adventurer like Kazuma could pull off such awesome moves and have such high luck, seeing more respect to Kazuma than their team leader, Dust. As for Dust, he ends up begging Kazuma to trade back to his original team.
  • Volume 6:
    • Kazuma and Chris attempt to steal a divine relic that Alderp is going to use to swap bodies with Iris. Things very quickly go wrong and they get surrounded. Chris opts to retreat and try again later but Kazuma can't help but remember all the fun he had with Iris and that, her being a princess and him just an adventurer, he's probably never going to see her again. Then, Kazuma, for the first time in the series, gets serious. He then proceeds to go through half of the royal guard and defeat Mitsurugi a second time and is only stopped when he runs into Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness and even then he manages to complete his objective and escape.
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    • His second fight with Mitsurugi is definitely this. After learning that Steal won't be as likely to work, he just uses magic to freeze Kyouya's sword to its sheath, lunges at him, uses magic to shoot water at his face, then freezes his face, leaving him to suffocate if his comrades don't help thaw him out.
  • Volume 7:
    • Kazuma and his friends crashes Alderp and Darkness' wedding, pays off Darkness' debts and escape with her. That is all.
    • Actually, there's a bit more to it. Turns out the whole thing was a gambit by the resident Magnificent Bastard Vanir. Knowing that the Dustiness household was going to fall into trouble soon he gave Kazuma a warning to continue designing items that would sell easily. Once Kazuma learns of the debt, he puts his creative talents into overdrive, coming up with every idea he can think of and sells the intellectual properties to each and every single one of them to who else but Vanir. Because of this, Kazuma has enough money to pay off Alderp preventing the wedding from happening and creating some very lovely dark emotions to feed on. Even if Kazuma failed in his endeavor, Vanir at the very least got the intellectual rights to some very useful items.
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    • However, perhaps Vanir's greatest moment is at the end of the volume where he shapeshifts into Lalatina so that he can make out that the one Alderp desires is here to pleasure him, only to laugh in Alderp's face and reveal himself. Even better, he chose the exact moment to appear so that Alderp would break his contract with Maxwell.
  • In Volume 10, there's no words of how amazing Princess Iris power is since she's the descendant of previous heroes who have defeated the Demon Lord.
    • She manages to defeat ALL of Prince Revi's subordinate knights without Kazuma's help. The sheer moment where the knights ridicule her says it all when they've witness her strength.
    • She manages to slay a Golden Dragon in Elroad. Repeat: SHE SLEW A GOLDEN DRAGON WITH ONE HIT!! And thus she was given the nicknamed "Dragon Slayer".
    • She manages to recognize Ragcraft, one of the Demon Generals, who uses his Doppelganger powers to disguise as Kazuma and kills him with one hit... AGAIN! Kazuma is glad that he consider Iris as his little sister than flirting with her otherwise it will end very bad.
  • Other than losing in Rock-Paper-Scissors to Eris, who happens to be the Goddess of Fortune, Kazuma amazing luck status always saves him in the end. Case in point, in Volume 10, during his negotiation in Elroad, Prince Revi was so persistent into not giving financial aid to support the Kingdom of Belzerg that even killing the Golden Dragon doesn't seems to convince him. What forces him to give up? Kazuma ask him to let his party play at the country's largest casino with a free pass. Prince Revi agrees. Long story short, Kazuma nearly manages to bankrupt the casino to the point that Revi and his prime minister spill the beans on why they cut off Belzerg's financial aid.
  • The web novel's final confrontation against the Demon Lord :
    • Before the assault on the Demon Lord's Castle, Kazuma uses all his money buying a small hill of manatite crystals of the highest quality for Megumin, allowing her to easily chain-cast Explosion over and over on the Demon Lord's Castle, wiping out his army and breaking the barrier. It is mentioned that at that moment, Megumin became the most powerful arch wizard in the world.
    • How does Kazuma turn things around against the Demon Lord in his underground dungeon? By casting Explosion, causing the entire place to cave in. Sure, he killed himself as well, but a win's a win.


  • The Final Episode of Season 1.
    • Aqua manages to break the Destroyer's magic barrier via what is essentially a Beam-O-War, followed by...
    • The dual "Explosion" spell from Wiz and Megumin, bringing The Destroyer to its many knees.
  • Episode 5 of Season 2 provides a multitude of awesome moments for Darkness of all people.
    • One of the mask-monsters exploding is enough to knock Aqua on her ass and cause significant damage. Darkness then immediately walks forward and lets one explode on her... and doesn't even get her clothes scuffed. Masochism aside, Darkness isn't the party tank for nothing.
    • An equally-understated one is when, dealing with many of said monsters, Darkness tries to kill them as they flock to her... and actually hits a good portion of them. Needless to say, her ecstatic reaction is well-deserved.
    • Even MORE understated is what happens when Vanir possesses Darkness and leaves the dungeon. Vanir comments on her high strength, stamina, durability, and magical resistances and then, utilizing Darkness' own strengths, proceeds to curbstomp every adventurer and was about to kill Aqua if Kazuma hadn't intervened. If Darkness ever learned to properly attack instead of staying clumsy to sate her masochism, she'd be quite the badass!
  • The Final Episode of Season 2.
    • Wiz learns that Hans ate an innocent person and proceeds to show why she was feared by their army before she switched sides. Her anger freezes the ground below her, trapping Hans in a crystal prison twice, the second time destroying what's left of his giant body after Megumin devastated it.
    • Aqua delivering the final blow on Hans.
      Aqua: The sin of corrupting the hot springs of my beloved faithful has earned you certain doom! Seek God's salvation and repent!
      Hans: It can't be...!
      Aqua: GOD REQUIEM!! *cue the pseudo-nuke blow*
  • The second opening shows the party using a combination of their abilities, helping to gather golden apples from a tree growing on the back of a giant turtle. First, they place an iron door on top of a group of explosive rock monsters and sit atop the door. Darkness strikes the rock monsters, launching them into the sky. Megumin casts Explosion to create a massive updraft of hot air, while Aqua uses her hagoromo as a makeshift balloon and cushion to help slow down the party's descent. Kazuma then uses Steal to take the apples, allowing the party to complete the quest.
  • A Meta-example, the fact there's going to be a movie!


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