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Awesome / Final Fantasy: Unlimited

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  • "The Soil Charge Triad to use on you has been decided!"
    • It doesn't matter how many times he says it, it's awesome every single time!
    • Even if the footage is recycled every time, the music and pacing (spoiler warning at the end) really help it feel like "yeah, shit's about to go down" no matter how often he does it.
      • And the capper, of course, is when they finally do change the sequence... When Kaze uses Lou's Soil, Moogle's Soil and his own Soil, or that is, his own soul, to power Lisa's summon. That summon? Gundragon.
  • When Earl Tyrant finally decides to get serious, he reveals himself to be the avatar of Chaos and effortlessly defeats the heroes with a single blow.

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