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Headscratchers / Resident Evil: Degeneration

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  • In Degeneration, Leon is shown to ignore standard procedure in favor of what works. So why is Claire, who is more experienced and probably a better shot than the two squad members with him, not immediately given a gun?
    • She doesn't want one. When Leon throws her his pistol in the airport, she gives it back to him as soon as she can.
    • We're given the impression that since Code: Veronica, Claire simply hasn't been in combat—so she's hardly going to be "more experienced and probably a better shot" than two career soldiers, except inasmuch as she's dealt with zombies before. In any case, Claire's deliberately and consciously taken on the role of a healer and caretaker more than a fighter. She'll fight when she has to, but prefers not to.
      • This would explain her work with Terra Save in Revelations 2...
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    • While the whole "chosen to be pacifist" thing is a very good natured choice in most situations, it's a goddamn outbreak! she took down several zombies in seconds while holding a small child with a few well placed shots and a kick, the whole "I don't want to use a gun" argument doesn't hold water when the other option is a bunch of rotting former humans with a hankering for human flesh munching your face off. Its the same thing with barrys daughter in revelations, while true she has a problem with guns due to the accident (read RE:R2 for the accident) not having a firearm in a situation with monsters is just plain stupid, i'd have taken my spare gun handed it to her and just went "listen, save the whole non-combatant crap for when we aren't about to be eaten."
    • A) Nobody cares what you would've done in that situation.
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    • B) She's focused on taking care of Rani, not kicking ass, and taking care of Rani doesn't require a gun. Claire would've made it out of the airport without firing a shot if not for the senator.
    • In all honesty im inclined to agree with three above here, its a surivial situation, they lost a man and if Leon hadn;t had his backup gun, she would of been possibly screwed, as the gun throwing scene shows she is far more competant with a gun than anyone except Leon, Angela despite seeing all Leon dispatch zombies spends almost the entire Airport Scenario still kneecapping Zombies rather than taking a headshot, which while hard to overcome training for center mass shots a headshot is in general the next step in dealing with resisting violent agressors, at least carrying the spare gun as a "just in case" so that leon wouldn't have had to throw her one would of made alittle more sense.

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