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Funny / Resident Evil: Damnation

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  • One of the final battle scenes. Hugely exciting moment and *pop* goes the shell!
  • The gag reel. Hunnigan sending Leon shopping for her and threatening not to help him anymore if he doesn't. Ada vs Svetlana re-cut as "two women going at it" and everyone running to get a look. Leon chatting blithely about his "exciting missions" and wanting to go diving with Angela to Buddy, completely ignoring his dying coughs until his head explodes.
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  • Near the end, when Leon is repeatedly smacking the Tyrant in the face with the tank's cannon.
  • One Tyrant takes the full brunt of an A10 Warthog's massive rotary cannon, and is still seen standing within a thick plume of smoke. It clears, revealing that the Tyrant's entire upper half was shredded away to nothingness, and then its newly-orphaned pelvis and legs simply flop over to the ground.
  • Almost anytime JD is on-screen, hilarity ensues.
  • This little exchange
    Buddy: "Is it common in America to be packing one of *these* around while 'on vacation?'" [Holds up Leon's Custom AK]

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