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  • First episode: The animation versions of events gets a point when we get to see Akechi aiding in Joker's distraction to be the diversion by blasting the chandelier with his gun once he is signaled.
    • Of course, this wouldn't be a crowning moment of the awesome page without Ren's awakening to Arsene. Only this time, instead of having his blood evaporate when his mask gets ripped off, it soaks back into him.
  • A lot of Ren's finishers in the anime involve him using his gun; special mention goes to when he personally deals the finishing blow to Futaba's cognition of her mother.
  • After Ann and Makoto exchange apologies and become friends, Ann launches a fire skill against a Shadow in Kaneshiro's Palace and Makoto finishes it off with a nuclear skill (Nuclear attacks get Technical bonuses against burning enemies). The rest of the Phantom Thieves aren't sure whether to be excited or scared.
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  • In the fight against Shadow Kaneshiro and Piggytron, the Phantom Thieves do a party-wide series of Baton Passes and attacks, culminating in Ren knocking him down with Nue, the group performing an All-Out Attack and Makoto finishing off Piggytron. While this would be completely impossible in the game for several reasons, it's still awesome to see the Phantom Thieves pull it off in the anime.
  • The battle against Shadow Shido. Immediately when the fight begins, Oracle provides Ultra Charge to the party, allowing everyone to defeat his first form with ease. His second form also doesn't fare well either. First, Joker summons Yoshitsune to attack him with Hassou Tobi. Since he is still charged, Hassou Tobi, known to be one of the most broken attack in the franchise, deals major damage against Shido. Joker then summons Shin Megami Tensei's resident Creepy Child, Alice. Befitting his Child Hater personality, Shido dismisses it as a weak Persona. Unfortunately for him, Alice dodges his attack easily and after spotting a Slasher Smile, use Megidoloan on him. Now severely weakened, Shido charges at Beelzebub only to be defeated with a point blank Maeigaon.

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