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The oblivious people. As if they know nothing about Aqua.

  • Ok, I have been wondering about this during the story's progression. How come nobody in town ever recognizes Aqua, a very well-known goddess who came in flesh down there? Aren't there temples dedicated to many gods in their cities (assuming that there are many of them) or so which that makes their devotees worship their gods and know what they look like? Or at least a child who read a book about their worlds gods and instantly recognize Aqua as a goddess?
    • The gods must have cast a Weirdness Censor on her upon banishment. Even Eris failed to recognize Aqua until Kazuma was resurrected. Aqua's own followers comment that Aqua looks like their goddess, even makes them feel at ease like their goddess, but don't recognize her as the real Aqua. The only individuals who knew Aqua at first glance without Kazuma revealing it, are Kyouya (a fellow Japanese hero) and Zesta (the high priest of Aqua's faith). Even after Kazuma reveals the truth, some people refuse to accept it, such as Darkness and Megumin. Only Vanir and Wiz accepted the truth, because nothing else can explain how she could possess near infinite divine energy (which negates their abilities and demonic/undead immunities). Verdia probably realized it too before dying. It's also hinted several times that something is masking Aqua's true nature. The demon generals are aware there's an incredibly powerful aura emanating from Axel, but can't identify or pinpoint it's exact source. It's not Aqua herself doing this, as she's admitted not suppressing or concealing her divine aura.
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    • By the start of Volume 8 the entire Axis Cult is aware Aqua is the physical manifestation of their goddess, and begin aggressive efforts to spread her teachings across the globe. However they are doing so in secret, and have not publically revealed Aqua's presence. It appears they are waiting for the goddess to make the announcement herself, but intend to have the groundwork ready when she does, so that everyone will herald Aqua as the world's savior.
    • By the end of Volume 10 the Demon Lord's remaining forces are probably aware Aqua is a goddess. Previous generals and minions were slain or switch sides soon after discovering the truth. Wolbach teleported away and remained gone for several days, after she made the revelation. What impact this will have in the future remains to be seen.
    • They already made a gag about this in season 2. One of Aqua's followers confesses that Eris is leading him astray with her giant tits, and the painting of her looks absolutely nothing like the real deal. Basically, it's the fantasy religion version of Your Costume Needs Work.

Aqua's capabilities

  • If she can heal allies, resurrect fallen adventurers, and create floods, why can't she just restore Megumin's mana so that one shot isn't all Megumin can unleash?
    • She probably can't restore depleted magic, otherwise why would she have let Kazuma use Drain Touch on her?
    • Using a spell that draws on MP to recover MP would break the conservation of energy. It would basically become a self-renewing magic source. That's why video games use items or resting to recover MP.

Megumin becoming exhausted after one explosion spell

  • Why doesn't she increase her MP enough so that she doesn't fall over when casting Explosion? Or can she continue to improve the destructive power of Explosion infinitely?
    • Apparently yes she can power it up indifinetly. her own mindset leads her to do just that. Hopefully it doesn't also drain more MP the more powerful it is
    • It is explicitly stated...yes. The MP cost goes up. Fortunately, her MP goes up automatically. Unfortunately, the rate is about the same. ANY sane mage would spend about half their points or so in other, support magic, so that they can cast multiple spells. not sane.

Interaction of Aqua's arch-priestess powers and goddess powers

  • Does her being a goddess make her have more MP than if she hadn't been a goddess but otherwise had the same starting stats? Does she have separate MP pools for her priestess spells vs goddess spells? Does being a goddess make her Turn Undead skill more powerful?
    • Yes. No. And Yes. "Goddess" essentially grants her a special ability, that means she can draw on a portion of MP of all her worshippers. It also adds "holy" element and boosts everything she does. And maxes out all skills that have to do with her portfolio.

How did Megumin learn the explosion spell?

  • The explosion spell is advanced magic, so presumably it takes a good number of skill points to learn, more than she could get in a single level-up. So did she somehow manage to level-up multiple times with no skills in order to horde enough skill points to get the one skill she does have?
    • It's explicitly stated. The Crimson Clan is a clan of munchkins who realized that "Advanced" magic is far...FAR more effective then normal magic. So they just freeze a monster in place, and hand their students bats, probably given accuracy enchantments. Once you get enough points for Advanced Magic...leveling is easy.
    • Megumin's Spin-Off revealed that the Crimson Magic Clan teaches its students through the above method. Furthermore, they give "Skill Up" potions to students who do well academically/act Chuuni enough, each of which gives the drinker one skill point. Adding to that, at one point in the novels, Kazuma mentions that some people are just born with more skill points than others. Explosion costs 50 skill points, but Advanced magic only costs 30, so she intentionally forewent learning Advanced magic in school to learn Explosion.

The presence of multiple hero candidates/summoned people

  • They all receive the same speech from Aqua about defeating the Demon King and getting one wish granted. The problem is there is only one Demon King(in the area around Belzerg)... So shouldn’t they be competing against each other to be the one to land the killing blow? Or is the lack of progress due to the adventurers sabotaging each other’s efforts? Why hasn’t the situation devolved into a Grail War like scenario?
    • Even with a powerful artifact, or talent that doesn't mean you'll succeed against The Demon King. It's possible that many of them went rushing off towards the Demon King, and died at level 1. Those that didn't such as Kyouya can still be beaten by some quick thinking and possibly succumbed to other monsters.
    • I think we should accept the fact that the hero program is still going strong as proof of how poorly thought-out and implemented it is.

Mitsurugi and Gram

  • So, aside from Rule of Funny (and ignoring the second Original Video Animation), if Mitsurugi Kyouya is so revered and well-known throughout the Kingdom of Belzerg (or at least the City of Axel)… why was he unable to get his Cursed Sword Gram back, after Satou Kazuma stole it (via "Steal" skill) and sold it? You'd think he'd have the connections for it…
    • He did get it back. Dust's first spinoff novel showed that Dust bought it from the merchant Kazuma sold it to, then resold it to Kyouya at a ridiculous markup. Kyouya was able to afford it because he got so much money from his previous adventures— all of this happened within the timespan of the first volume.

The inconsistent luck of Eris/Chris?

  • We know that Eris is the goddess of luck/fortune, and Chris acts as her mortal shell. It was also hinted that if Eris touches an adventure card as her goddess-self, the 'luck' stat would glitch out because it's too high to be calculated. Chris, as her mortal shell, should at least have very high luck. However, we have seen Kazuma consistently steal underwear from Chris. Aside from losing Rock paper scissors to Eris/Chris, Kazuma's luck seems to be much more consistent. If Chris's luck was more superior than Kazuma's, wouldn't it at least decrease the chance of Kazuma stealing Chris's underwear? Why "only" win in Rock paper scissors when Eris/Chris theoretically have better luck?
    • Could be that the target's luck has no impact on the effect of Steal. All that matters is the user's, so it doesn't matter how much luck Chris has, it can't prevent Kazuma from stealing her panties
    • Expanding on the above explanation, Rock-Paper-Scissors is a game where you and your opponent use each other's luck against the other. Steal, however, is just the user implementing their luck alone.

How did the Dustiness Maids in Darkness's home restrain her?

  • We know that Darkness has very impressive strength stats, yet she was restrained by the house maids enough that she was forced into a more formal outfit. Unless the maids were former-adventurers who all had good strength, it seems unlikely for pure civilian maids to restrain someone like Darkness.
    • It could also be that A)the maids have needed to detain Darkness before so they're used to it, B)Darkness gave in to her masochism, given that the maids had to force her into those clothes, or C)the sheer numbers helped. After all, the final episode of season 2 shows that Darkness couldn't hold off basically the same number of people from overpowering her that time either.

Creator of Destroyer

  • Why didn't Destroyer's creator write his very secret diary, in which he complains about the government and says he can't do what they told him to do, in his native language, Japanese? Or, if it was in Japanese, why do Aqua and Kazuma treat his origins as a surprise in the second OVA?
    • Nevermind, it was answered in volume 5.

Why was Darkness so timid and nervous when she encountered Kazuma in the bath area?

  • In episode 9 of the anime, Darkness gets really timid and nervous when she encounters Kazuma in the bath area and he starts ordering her to do things to him because he thinks he's in the dream he ordered at the Succubus club. Umm, why? I get that Darkness would be surprised at Kazuma's sudden aggressiveness, but why would she have a problem with it? Shouldn't she just jump right in and go along with it? She's made it very clear throughout the whole series that is exactly the thing she's into. This should be exactly what she wants. But for some reason she acts uncomfortable and scared. So according to the series, Darkness loves the idea of being the sex slave of a Devil King General, but she freaks out when her own party member orders her to wash his back. That really makes no sense at all.
    • She's Playing Hard to Get. And since this is Darkness, she's already very hard.
      • It didn't seem like she was merely acting. She seemed genuinely scared. It was totally out of character since in every other case she enthusiastically rushes into situations like that.
    • Darkness acting timid and nervous during the bath scene was briefly explained in the first episode of season 2, and laid out a couple times throughout the season as well:
      • 1)She's still a holy crusader of Eris, so she is supposed to stay pure. It's why she ironically wanted in the party in the first place: the reputation Kazuma had at that time gave her the impression that the party would have no chance against the Devil King's army and would lose, and she would be ravished. Despite her tendencies, Darkness would never willingly lose her "chastity".
      • 2)Being a masochist means she wouldn't just jump in and go along with it. She at least feints brief periods of "resistance" when situations like that pop up.
      • 3)Darkness is actually still a virgin. Fantasizing about doing something is by FAR different than actually knowing what to do when you're actually in that position, as a certain later volume of the light novel reveals.
      • But she didn't just "fantasize" about being Beldia's sex slave, she actively attempted to become one, and was in the process of doing this until Kazuma stopped her. That was my point. Darkness doesn't merely think about these situations, she actively and happily rushes into them in real life. That's why her timidness in the bath area with Kazuma seemed so out of character. And like I said, it really didn't seem like she was merely acting. You can see the difference between how she acts when she gets cursed by Beldia vs how she acts with Kazuma in the bath area. With Beldia, she mildly pretended to be worried, but she made it clear she was excited at the idea of being his sex slave. With Kazuma, it seemed like she was genuinely uncomfortable with what he was telling her to do.
      • But she didn't actually become Verdia's sex slave. It never got to that point. ALSO, the situation with Verdia was BECAUSE of the death curse. Darkness always pre-faces her masochist scenarios with "I will be overpowered" for a reason: If you pay attention to how she acts, Darkness never willingly submits to enemies, but fantasizes being overpowered by them. Also, having intimate moments with friends and love interests is a different situation altogether. This has been shown multiple times throughout the anime AND light novel. The encounter with Verdia(a Devil King commander) PUTTING A DEATH CURSE ON HER, and the bath scene with Kazuma(A party member and friend at the time) being very MILDLY forceful and intimate were VASTLY different scenarios, and therefore had different results. Darkness' timidness with those close to her(ESPECIALLY Kazuma), has been part of her character since season 1.

I wonder what the world that Kazuma first met Aqua is called?

Aqua and the hangover

  • So if Aqua can't even make tea without accidentally purifying, and turning it into water, how can she get drunk on alcohol to the point of vomiting from it? Or is that part of the joke, that she's so useless she can't even protect herself from a hangover?

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