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  • Hidomi's dream for the most part was Nightmare Fuel, but this goes away once Hidomi seems to transform into some sort of combat robot that sends one of Medical Mechanica's irons flying!
    • Hell, the opening sequence of the first episode as a whole is cited as easily the most standout moment so far for the series. From being synced to "Thank You, My Twilight", to the excellent visual style and animation quality, to the "Holy Shit!" Quotient of what ensues, some are even saying that just that sequence alone was worth the wait while overshadowing the rest of the episode.
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  • Give Ide credit for trying to protect Hidomi from the Medical Mechanica bot that came out of his head. He showed no hesitation when he grabbed that tentacle and put himself between her and the robot.
  • Haruko's grand return, ripping off her mask to the class's overwhelming cheers.
    Haruko: That's right, the real one's finally appearing.
  • Hidomi's robot form finally makes its first real appearance in Episode 2, and while it's initially very underwhelming, it's still powerful enough to take down Haruko in a single blow.
  • Ide's aerial smash with Jinyu's guitar against a giant embryo-thing made out of debris that assimilated Hidomi.
  • Episode 3: Ide tries to save Hidomi from Haruko. Even when the sight of Hidomi in her bathing suit causes Ide to eject another Monster of the Week from his forehead, he immediately manages to turn it against her (though Haruko quickly beats the tar out of it and then hijacks control of it to use against Ide and Jinyu.)
  • Haruko and Jinyu coming to blows one more time in Episode 4, this time going One-Winged Angel and assuming Atomsk-powered forms similar to Naota's at the end of the first season before engaging in a similar high-flying battle.
    • Jinyu catching the falling Cadillac.
    • After 4 episodes proving that Ide is incapable of protecting Hidomi from Haruko, when Haruko devours Jinyu and leaves no one between her and her mark, Ide is still willing to step in and protect her.
  • Canti proves to be Not Quite Dead after all.
  • Once again, despite knowing full well that he doesn't stand a chance, Ide takes up Jinyu's guitar and challenges Haruko just to try and get her to back off of Hidomi. And while he doesn't really score any physical blows, when he tells Haruka that she does absolutely nothing for him he clearly hit a nerve.
    • Adding to the awesome is the song that plays during this scene. "I Think I can" the same one we got while Naota fought Haruko while channeling Atomsk's powers! Ide has become, at least spiritually, as badass as the Pirate King.
  • The Space Brotherhood and Medical Mechanica start having a shooting war.
  • Hidomi is saved from a Medical Mechanica robot by Canti, now fully restored. He also keeps the portal open for Haruko and Hidomi to escape the building.
    • Keep in mind that everything Canti does in the final episode is while Ide is piloting him. After 5 episodes of being completely, hopelessly outclassed in every situation, Ide finally gets to save Hidomi.
  • Hidomi confronts Haruko as a cyborg! She has done on her own what Naoto needed outside help to do, control her own N.O. and use it for combat. Sure, it is crude and only partially controlled but it is still an amazing sight to see her charge and strike with an extending metallic fist.
    • During this battle Haruko mocks her for her feelings for Ide. Hidomi points out that Haruko is Not So Different, reminding the alien that she's just as infatuated with Atomsk.
    Hidomi: In the end you're no different from the rest of them. It's all because you like that weird bird, am I right? How stupid! You're just a girl in love!
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  • Hidomi finally transforms into her Robot Form from the dream in the first episode, and goes toe to toe with Haruko, even giving her a solid punch in the nose.
  • Haruko smashes the screen on Hidomi's robot form, only for Hidomi herself to crawl out of the opening that was created, and use Haruko as a springboard.
  • Aiko singlehandedly destroys the Medical Mechanica building. She drops the potted plant, and generates vines that climb up and crack it all the way through. Then it crumbles to dust.
  • Despite all of Haruko's scheming and plotting, Atomsk is still too powerful to even be inconvenienced by her efforts. That birdcage she made? It's too small for a talon. She absorbs him, but he immediately forces her to vomit him back out. In melee, her attacks can't even reach him.


  • Haruko takes out a Medical Mechanica robot with relative ease once she pulls a guitar from Kana's head.
  • Episode 2 demonstrates that despite not even having a driver's license yet, Kana is a Badass Driver when push comes to shove (and by shove we mean Haruko dumping her into the driver's seat). Even better, she and Haruko work in perfect tandem to take down a Transformers parody.
  • The third episode showcases one of the few times Haruko has been surprisingly benevolent without ulterior motives in the entire franchise, actually encouraging Kana to talk to Mossan instead of forcing her way into helping her friend (albeit with a rap), and then hijacking a fashion show to promote Mossan. Even despite the whole creepiness earlier in the episode, it almost comes off as being a sort of Team Mom in a weird, Haruko sort of way.
  • In the sixth episode, Kana goes Reality Warper against Medical Mechanica, producing an N.O. wormhole that threatens to collapse the space/time continuum.
  • Haruko takes on a group of Canti-type robots, outnumbered 30:1. The battle itself is awesome, with Haruko at one point reducing one bot to Half the Man He Used to Be at the expense of her guitar.

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