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"There's nothing I want to be, there's nothing I want to do, all that exists is zero."

"When you hit pause on the world like that, your body will slowly start to rot away."
Julia Jinyu

"Today, as you start on your understandably disastrous day as modern-day youth, I, as someone who is the clear winner in life structurally, would like to present to you something very important. The this-and-that on how to live in this universe. You will be tested on it, insomuch as every day in itself is a test. Yes, you over there...Wrong answer! I figured out something, recently. Instead of preparing a concrete answer to random questions, I have come to the conclusion that there is no real way to live. Not for those of you who exist contently by only jerking your animalistic sexual urges to fulfillment, and you who have absolutely no skill to convince us otherwise. I gave so, so much, but there was very little output. I have no use for the tiny pieces of scumbugs that have been toyed with. Listen to your teacher: I have no desire for all of you to wind up as nonexistent youth. What I want is for all of you to become adults on a cosmological scale! You don't need wings to go venture out into the universe! Who would ride a four-wheeled car with wings, anyway?! You must not become that kind of adult! Do you understand me?! (voice changes to a familiar pitch) YOU DO NOT NEED FOUR WHEELS! YOU ONLY NEED TWO! Like a bottom-feeding fish in a pond, gathering underneath a weeping willow tree! There's a lot of gravity underneath all of you! (babbles incoherently, increasing in pitch) SO STAND UP! BE AS ADEQUATE AS YOU CAN! A COMPLETE MESS! (rips off her mask, revealing herself as Haruhara Haruko) BORN TO BE MILD!"
Hidomi's teacher

"You don't get it, Nya~. Everything has always belonged to him, right from the very beginning. His shackles and his freedom... There isn't anything in this world that doesn't belong to him. Nothing..."
Haruko, on the topic of Atomsk

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