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In the sequel to Resident Evil Afterlife which will most likely exist in the future anyway, Wesker will suffer severly for cannibalising Bennett.
Wesker said he needed human DNA to keep the virus in check am I right? Bennett was showing signs of infections other besides not having any zombie bite marks or scratches, this wasn't coincidental and was made apparent by Alice saying "Bennnet you don't look so good" meaning Bennett's DNA was being overshadowed by the zombie virus making him more or less not 100% human. Besides let's face it Wesker did live, I mean what else could of parachuted out of an exploding plane with no one else but Wesker in it? The tooth fairy very unlikely. Wesker will make a final return in the next or last resident evil movie sequel, this is too good to just pass up, so why not. Everyone even says that Bennett showed signs of being infected with the zombie virus so everyone knows his DNA was messed up with something freaky, and I don't mean the T-virus. That would serve Wesker right for doing something like that to his life saving comrade making it an ultimate karmic payback or even karmic death. Wesker consumed a considerable amount of zombie DNA when he killed Bennett, damn he's just as good as dead now. I don't think Wesker blew up in the plane or was affected by the explosion but he might as well had. I don't think Bennett showing signs of infection and better yet Alice commenting on it was just to prolong the movie for five seconds, I think it was a karmic trap for Wesker. Think of what Wesker did being similar to you eating infected meat.
  • Jossed. Wesker does return in Retribution, but he shows no signs of struggling with the T-Virus.

Resident Evil: Retribution will reveal Alice as the template
The template for what? The t-virus in the film series. In the film series, Alice has been the only one to show a successful adaptation of the T-virus, resulting in those telekinetic abilities and enhanced strength she has displayed. In fact, she was the one who caused the outbreak in the first place, so she could get the T-virus for herself, but an accident led to her losing her memories, and all her prior motivations.
  • Jossed. There are lots of Alice clones with basic memory implants, but that's as far as it goes.

Resident Evil the Movie 6 will be called Resident Evil: Resurrection.
Considering how it will probably be the last movie and hopefully will have the human race making a comeback it seems appropriate.

The 6th movie will reveal that Wesker is not actually Wesker...
But rather, another existing character, possibly someone we've met before, who has been modified to *look* like Wesker using the C-virus from Resident Evil 6. It would be the perfect way to integrate elements from the latest game into the film series, and explain Wesker's sudden Heel–Face Turn at the same time.

  • Jossed to the max. At least until it is proven true, this film universe's Wesker is not like video game's Wesker who doesn't care about anyone but even if VG Wesker needed help, the most he would do is manipulate others and leave them for dead once they are useless to him as shown in Resident Evil 5.

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