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  • Kazuma and Megumin bonding over the beauty of explosions. It's pretty interesting to see such a guy like Kazuma, who can be quite callous on his partners, behave this playfully with Megumin because of this.
  • When Darkness is given a death curse due to Megumin's actions, she and Kazuma immediately come up with a plan to storm the castle of the one responsible to get him to lift it. While Aqua simply dispels it, rendering their effort pointless, it still showed that they were willing to go towards their potential deaths to save her.
  • After the completion of the Lake Purification quest involving alligators wrecking the cage Aqua's in, for once, Kazuma and his team praised Aqua for her persistence and stated that she deserved all the reward for herself (basically letting her indulge in her usual selfishness), despite Aqua being too traumatized at the experience.
  • Aqua doing her duty as a goddess and laying Keele to rest in Volume 2, after he turned himself into a lich to be with his beloved in her final moments. She comforts him by ensuring him that she died content with him by her side and then puts him to rest. Even Kazuma was moved by Aqua's uncharacteristic gentle warmth and kindness, before sarcastically wondering to himself: "Is this really the same stupid and useless Goddess that I know?"
    Aqua: Arch wizard Keele, you forsake the laws of the god and became a lich by your own conviction. In the name of the goddess of water Aqua, I absolve you of your sin… When you wake up, you will be before a goddess with unnaturally large breasts named Eris. If you don't mind the age difference between you and the one you love, or if your relations are not between a man and a woman, and if you wish to meet her no matter what form it may be in… You can try asking Eris. She will make your wish come true."
    • Anytime Aqua acts like a goddess, really. In Episode 9 of Season 2, Aqua genuinely treats her followers well and only want what's best for them. She even goes so far as to try and purify the hot springs because she doesn't want them to get sick from swimming in polluted water. Considering how she normally acts, it says a lot that she cares for them despite them not believing her.
  • After losing his life to the Winter Shogun, Kazuma has an audience with Eris and is offered to reincarnate back to Japan. He's more than pleased with this and begins a long rant over the absurdities of his party, only to unconsciously shed a few tears, realizing that he's grown fond of the girls and doesn't really want to abandon them. On top of that, when he wakes up on Aqua's lap after she's done reviving him, Megumin and Darkness immediately jump on him for a hug and, if their voices are anything to go by, they've been crying a lot thinking they've lost him for good.
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  • Kazuma defending the Succubus in Volume 2 / Episode 9. The light novel gives a bit more insight into why he did so: namely that he couldn't betray Keith and Dust's trust by exposing the truth, nor let the succubus (who was doing her job) be killed. He got his ass kicked, but deemed it worth it.
  • In the first volume of Megumin's spinoff, she confronts her two classmates who tricked Yunyun into giving them money.
    • The next volume reveals they were actually telling the truth about the sick brother and they give Megumin a farewell gift as thanks for the healing potion she made.
  • Kazuma in Volume 7. Considering that he was willing to marry Darkness off, the first time a suitable suitor came along (Alder's son, who, despite all expectations, is actually a very decent human being), the fact that he spends much of the volume desperately trying to raise the two billion eris needed to pay off her debt so she wouldn't be married off to Alderp, is truly touching. Especially the part where he breaks down and says "It! IS! NOT! FINE!" when Megumin pesters him about "ignoring" Darkness one time too often because Kazuma really couldn't come to her aid if she didn't specifically ask for it.
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  • In the eighth novel, Kazuma and Aqua eavesdrop a conversation where somebody was trying to make Megumin buy a white powder that gets really addictive after you try it once. He immediately kicks the door open and starts hurling threats to the sellers, including using his fire-starting spell to "burn those damn things away", and an unusually-silent Aqua rushes pass him and punches the first guy she sees on the face. As expected, it turns out to be a misunderstanding (the white powder in question was something you mix with water to get the local variant of chewing gum), but watching Kazuma and Aqua drop the usual silliness and barge in completely willing to fight against what they thought were drug dealers for Megumin's sake was a sight to behold.
  • In first volume of Vanir's spinoff, Wiz gave up her humanity and adventuring career to save her comrades from Verdia's curse. In the epilogue, she reunites with her two of comrades, who got over their Unresolved Sexual Tension and got Happily Married.
    • Case in point. That's the daughter of her two comrades.
  • An understated example, but in the first episode/volume, Aqua tries to get money for adventurer registration by asking for money from a priest from the Eris Sect. While he chides her for claiming to be the goddess Aqua, he gives her the money anyway as a gift. Given that we eventually see how difficult life in this world is, how many adventurers live a hand to mouth existence that requires they save every coin, how annoying Axis cultists could be, and how they seem to deliberately go out of their way to harass the Eris Sect, and how the priest must have thought he was dealing with an Axis cultist that was even more deranged than usual, the fact he still gave her enough money to register was very kind and generous, especially since we never see him coming back to ask for the money, even when the protagonists are rolling in millions.
  • In the Megumin spin-off Manga, Megumin was trying to save up money to leave her home village and was talking to Yunyun. Much like the "drug" incident, she spoke about possibly needing to "sell her body" and the way she described it made Yunyun think rather indecent things. By the end of it, Yunyun was going to burn the person who was "using" Megumin. Turns out Megumin was just being a potion tester, but like the "drug" incident, it says a lot about how close Yunyun and Megumin are that Yunyun was willing to defend Megumin.
  • Volume 11 drops a doozy as Megumin basically asks Kazuma to be her boyfriend in the epilogue.
    • In Volume 9 there was her love-confession and the unusually serious conversation about both hers and Kazuma's past.
  • One instance has Megumin ask to be of more use to the team, so she gives her card to Kazuma so he can add her points to any stats he wants. Because it makes her happy, he doesn't waste a second in spending all the points on explosion magic, and lets her fire off a spell without ever telling her what he did.
  • How Darkness and Chris became friends. Darkness was a lonely but devout girl who went to the local church of Eris every day praying for friends she could go on fun adventures with. One day, she meets Chris on her way back from church. What really makes this Heartwarming is that this is Eris, Darkness's goddess herself, personally answering the prayer of a lonely little girl. And unlike in other media, it's not so that Darkness will become her champion or chosen one or to fulfill a prophecy for her. It's because a young girl who'd lost her mother really, really needed a friend.
  • When Kazuma is imprisoned for aiding a member of the Demon King's army and awaiting trial, Aqua offers to arrange a jail break so he can escape. Willing to give up everything she currently has going for her in exchange for a life on the run in order to help him. Considering what a spoiled brat and absolute meanie Aqua can be this is a monumental sacrifice and shows just how much she really cares about her friend. While he turns her down Kazuma silently acknowledges this as well and is deeply touched.
  • Volume 10. Given how poor their relationship was in volume 6, it can be somewhat heartwarming to see Kazuma and Clair join forces to protect Princess Iris from an Arranged Marriage. In fact in stark contrast to volume 6, it seems that Claire is the only one unopposed to Kazuma's appearance in the capital and treats him with a higher level of amicability than in her first appearance... sometimes.
  • Volume 15 sees a high level female priest from a virtually unknown sect move into Axel. She's beautiful, kind, and well-mannered (i.e. everything Aqua isn't) as well as willing to heal wounded adventurers for free. She eventually supplants Aqua's position as unofficial "mascot" of the guildhall, with everyone flocking to hear her sermons, receive her blessings, or even just speak to her. Turns out she's actually one of the last remaining Demon Generals, who just so happens to be a human priestess of Regina, the Dark Goddess of Puppetry and Vengeance. All of the favors she does for the adventurers in town slowly brainwashes them into becoming her servants. And Kazuma is the only one who knows her real identity, but due to an "understanding" between them, he is not allowed to reveal this to anyone. Aqua is reduced to the brink of tears when a wounded adventurer refuses to be healed by her instead of the priestess, since her healing magic is the one thing that everyone, even Kazuma, acknowledges she is good for. Kazuma responds to this situation in a way befitting a man of his caliber: sprinting up behind the priestess and delivering a missile dropkick to her face, in spite of knowing her "aura of Vengeance" power would immediately reflect the damage back to him rendering them both unconscious, on top of inciting her wrath as a Demon General and the possibility of being directly targeted by the Demon King's army. Because, even after all the headaches she causes him, the debts she racks up, her laziness, rudeness, and incompetence... seeing someone else make Aqua cry for something that, for once actually wasn't her fault, is something that Kazuma simply will not stand for.
  • In Chapter 16 of the manga\Episode 8 of the anime after all the spirits are exorcised from the mansion, Kazuma shows respect to the ghost of the girl that was haunting it by cleaning her grave stone. And at the end of Episode 9, Darkness finds him sweeping her grave implying that he does it on a fairly regular basis.


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