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Unique powers and creative ways to use them make for some awesome moments in this series.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Magical Girl Raising Project

  • Ruler's plan to steal all of Snow White's magical candy is a Moment of Awesome for not one, but three Magical Girls.
    • Ruler's planning is something to be commended. She managed to distract La Pucelle long enough for her to steal all of Snow White's magical candy, and despite some setbacks on the 'distracting La Pucelle' part, which really isn't a fault of hers, she still managed to pull it off.
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    • La Pucelle manages to fight off three Magical Girls all at once, despite being surprised by them multiple times. He's a very adaptable fighter, and uses his size changing sword for way more things than just direct fighting.
    • Swim Swim gets one here too for her Xanatos Gambit. Using Ruler's plans against her in a surprise move that results in Ruler always having the lowest Magical Candy by the end of the whole thing.
  • Swim Swim is one that gets a couple, despite her allegedly Book Dumb personality.
    • Her Xanatos Gambit where she sabotages Ruler's plans against her to ensure Ruler will always die, thus securing her position as the new Ruler.
    • Despite having a very low combat capability and a rather slow and clumsy halberd for a weapon, Swim Swim manages to pull through many times in fights.
      • She manages to kill Winterprison, despite her being one of the strongest Magical Girls of the group, thanks to clever use of the invisibility cloak and Minael and Yunael's shapeshifting.
      • She kills Top Speed because she waited for the perfect moment. Should Ripple and Top Speed win against Calamity Mary, then one of them would die. Should Calamity Mary win, then she would die.
      • She holds her own pretty well against Cranberry in their fight.
  • Tama may be a cowardly Magical Girl, but she has her moments.
    • Most notably being the one to kill Cranberry. Of all the powerful strong Magical Girls, a sneak attack by the weakest one was able to kill her at last.
  • Cranberry, the Forest Musician. She has her awesome moments as well.
    • The first clear note that she is not to be messed with as a fighter is when she single-handedly takes down a rampaging demon that slaughtered many of her Magical Girl comrades, all while being 9 years old.
    • She is able to control sound, which is fairly useful in battle, like mimicking Sister Nana's voice, or Ruler's voice during fights, or even unleashing soundwaves, making her one of the few Magical Girls with an actual weapon against Swim Swim.
    • Despite being outnumbered 3-to-1, Cranberry is still easily able to take out Swim Swim's team, even though they boosted their body with the special medicine beforehand.
  • The National Highway fight.
    • Ripple's creative use of her powers, throwing a glass panel at Calamity Mary, anticipating that she'll shoot it to a million pieces. Only for all those pieces to come rushing towards her as she's rained in shards of glass.
      • The anime showed a different variant of her plan. While Calamity Mary is distracted trying to take out one glass shard at a time, Ripple flung her shuriken right into her head, instantly killing her in one shot.
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    • In the manga version, Alice gets into a small fight with Minael.
      • Minael gets one during this fight for being able to quickly end the fight (or so she thought), showing that she has grown since her sister's death.
      • Alice shows that she not only can take punishment, but dish it out as well, as she uses a stop sign which she ripped out with one hand to fight Minael.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Restart

  • The reappearance of Snow White. She showcases that she truly has taken a level in badass when she single-handedly defeats another Magical Girl without so much as taking a scratch.
    • Made even more awesome by the fact that it's due to the natural progression of her powers. Causing stress and fear to the opponent allows her to read their thoughts and react to their moves before they do it.
  • How would you go against Cherna Mouse? Pfle has an idea. Create a gigantic 8-legged Spider Tank, using Shadow Gale's power to modify objects. Just because she's "non-combat" doesn't mean she's not dangerous.
    • Cherna proves that it's quite hard to best her even then, as she goes gigantic, 3 times bigger than the Spider-Tank to show them who's boss.
  • Masked Wonder proves herself a true hero of justice when she uses her power to change weight to kick a gigantic Cherna Mouse a couple of meters across the sky like she was nothing but a feather.
  • Speaking of heroes of justice, Lapis Lazuline, the sweet happy Genki Girl, is actually quite badass in her own way.
    • During the Great Dragon boss fight, she manages to protect most of the team, despite taking some damage from the flames.
    • She is one of the few Magical Girls in the group who can actually go toe-to-toe and surpass Melville. She even fights her while the latter is invisible, just by listening to the sounds she makes.
    • This all makes sense when you realize that Lazuline was trained by the original Lazuline, who in turn was part of Cranberry's tests. Despite her innocent look, Lapis Lazuline is unmatched in fighting skill.
  • Nokko-Chan. Do not underestimate this cute-looking maid.
    • She single-handedly manipulated everyone from the start. Her plan would have been flawless as well, had Pfle not figured it out at the last minute.
      • Just to add to how awesome this is, Nokko-Chan can't control people's actions. She can only influence their emotions. She just knows which buttons to hit to get the ball rolling.
      • She also does this all despite the fact that Akane, who is a wildcard, Melville, who has agendas of her own, and Pfle, the one person who could outplay her in a mind game, is in the group with her.
  • Pfle may be a "non-combat" Magical Girl, but that doesn't mean she can't be badass. Being The Chessmaster and an expert at Batman Gambits.
    • Her magic abilities aren't too impressive compared to the others, but it's her extreme intelligence and mind that you should watch out for. This isn't her strength as a magical girl, this is her strength as a human.
    • To start off, she single-handedly manipulated 98 other girls to kill each other, in a huge bid to save Shadow Gale's life.
      • That entire event even convinced Cranberry, the one person who cares about physical strength, to consider Pfle a worthy opponent, despite Pfle's strength being mostly on her intelligence.
    • She even gets one when she fights Clantail. Despite having an average combat ability, her anger at that moment, combined with the shock that Clantail had from seeing Pfle stand on her legs gave Pfle the upper hand.
  • Pechika gets her fair share of awesomeness too.
    • She crosses the "Holy Shit!" Quotient when she turns the entire ground in a meter of 10 radius to vegetable soup, stunning her captor and gaining the upper hand.
    • Adding to the above point, directly after that, Melville, who has trained under Cranberry herself to suppress the sound of her heartbeat so that not even Cranberry could hear her, tries to launch a sneak harpoon attack to kill Clantail. Even though the harpoon is invisible, Pechika could still know about it because Melville forgot one thing. Pechika is a cook. Her sense of smell is better than others, and so as a Magical Girl, it's enhanced even further. She could SMELL the harpoon coming.

Magical Girl Raising Project: Limited

  • Mana is all kinds of awesome.
    • She's not even a Magical Girl. She's a Mage. These are humans trained in magic. She has all the flaws of a human, and she's going up against inhumanly strong Magical Girls.
  • Funny Trick has some tricks up her sleeve too.
    • Captured by Pythie Frederica, she waits for the perfect moment to escape, managing to remove Pythie's crystal ball from her possession in the process, rendering Pythie virtually powerless.
  • The parking lot battle.
    • Hana gets to show just how badass she is by fighting off 5 other Magical Girls. Throughout the series we've only ever seen Magical Girls that were new. Hana is a veteran from the Land of Magic.
    • Captain Grace gets a spot here too, despite being a Magical Girl not a few minutes ago, she's able to go toe-to-toe with Hana for quite a while.
  • The apartment battle:
    • Pam gets one when she turns off Tepsekemei's powers by freezing the area around her, preventing her from becoming gaseous.
    • Wedin and Kuru-Kuru Hime get a combined one when they successfully outsmart Hana Gekokujou and manage to incapacitate her.
    • This leads directly into Hana's awesome moment when even though she's tied up, she overloads Kuru-Kuru Hime's senses.
    • Captain Grace and Funny Trick get a couple.
      • They work together to defeat a dark tentacled humanoid by utilizing both their powers. Grace's fighting ability combined with Funny Trick switching weapons for Grace. These two are in-synch during the whole battle.
      • They end the fight by Grace summoning a gigantic pirate ship to crush the dark humanoid.
    • Postarie gets one here. She uses her powers to send a van back to their owner, Mana. The van grows wings and both Postarie and Rain Pou ride it to its destination.
  • Mao Pam didn't get her title for nothing.
    • Firstly, she gets points for nearly every Magical Girl respecting how insanely powerful she is, being the mentor of Cranberry should tell you just what kind of people she considers are students.
    • Her fight against Sonia Bean was sheer awesomeness brought Up to Eleven. Both fighters got moments of awesome here.
      • Sonia Bean shrugs off almost every attack thanks to anything touching her immediately disintegrating. Mao Pam has an Oh, Crap! moment as she realizes that all Sonia needs to do to kill Pam is to touch her.
      • Mao Pam then shows that she can think outside the box, as she shows Sonia just why she is considered the Ultimate Weapon. Trapping Sonia inside a hole, blocking the hole, igniting flames within the hole, eliminating oxygen, as Pam shields herself with a suit providing her oxygen. If you can't give anything to Sonia, the best way to defeat her is to take something from her. She defeats Sonia Bean without so much as touching her.
  • Rain Pou vs. Ripple:
    • Rain Pou shows us how rainbows can be used offensively. Because they're made of light, they barely make a sound, making it the perfect weapon for an assassin.
    • Ripple demonstrates pure awesomeness in the fight, despite being outmatched. Although she has only one hand, she manages to find a way to use her Shuriken effectively against Rain Pou's seemingly unstoppable attacks. The best part is when she aims the Shuriken at her own hand to control the trajectory.
    • The fight ends with Postarie's Big "NO!" moment, as she picks up all the fallen Shuriken and Kunai, and throws them all at Ripple, an attack similar to Ripple's own tactic against Mary in Unmarked. An attack that Ripple couldn't block.
    • A meta example, but the fight nearly mirrors Ripple/Top Speed vs. Calamity Mary. The more experienced fighter (Ripple/Mary) fights two Magical Girls who are close friends, the one who's the more experienced at fighting (Rain Pou/Ripple) starts losing, but is saved by her only friend (Postarie/Top Speed), the nicer of the two. In the end, the enemy (Ripple/Mary) is defeated via a rain of sharp objects showering on her.

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