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Awesome / Resident Evil: Retribution

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  • Wesker is now the President of the United States! And if that isn't enough, he's now a good guy...maybe.
  • Alice vs Jill combined with Leon and Luther vs Las Plagas-powered Rain at the same time.
  • The scene where Ada and Alice fight two Executioners.
  • Clone!Alice, an ordinary suburban mom, protects her daughter with nothing more than improvised weapons, quick thinking, and sheer desperation on her side. Unlike amnesiac Alice of the first movie, she has no guns or special training. She's trembling and crying, and she eventually gets killed, but she protects her daughter well enough that Becky is one of the very, very few people still alive when Alice and Ada arrive near the simulation's end.
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  • Alice saving her clone daughter from the Licker and later blowing it up.
  • Barry Burton's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Added awesome because he lights a cigar immediately before it happens. Badass indeed.
  • Alice vs the Japanese zombies using a gun and a chain.
    • In particular, the part where she knocks one over by kicking a gun clip at it.
  • The Umbrella's Corporation Curb-Stomp Battle against Alice and the liberated prisoners in the rewind opening that picks up where Resident Evil Afterlife left off. The whole scene is just More Dakka (that includes Umbrella Corporation troopers and Ospreys) with No Kill Like Overkill. (shooting the prisoners even though they are down for the count, and using missiles like there's no tomorrow), literally bombing the deck of the entire Arcadia Ship before dropping troopers down to mop up the survivors.
    • And Alice gets one during the afromentioned scene when she used her Quarters coin Shotguns (dual-wielding no less!) and takes down an Umbrella Corporation Osprey with one shot. HOLY SHIT, LET ME REPEAT THAT: ALICE. TAKES. DOWN. A. HEAVILY. ARMED. AIRCRAFT. WITH. TWO. SHOTGUNS. WITH. MONEY. FOR. AMMO. That's just screams badass. And she calmly threw away her pistols when she ran out of ammo, and then draw the shotguns almost as quick before any Umbrella Corporation Mooks can even draw a bead on her.

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