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Funny / Resident Evil: Retribution

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  • Just the start of the trailer. The best Take That! to RomComs of ALL TIME.
  • After being attacked by Bad Rain, Alice and Becky join up with Good Rain. Becky, who knows nothing of cloning, makes the logical assumption, confusing the utter ever-loving hell out of Good Rain:
    "I met your sister; she's not very nice!"
    • Alice and Good Rain's interaction about guns:
      Rain: "I campaigned for gun control."
      Alice: (shoves the gun into Rain's hands)
      Rain: "I marched against the NRA!"
      Alice: "...Hold it like a camera. Pull the trigger." (The gun fires, startling Rain.) "Congratulations, you're officially a badass."
      • Equally funny because we're talking about Michelle Rodriguez, a major badass in most of her films, being against guns.
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    • When they first meet, Good Rain asks Alice why she's wearing an S&M outfit.
    • When Alice arrives with Leon, Luther, and Barry, Good Rain lustily looks them over and asks Alice, "Where did you find these guys?"
  • Leon and Ada have been showing a varying degree of affection for each other throughout the movie, though their tension isn't as thick as between their video game counterparts. At the end, they've both survived and are sitting next to each other as they wait to find out what's happening next, and Leon puts a hand on Ada's leg. Ada, without saying a word, grabs his wrist and transfers the hand back to his own thigh.
    • Leon being the only one to look happy upon Jill and Bad Rain showing up to hijack the happy ending, purely on account of the fact that Ada is there. Her being at gunpoint seemingly not a factor.
  • During a car chase, an "RPG" blows up a car in front of Alice, so what does she do? She smashes through the car in front of her.
    Leon:: Tell me when you're planning on doing that again.
  • Luther's incredulous reaction to Becky saying that Alice is her mom.
  • An unintentional one. Early in the film, Jill interrogates a captured Alice, using a shrieking noise to torture Alice. After using this on Alice several times, we have a scene where Alice is hunched over, and Jill, without asking a question, just turns on the noise again, for no real reason except to be a dick.
    • Likely, the lack of asking the question after a while is because Alice was focused on trying to understand why Jill had attacked the Arcadia and captured her. Jill is probably trying to completely break her so she'll say everything just to get the torture to stop.
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  • During the final fight, Luthor smacks Evil Rain with a fire extinguisher, which makes a comical "BWANG" noise. Rain even has a "Are you serious?" look after being hit.
  • When Alice puts on the Tactical Glasses, Luther stares at her, intrigued.
    • Alice takes a moment checking them out while under gunfire.

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