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Awesome moments for the Anime K.

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    Season 1 
  • In Episode 1, Kuroh swooping in and blocking Kusanagi's fireball attack from getting Yashiro, then using his astral hands to beat Yata and grab Yashiro, and bringing him safely away from HOMRA. The soundtrack accompanying him amps up the epicness of this scene.
  • In Episode 5, When Misaki blocked a direct sword strike from Saruhiko using his skateboard. The entire fight was probably the crowner for that episode.
  • In Episode 7, The fight between Munakata and Kuroh. Munakata seems to be playing around while landing a lot of damaging strikes to Kuroh, who doesn't manage to hit him until afterwards when the Blue King is distracted by Shiro.
    • Neko and Yashiro saving Kuroh from Scepter 4 by having the former creating an illusion of Shiro in the stadium, then creating a fake Sword of Damocles and distracting Munakata so that Kuroh can escape, with the latter speaking telepathically to him on how to escape.
  • In Episode 8, the way Shiro evades the police who are tracing his call is amazing. Instead of making the call directly, he dialed the number for the head of Scepter 4 on one cell phone, set it down in a truck with a second cell phone right next to it. Then, from somewhere safe, he calls the second cell phone. Since his voice carries from the second cell phone to first, he can then talk to Munakata, who can only track the call to where they set the first and second cell phones down.
    • It actually goes even further. They didn't actually do any of that. They called Reisi like normal from the back of a truck, but when Kuroh sensed that Scepter 4 was close by tracking their call, Shiro and company were forced to hide in a nearby boat. Shiro hastily placed a second cell phone to make it look like they did everything described above. Scepter 4 took the bait and decided not to search nearby, assuming Shiro was very far away. For extra points, Shiro found the time to tape a circuit board and some computer casings together with the phone to reinforce the illusion that it was a remote job.
  • Episode 9 : Suoh escaping Scepter 4's custody in truly badass fashion. Another scene that can be considered badass is Fushimi running in front of Seri after she freezes upon seeing Mikoto send a fiery vortex in her direction, while throwing his knives, and using his aura to try and counter the attack. Although the effort is a failure, it still counts.
  • In episode 11, Kuroh saving Kukuri from a near fatal explosion, and getting her to safety.
    • Shiro revealing himself to actually be Adolf K. Weissmann and summoning his Sword of Damocles in an epic fashion.
  • In the 12th episode, Neko is able to use her powers to hold back a large-scale psychic onslaught against the Colorless King.
  • In episode 13, Shiro easily defeats the Colorless King in a psychic battle and traps his soul. He then interrupts Reisi and Mikoto's battle, effortlessly blocking and forcing back both of them at the same time.
    • In the same episode, Kuroh easily takes on both Yata and Fushimi at once. At one point, he flips Yata up into the air, and the piledrives him headfirst into the ground.

    K: Missing Kings 
  • Let it be known that Anna is a complete badass. Anna gets kidnapped by the Green Clan and is locked inside a cage at the top of the Gold King's tower. Following a heartwarming dream sequence, Anna awakens as the new Red King, chanting "No Bone, No Blood, No Ash." as she proceeds to break out of her cage in an overly awesome fashion reminiscent of Mikoto, all while sprouting a pair of fiery wings. A giant fiery phoenix also emerges.
  • Anna using her powers to protect the others from the Green Clan, including non-clansmen.
  • There is also the entire sword fight between Kuroh and Yukari. While the latter proves to have [[Curbstomp Battle more experience and skill, Kuroh was still able to put up a hell of a fight. He even landed a cut on Yukari, even if it worsened his own injuries.
  • Munakata showing up out of nowhere to counter the attack and Anna on her rescuers after she collapses from exhaustion. Just as the Green lightning bolt hurls down, Munakata uses his aura to freeze, then dissipate it, while giving a satisfied smile.

    K: Return of Kings 
  • In Episode 1, during the opening scene. After giving Mikoto an exasperated smile, and noting that HOMRA is nothing but trouble, Munakata opens the helicopter door despite the pilots' protests, makes a graceful descent, and a badass landing in front of Fushimi and Seri. Even a couple of HOMRA members comment on his grand descent from the sky. The following fight scenes are also exhilarating to watch.
  • Later on, during the joint confrontation of Scepter 4 and HOMRA against JUNGLE, Munakata uses his aura to shield both the Red and Blue Clans from the explosions caused by the said clan before he calmly expresses his disgust at the JUNGLE lackeys' cheap tactics, and lack of honor, stating that Scepter 4's detention cells aren't the least bit comfortable, and he hopes that the lackeys are ready to face the consequences of their actions; as the JUNGLE mooks empty their machine guns at him, Munakata walks calmly into the line of fire with his shield around him, and dissolves the oncoming bullets while smiling casually.
  • In Episode 3, before Yukari could land a killing blow on Kuroh, Shiro/Weissmann makes a grand entrance by descending from the sky, protecting Kuroh from the attack.
  • A more subtle example, but in episode 4, the Silver, Red, and Blue Clans agree to cooperate to take down JUNGLE. After years of the clans always going at each other's throats, with three of them (and two of those three having so much tension between each other) acting on the same side, you know shit will go down soon.
  • Episode 6: The three allied Clans and the Green Clan finally and officially engage in battle. Despite some animations being clearly recycled, it's impossible to deny the goosebumps this episode provides.
    • The Silver Clan teaming up and giving Sukuna a hard time by combining Kuroh's combat expertise, Shiro's wits, and Neko's illusory abilities. Even though there are only three of them, the Silver Clan should definitely not be underestimated.
    • At the very end of the episode, there is Nagare's transformation as he unleashes his powers. He may be the main villain, but it still is a sight to behold when he quickly charges forward and leaves nothing but a trace of green energy.
  • Episode 7: The brief battle between the Red and Green Kings. Anna herself showed her strength as a King, with Hisui pointing out that even though she only gained her powers recently, she already has great control over it.
    • As Nagare blasts into the Chamber of Slates, exulting that he finally reached his goal, Munakata calmly points out that he hasn't reached his goal yet, and uses his sword to stop him in his tracks, complete with a lightning bolt that blasts the Green King through the ceiling.
  • Episode 8: Shiro gracefullly blocking all of Iwafune's bullets with nothing but his parasol. It almost appears as if he did so effortlessly.
    • Villainous one for Iwafune for delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to Reisi, dancing circles around him during the whole fight, insulting his idealistic views and ending it by shattering Reisi's sword, dealing crippling damage to his resolve and his Sword of Damocles.
  • Episode 11: The reason behind Fushimi's treachery is so that he could actually help Munakata infiltrate JUNGLE from the inside.
    • Reisi Munakata and Goki Zenjo confronting the JUNGLE lackeys on their own. Munakata orders Zenjou to keep back, and faces the JUNGLE lackeys as they try to kill him. Just as one of them tries to attack him from behind, Zenjou counters the attack, saving Munakata who then states that they just have to wait.
  • Episode 12: The entire SCEPTER 4 arriving to beat down the JUNGLE mooks, and with their arrival giving Munakata enough willpower to finally defeat Iwafune, albeit causing his Sanctum to further degenerate that he can no longer undo it with his own will.
    • Munakata's resolve strengthening, his reciting Scepter 4's code of honor, and his rematch with Iwafune, which he wins, despite the consequences.
    • Before that, Shiro and co. crashing the Schattenreich, briefly dissipating Iwafune's fog sanctum to break into JUNGLE's HQ.
    • Yata and Fushimi resuming their fight against Sukuna, and winning, with Yata landing the final blow by punching Sukuna with so much force that the latter fell down a pit. And if you pay closer attention, the background music that plays throughout out the entire scene was also played in the first season when Yata and Fushimi fought against each other. This little exchange drives the point home that they're still a team. It should sound lame but they make it sound so cool that it throws Sukuna off.
    Yata: Red Clansman, Yata Misaki and...! (Beat) Say it!
    Fushimi: (grumbling) Blue Clansman, Fushimi Saruhiko!
    Both: (suddenly enthusiastic) Will take you on!
  • Fushimi being rescued after completing his mission by Douhan who was paid millions of yen by Munakata to rescue Fushimi safely.
  • Episode 13: Just how does Shiro plan to destroy the Slate? By exhausting his own energy to cause his Sword of Damocles to fall and crash with it. And within the ten seconds that the Damocles Down occurs, Nagare tries to kill Shiro, but Neko and Kuroh defend him and buy enough time for the collision to happen.
    • And before that, the reason why HOMRA cleared each level is so that they can clear a path for the Damocles Down. From the top level, Anna amassed her power and sent it below, with each member throwing their respective marbles to empower it and cause it to go further down.
      • What helps is when Anna tried to concentrate her power, she chants "Burn them!", just like Mikoto would. What helps is that the scene shows him standing behind her, chanting the same words. Also counts as Heartwarming.
    • There is also the moment when Kuroh finally defeated Yukari, after always being curb-stomped by him in the movie and in the previous episodes.
    • Neko deserves a mention when she fends off two JUNGLE mooks, while gracefully and swiftly dodging their attacks, then casting an illusion to make them fight each other without them even knowing it.


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