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Nightmare Fuel / Persona 5: The Animation

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  • Kamoshida assaulting Shiho. Unlike the game, we actually get to see it happen.
  • Shadow Madarame flat out says he will work Yusuke until he dies of exhaustion, demonstrating the lengths Madarame would go to exploit his pupils.
    "I'll work him until I tire of him ... No, until he dies!"
  • Kaneshiro orders his men to strip Makoto naked and take photos of her to sell. Thankfully, the arrival of Ren and his friends inadvertently stop them from crossing that line.
  • Futaba's hallucinations of her mother looming over her is creepy—just as much, if not more so than, in the game.
  • Alice's Slasher Smile when Joker summons her to fight Shido is outright terrifying.