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Awesome / Resident Evil: Degeneration

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  • Claire also gets one in Degeneration when Senator Davis has one too many snarky Jerkass comments. While watching a little girl get reunited with her aunt, the Senator mentions that he can't stand children, and that "they're a real pain in the ass." Claire's response is walk over and bitch-slap him. Let me repeat that: Claire Redfield bitch-slapped a United States senator.
    • To the ground, before hissing "Bastard! That little girl will probably have nightmares for the rest of her life because of you." No one goes to help the senator because, regardless of how many crowning moments she had racked up, everyone is in awe of Claire's actions.
      • Either that, or nobody helped him because even his bodyguards realized he had that coming. They're paid to protect him, but they don't have to like him, and a bitch slap is only lethal to one's pride.
  • Another one comes a scene or two earlier. Claire and Rani are surrounded by a dozen or so zombies, and they're closing in. Leon tosses her his gun, Claire catches it one-handed, while she's kicking a zombie in the head, and about a second and a half later, there's no more zombies.
    • Leon gets a moment here as well - he's pinned to the ground by a zombie looking for a snack at this moment yet throws his gun to Claire. After, he throws the zombie off and shoots it dead with his spare pistol.
  • Leon shrugging off getting smacked a hundred feet across the room and slamming into a metal container, and then pulling off an amazing Le Parkour run across the self-destructing labs. Either one would be badass enough by itself, but together that's, like, if Chris punched five boulders at once. With his off hand.

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