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Awesome / Resident Evil: Afterlife

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  • Afterlife opens with one of these: Wesker versus Alice. During the second and third films, Alice transformed from the Badass Normal she was in the first film to overpowered who could win a fistfight with the friggin' Nemesis, use Psychic Powers gained from bonding with the T-Virus, and stole the spotlight from canon badasses Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield. She even assembled a clone army developed by Umbrella to take on the company itself. So, what happens in Afterlife? The clone army strikes at Umbrella's Tokyo HQ, but Wesker manages to kill two of the clones, evacuate to a Cool Plane, leave the facility, and annihilate both the facility and the Alice clones with a nuclear bomb. The original Alice jumps him on the plane, but he catches her off guard and injects her with a serum that destroys the T-Virus (which removes her God Mode powers) before he kicks her ass from one end of the plane to the other. Yes, you read that right: Wesker beat the Sue out of Alice. And for everyone who wanted to see that moment? It. Was. Glorious.
    • You have...probably made some mistakes with your story if your hero getting the everloving shit beaten out of them by the villain in a Curbstomp Battle is considered an Awesome Moment worth celebrating as if it were the villain receiving the beating. Then again, an Author's Saving Throw combined with a Take That, Scrappy! was a definite step in the right direction for the series.
  • Luther averts Black Dude Dies First by somehow surviving zombies dragging him into the sewers. "Star power, bitches!"
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  • Angel and Luther lashing the ropes as Alice's plane's about to land on the roof just in time to bring it to a stop.
  • In the climax, Bennet reaches for Alice's gun to stop her from fighting Wesker. As he reaches for it, K-Mart grabs the gun. When he asks, "Who the fuck're you?", she answers by pistol-whipping him cold.
  • Alice puts the Arcadia nuke into the V22 that Wesker jumps into to escape at the end of the movie. His eyes light up and his face remains the same, but you can tell that inside, he is nowhere near as calm and collected.
  • Even more epicness in the final boss fight. Alice shoots her shotgun filled with coins at a dog. It kills the dog and the coins hit a window at the top of the area. A dog jumps at her while the glass is falling. She brings her leg up, and kicks a shard of glass at the dog. It kills it. Later on, Wesker is about to eat Alice. She takes the shotgun and shoots him, blowing a hole in his head. After that, Wesker is starting to get back up. Alice notices this, but Chris pushes him down, says "I don't think so" and Chris and Claire unload their pistols at him.
    • And he SURVIVES ALL THAT, PLUS the above mentioned plane nuke! They definitely kept Wesker as powerful as possible.
  • As further evidence that writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson learned from past mistakes, Claire goes from doing pretty much nothing in the Extinction to having a legitimate Moment of Awesome of her own: the fight against the Executioner Majini in the prison's shower room. The fight tears the room apart and climaxes with Claire grabbing Alice's sawed-off shotgun, sliding toward the Executioner, and shooting him point blank in the chest. Granted, it only puts him down temporarily, but it was still awesome.
    • Alice and Claire finish the fight by using some Deadly Dodging to disarm the Executioner, then using Alice's "coin-operated" shotgun to blow his head off.
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  • Wesker headshots an Alice clone while she was freefalling, then later walks away from an explosion caused by the second Alice clone trying to invoke a Taking You with Me with only a few bruises.
  • Wesker gets an epic combination of Badass Boast and Pre Ass Kicking One Liner before utterly stomping the Redfield siblings in that fight lifted nearly shot-for-shot from Resident Evil 5:
Wesker: Well, isn't this one big family reunion? Chris and Claire've really become quite an inconvenience for me.
Alice: I told you I'd be bringing a few friends.
Wesker: [removes sunglasses] You should have brought more.