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  • The scene that introduces Yomiko's powers, wherein she's attacked by a wasp-controlling half-bug man and his giant grasshopper steed... and our klutzy, adorable bookworm kicks his ass with a sheet of A4 and a roll of ticker tape.
  • Nancy playing the Reverse Mole and pulling a "Whoops! Got your heart!" trick on the I-Jin leader during the climactic battle of the Read or Die OVA.
  • In the English dub, Nancy describing her code name as making her sound "like a porn star."
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  • Fighting an aerial battle in a giant paper airplane.
  • In the TV show, when Nenene is kidnapped, the Paper Sisters walk into the bad guys' building — wearing their special costumes for the first time — and simply say they're here to take her back. They proceed to kick every ass in the place.
  • In the first episode of the TV series, a nameless bad guy holds a gun on Nenene. Her response: flipping him the bird and then using her middle finger to plug the barrel of the gun Bugs Bunny style.
    • In the same sequence the Paper Sisters decide to come to her rescue. While she's on a plane flying from Hong-Kong to Japan. How do they do this? By using a MASSIVE bird familiar made out of paper to catch up to the plane. And after they damage the plane in the rescue they carry it to safety, touching it down on the runway. Using paper.
    • Also in the first episode, Michelle deduces the existence of a second terrorist just by reading the manuscript they were working on.

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