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Trivia / Baccano!

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  • Big Name Fan: Spanish novelist Arturo Pérez-Reverte is a vocal fan of Baccano.
  • Fake Nationality: The dub is INCREDIBLE with this, but Huey Laforet simply sounds like Pepe Lepew.
  • Fan Nickname: Czeslaw has "Czeswaffles", as both a joke on the way his name is actually pronounced (Czes-WAUFF) and a term of affection due to his woobiness.
  • No Export for You: The only options to read the Light Novels up until 2015 were either knowing Japanes or Chinese. This becomes subverted once Yen Press announced they have the English rights to publish them.
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  • The Other Darrin: Only applied to the English dub, where Isaac and Miria were voiced by Sam Riegel and Stephanie Sheh respectively in their Durarara!!'s cameos, since both anime licenses were managed by different companies at the time Durarara!! was dubbednote .
  • Playing Against Type:
  • What Could Have Been: Several scenes and hooks in the anime, such as Adele in a brief cameo in episode one and Dallas' body already recovered by Lamia before Eve could find him show that there potentially was going to be an animated version of The Slash arc, but Baccano had poor sales in Japan. See Germans Love David Hasselhoff on the YMMV tab.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Here.

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