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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so unmarked spoilers ahead.

  • In the prologue, when the interrogator threatens to brutalize the other Phantom Thieves in Ren's place if he doesn't give his name, Ren complies without hesitation.
    • The first thing Ren asks when Sae enters the interrogation room is if his friends are okay. When Sae confirms he's the only one who was captured, he breathes a sigh of relief.
  • The look on Ren's face when Ryuji tells him that he did the right thing on the night of his arrest. Up until this point, he had been viewed as a violent delinquent by everyone around him, both adults and peers alike. Ryuji is the first to tell him he did nothing wrong and that Ren is a good guy.
    • There's also Ryuji's reaction to Ren's plight compared to the original game. Instead of yelling, he cries at the injustice of the situation.
  • Episode 4 lets the viewer see the reunion of Ann and Shiho in the hospital after Shiho's attempted suicide. Given the additional focus on Shiho in the anime, it's a pleasant sight.
  • Episode 9 focuses in large parts on Ryuji and Kawakami's confidant arcs but with a heavier focus on Ryuji's in that Ren is the one to initiate most of it as compared to the game. When Ryuji refuses to tell him about what's going on with him and the track and field team Ren calls over Kawakami. Not to speak to her about her part timing as a maid, which he only found out about recently, as he does in the game but to question her on the reason for Ryuji being kicked off the team. He's also the one who finds out where Yamauchi and the other teacher go to eat and comes up with the plan to spy on them. His reason for all this is that Ryuji moping around bothers him. It's sweet enough to make Ryuji blush.
    • When Ryuji confronts his former teammates with what Ren learned they ask for proof. Unlike the game they didn't record the conversation Yamauchi has with the fellow teacher and Ryuji just says "I believe Ren. That's my proof!" It's ridiculously sweet how far their friendship has come already.
    • The episode also shows Kawakami start to warm up to Ryuji a bit, since she quickly realizes that he holds back his temper for others' sake, rather than his own. It's quite touching considering that she'd originally advised Ren to stay away from Ryuji (albeit with some degree of pity for how much Ryuji had changed), and shows that she's starting to understand Ryuji more.
  • Episode 11 begins with a flashback montage of Makoto in her childhood with her father, before his tragic passing. During which, we see Mr. Niijima buying the Buchimaru-kun pencil case for her, Makoto running up to and hugging her father, and he tells his youngest daughter of his desire to help those in need.
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  • Episode 14 expands Makoto's Confidant with a dose of awesome. After running off from Makoto's reprimand, Eiko posts Tsukasa's misdeeds to the Phan-Site, and a lot of other girls victimized by him follow suit and turn Tsukasa into a Mementos target. Afterwards, instead of never being heard from again, she texts an apology to Makoto and invites her to visit her house and enjoy her Buchimaru-kun collection.
  • In Episode 15, when the group discusses the Sakura family via IM, Makoto asks Ren if Sojiro seems like the type to abuse Futaba. Ren pauses, thinks for a moment, then replies he can't imagine that. Immediately afterward, all the other Phantom Thieves chime in to agree with Ren. Ren smiles and texts "Thank you," clearly touched that his friends think so highly of the man who's looking after him.
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  • Episode 16 has Ann have the strongest reaction towards Futaba's suicidal thoughts, telling her to stop talking about dying. Fridge Brilliance kicks in that she's very insistent about this considering what happened to Shiho.
  • In Episode 17, Makoto sees her favorite childhood character and wants to take a picture. So everyone in the Phantom Theves joins in with her. It's adorable to see
  • Episode 20 takes the scene that introduces Haru's fiance and focuses it more on Morgana, who got injured trying to help Haru. Ryuji's outraged with Sugimura, while Ann cradles Morgana in her arms, and Futaba worriedly calls his name. Haru herself—who had just had to deal with that creep again—prioritizes Morgana and his recovery first. Then, after they arrive at Leblanc, Ryuji charges in with a first-aid kit, and later does something that is noticeably absent from the original game: he apologizes to Morgana for what he said before. Morgana's embarrassed and ultimately touched reactions to everyone caring about him is noted, doubly so in his feline form. It all gives him the assurance Morgana sorely deserved: that the people who became his friends were indeed worried about him, and that he belongs here with them.
  • Episode 24 sees Akechi empathizing with Futaba over her abuse at the hands of her foster homes and stepping in to get her Evil Uncle off her back.
  • In the Dark Sun OVA, Makoto says that while the plan hinged on Sae's cooperation, she believed her sister had a strong enough sense of justice that she could understand that the Phantom Thieves weren't the real enemy, and thus help them against the mastermind behind the case.
  • Also from Dark Sun, even with public support of the Phantom Thieves at an all-time low, Mishima keeps on supporting the Phantom Thieves, and Hifumi doesn't hesitate to leave a message of support on their site.
  • During the final battle against Yaldabaoth, Joker hears Akechi's voice encouraging him along with the rest of the populace.
  • At the end of Stars and Ours, a message at the ending says "Never Take Your Heart".


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