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Funny / Resident Evil: Degeneration

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  • From the blooper track for Degeneration:
    Leon: "There's one thing I need to tell you guys:"
    Leon: "My paycheck... is way too good."
    Angela: (Blank Stare)
    • There's also this gem.
    Leon: Angela.
    Angela turns around to face him
    Leon: (blubbering) Don't leave me! I'm scared.
    Angela:...You're pathetic. (Leaves)
    Leon: (still blubbering) Angela...wait...
  • Never reject Claire.
  • Leon, while pinned down by a zombie, tosses Claire his handgun so she could save herself and him. She spin kicks the closest zombie and catches the gun in the most over the top way as possible. Leon didn't actually need her to rescue him because he ends up easily flipping the zombie over.
  • Claire having to fight off zombies with the only weapon available being... a red and white umbrella.
    Claire: Never saw this coming.
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  • There's something about a platoon of soldiers fighting Curtis, who is basically G1 at that point, and getting absolutely slaughtered. Leon or Claire can beat G1 with nothing but a handgun and a few shotgun rounds alone and in a cramped area, but at least two dozen soldiers all with assault rifles couldn't beat him.

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