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  • Jacuzzi's train top fight with Goose.
    Goose: You don't even have a gun!
    Jacuzzi: I have a my heart!
    • Note that, following the above exchange, the series' Shrinking Violet proceeds to charge a man with a flamethrower completely unarmed, headbutt him multiple times in the face, and finally full-body tackle him off the edge of a speeding train so that the fuel canister on his back explodes. At this point, Jacuzzi has taken uncountable levels in badass.
    • The fact that he then is pulled back onto the train by Nice and is prepared to stand up to the blood-covered Rail Tracer with Goose's knife still stuck in his arm is just the icing on the CMOA cake.
      • And in the books? He pulls the pins on the two grenades he got from Nice and tackles him, fully intending to pull a Heroic Sacrifice. Thankfully, Claire does not approve of murder-suicide.
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    • Scene is even more awesome, once you remember it's the ''exact same thing Isaac told him earlier.''
  • Firo's Establishing Character Moment fight with the knife-wielding beggar in Episode 1.
    • Not to mention the almost iconic car-top launched face-kick he delivers to the thug who tried to kill him and Luck in a bookshop.
    • Firo calmly beating up Dallas and his thugs in under a minute without dropping his hat. As one viewer commented on the Youtube video of the scene, "They got Fir-OWNED."
  • Luck Gandor and Eve Genoard in Drug & the Dominoes. Gustavo has Eve cornered and is about to break her legs to make sure she can't escape, when Luck appears out of nowhere behind him and beats him senseless with a chair. When this turns out to be only good enough to put Gustavo out of commission temporarily and Gustavo begins bragging about how he murdered Eve's father and oldest brother, the sweet and innocent ingenue picks up a dropped revolver and prepares to blow him away - only for Luck to take the bullet, pick up his own severed arm, and stab Gustavo in the throat with it.
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  • The passengers of the Flying Pussyfoot get a collective CMOA when they confront the Lemures with their own weapons.
  • The fight between Ladd and Chane on top of the Flying Pussyfoot? What made it a CMOA was when Ladd thought he had killed Chane by knocking her off the train. Cue the close up of Chane climbing up the side of the train with her knives.
  • Czes gets one in The Children of Bottle (2001), in which he is taken prisoner by people who mistake his immortality for demonic powers. To escape, he throws his tied-up self into a fireplace, waits for the ropes to burn off, and calmly walks out of the flames.
  • Keith Gandor doing what no man has ever accomplished by successfully calling out Claire Stanfield in Drugs and the Dominoes.
  • "Boss! It's you! You came to rescu.." *BAM*. Don't screw with Old Man Runoratta.
  • Isaac and Miria running Szilard down with his own car and then backing it over Dallas Genoard for good measure.
    • Even better; with Dallas, this wasn't a case of "oh, Isaac and Miria are ditzy klutzes who just happened to hit the right target". They recognized Dallas (he had beat them up in an alleyway) and ran him over on purpose.
  • "I think this'll be the first time we've set a man on fire."
  • The entire staff of the Daily Days pulling their shotguns on Gustavo and his goons in the split second it takes for them to turn their backs.
  • A Mook tells Claire Stanfield that you never get reliable information out of people through torture. Claire Stanfield proceeds to get reliable information out of him through torture.
  • Claire and Ladd's fight on top of the train. An entire episode was dedicated to showing the viewer how badass Ladd was and Claire shrugs him off like nothing. Knowing how much egotistical people like Claire piss off Ladd makes this even more awesome.
  • Any scene with Ladd against a Lemure, especially the one he punched to death.
  • The rescue of Isaac, Miria, and Czeslow after they fall off the train is just a really cool action sequence. Isaac throws the lasso he's carrying as a costume prop, but misses. They happen to fall past Rachel, who quickly grabs the rope. She manages to hold them for a bit before her injured leg slips and she's forced to let go. Then Claire spots them, leaps off the train to snag the rope, and bounds off a passing tower to land back on the train. He hands off the rope to Donny to pull them in. While that's happening, everyone on the end of the rope goes swinging wildly into the air and over the train, even passing through a fight taking place.

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