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Nightmare Fuel / Baccano!

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Spoilers below.

  • Poor Dallas. Due to being immortal, he was sealed in a barrel of cement condemned to drown in the Hudson River for god knows how long. He eventually get fished out three years later. Since he's immortal, he would have drowned and revived over and over again the entire time.
  • Rail Tracer, an Urban Legend about a train-hunting monster brought to terrifying life by the conductor-cum-assassin Claire Stanfield, who uses the persona to sneak around on the train inflicting a painful and bloody demise upon anyone who dares harm its passengers.
  • Immortals have the ability to kill another immortal by "eating" them, presumably so called because the eater absorbs the victim's memories in the process-and the terminology is the least disturbing thing about it. Imagine that someone, probably someone you knew considering how the immortals got their start, approaches you and places their right hand on top of your head. By the time you realize what's happening, all of your bodily fluids and tissues are ripping themselves from underneath your skin and pulling from out of your skull. Your muscles dry out and tear while your bones weaken and crumble quickly after. Against your will, your body pulls itself apart until you are nothing but a distended mass of flesh and sinew to be absorbed into your attacker's hand. While this is happening, you feel all of it, including the pain of your mind being stripped away until it's nothing but a mass of fear and confusion. Only when every memory, thought, and sensation decays one-by-one does it finally end, and you wink out of existence. And to do this to you, all they have to do is touch their hand to your head and will it, after which you are powerless to stop it all. Sweet dreams, everyone!
    • Actually being devoured is completely painless because it absorbs the most recent memories first preventing you from even realizing you're being devoured. Shown in book 1 from Barne's perspective. Still creepy though.
    • Speaking of Barnes, his being devoured by Szilard in both the anime and the novel. In the anime, it's lovingly detailed. In the novels, we see Barnes perspective on his fate, which doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • At one point the Claire threatens Czeslaw Mayer with torture involving "stripping away each individual arm muscle and doing intricate carvings on the exposed bone."
  • When you think about it, the idea of being in Firo's or Czes's position, that of having eaten a psychopathic immortal and being stuck with their memories for all eternity, is a pretty grisly thought.
  • Every time Fermet is mentioned by Czes is this. The fact that Fermet practically oozes with pederast vibes makes it worse.
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  • Even though he kinda deserved it, it's still disturbing when Claire tortures Czes after he finds out Czes wants to kill every one in the train. What makes it worse is, due to him being immortal, Czes looks like a little kid.
  • When Mary is hiding in the closet, she accidentally knocks over a broom, letting one of Ladd's goon know where she is. We see Mary in the closet, listening as he gets closer and closer. He opens the door and...
    "Found you..."
    • For even more nightmare fuel, the way he talks implies that he wants to rape her. Thank God for Chane.
  • Fermet. He's a psychopath who wears a mask of sanity so convincing that if you don't know his true nature as a sadist who ruins lives for his own amusement, you'll think he's a stand-up guy and trust him immediately, and you'll only realize what a horrible mistake you've made once it's too late. Worse, he's been devoured twice, and has recovered both times like it was nothing. Everything terrifying about this man can be seen in a microcosm in what he did to Huey. Fermet utterly destroyed his entire life, reducing him to the utterly indifferent Mad Scientist he is today, in a spur of the moment whim.
    • As stated above, Fermet gives off major pederast vibes; in one episode, after cutting out Czeslaw's eyes, he gets into a position that, judging from the camera angle, could only be accomplished by him sitting on top of Czeslaw's chest. Czes' reaction (or more accurately, lack of reaction) implies that Fermet does stuff like that a lot. Let that sink in.
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    • And somehow he's survived being devoured. Yup: he's still alive.
  • Szilard Quates. Period.
  • Nice's accident. Especially in the dub.
  • SAMPLE. They torture children (examples being Elmer and Illness) for religious purposes and attempt to crash Exit and Entrace into each other. And were created by Fermet, based on information about the cult that Elmer was a part of (Fermet was the son of an Inquisitor and knew about Huey and Elmer's pasts as well as being privy to several important cover-ups).
  • Christopher Shouldered: a tall, sharply-dressed Homunculus with the eyes and teeth of a demon or a vampire, who is pretty much always cheerful even when he really shouldn't be and who tends to break into song while making mincemeat of his enemies. It's no wonder he was named after a certain actor: everything about him just oozes Uncanny Valley. And he's strong/skilled enough to actually land a hit on Claire. His antics are often Played for Laughs however, and after 1933 he eventually mellows out, becoming a Technical Pacifist and befriending Ricardo Russo.
  • If you think about it, the way some of the most insane characters view the world is chilling. At least with people like Fermet, you know it's just pure sadism, and Huey is so divorced from humanity that he just doesn't care anymore. But then you get people like Ladd, Graham, and Elmer, who look at people and don't see people.
    • Ladd can't even really be properly called a sadist because he doesn't enjoy hurting people, he enjoys killing them. The only way he can look at the world is in terms of what order to kill things, and he can't not see everyone around him as a potential victim, and what's worse, his criteria for deciding who should die next is esoteric at best, which means anybody near him is walking on eggshells, trying not to accidentally do something that'll get themselves killed. Even love doesn't really mean love to him - the closest he can really get is a) laying claim to somebody's life, and b) desiring to kill them only when he's finished with the rest of the world.
    • Despite not being a killer, and being a very good friend to have, Graham is if anything even worse. The most normal thing about him are his bipolar mood swings. Whereas Ladd looks at things in terms of who can he kill, Graham looks at things in terms of what he can break. While this may seem better, Ladd at least recognizes that human life has value, that's why he takes it. Graham doesn't care one bit about human life because it can't be broken, and when he looks at a person, all he can see is a body to be taken apart. Even when threatening someone, or declaring his intention to harm them, he doesn't phrase it, or even think of it, in terms of hurting or killing them. He says he's going to break them, and the context of breaking their spirits doesn't even enter his mind. All he can see is breaking their bodies.
    • Elmer, despite being one of the more openly benevolent characters in the series, is so utterly alien in the way he views the world that Fermet is revolted by him. Let that sink in. As far as he's concerned, people are entirely irrelevant, and all he cares about is outward happiness, and he can't understand why somebody wouldn't be happy. Even Ladd and Graham can understand that tragedy can make a person unhappy, hell, that's almost Ladd's raison d'etre, but Elmer is so inhuman that he honestly has trouble understanding why people don't immediately bounce back from losing loved ones or something similar. He's also perfectly content to allow, even encourage, people to do horrific things, as long as it makes them happy, and he cares so little for actual people that the only reason he doesn't spread misery around himself is because he enjoys people's smiles, not their screams.

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