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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!
Golden Lion vs Crimson Dragon

This series more or less runs on Rule of Cool, features some of the most badass characters you'll see in a light novel, angels, fallen angels, devils and other mythology beings all clashing against each other, and what have you. Pack yourself a sandwich, you'll be here for a while.

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     Occult Research Club 

The Occult Research Club as a whole is more or less a Badass Crew and it shows.

  • Seeing as Issei is the protagonist of the series, he's bound to at least have one per volume.
    • He starts off his chain of awesome with defeating Raynare with his first real use of the Boosted Gear.
    • He gets his second big one when he crashes Riser and Rias' wedding. Considering that Riser has been a Jerkass the entire volume, seeing Issei use Balance Breaker for the first time to pound his face in, then use his newly ''dragonified arm'' to use a cross and holy water against Riser was sweet vindication.
      • He's running on borrowed time too when he fights him.
    • In volume three, he gives an epic Shut Up, Hannibal! at Kokabiel when the latter tries tempting him to join the fallen angels. Too bad his rival stole the spotlight for defeating Kokabiel.
    • When he first invokes Ascalon to give Gasper blood so that the kid vampire could control his Sacred Gear. Plus when he uses Ascalon's strength against Dragons to punch Vali and wound him repeatedly. And this was after he was channeling it through his own Dragon arm!
    • The fourth one gets him to curb-stomp his rival in anger when the latter pushes his Berserk Button. Though it was obvious that Vali was definitely holding back against him.
    • Also, if you count using subs, during that fight Issei Boosted his power over 35 times!
    • Vol 5 has Issei learn to activate his full Balance Breaker on his own, and uses it to own Kuroka, preventing her from taking Koneko. The anime shows this well: with one punch, he annihilated the entire area behind Kuroka, without touching her at all - and the only reason she was spared was because he was allowing it. Should she cross them again, however, he makes clear that he wouldn't hold back.
    • Volume 6 has two:
      • Issei absolutely destroying Diodora Astaroth after when the latter threatens to rape Asia, and then saving Asia from being killed to nuke the leaders of all three factions by using Dress Break.
      • Shalba teleports Asia to the Dimensional Gap, where she will surely die. Issei's response to this? Activating Juggernaut Drive (an ability that literally transforms the user into an unstoppable dragon form) for the first time in the series. Even more impressive is that this isn't even the complete transformation.
    • In the seventh volume, he gets Mjölnir! And he uses it to bash Loki with the combined power of the recently-resolved father-daughter-problem when they cast lightning on Mjölnir.
    • In volume nine, the party is losing to the Hero Faction, and Kunou's mom, Yasaka, is about to be used to summon Great Red. Then Issei activates Illegal Move Trident for the first time, and nearly kills Cao Cao with the first three forms. And when Cao Cao and the others retreat from Issei and the absurdly powerful Son Wukong, Issei shoots Cao Cao in the eye.
    • Volume 10: Illegal Trident Cardinal Crimson Queen Issei Versus Regulus Nemea-equipped Sairaorg. Probably the most awesome fight of the entire series, comparable to the Negi VS Rakan fight.
      • To put this into perspective, Ichiei Ishibumi was itching to write this fight.
      • He fights off his predecessors Madness Mantra to activate Juggernaut Drive by making up a Badass Creed on the spot.
      • Before that, there was Issei's... fight... with Kuisha Abaddon. He was already mad about seeing his comrades lose, and she decided taunting him was a good idea. The fight was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. Sairaorg didn't even give Kuisha a chance, he recalled her because he realized the instant Issei reached her she would DIE.
    • Volume 11: His second Curb-Stomp Battle against Shalba Beelzebub, and also delivering a "Reason You Suck" Speech that utterly gives Shalba a Villainous Breakdown.
    • Volume 12: He becomes Ultraman huge when he comes Back from the Dead and proceeds to wipe out the most powerful Annihilation Maker's monster, the same monster that ultimate-class devils couldn't even scratch at all. And the only he needed assistance from Grayfia and the rest of the Lucifer team to lift it up so he can blast it out of the way is so that there wouldn't be any casualties.
      • Although his own powers had nothing to do with it, as he was borrowing from Great Red. More of an awesome moment for Great Red really.
    • How he defeats Cao Cao is the same way how he defeats Riser. Not by power, but by using his brain for a bit. He baits him by telling him as to what he has in his hands (the Switch Princess doll that apparently can fire off its breasts like a toy gun), loads a bullet he found at the Dimension Gap, and fires it at Cao Cao. The latter easily slices off the bullet unaware that there was some sort of liquid inside of it. Turns out, said liquid was Samael's blood that Issei had when he tasted it from Shalba's arrow.
    • How he curb stomps Jeanne after injecting herself a second Chaos Break injection when one was already dangerous but makes her even more powerful. Just apply the good ol' Dress Break on her and her entire armor shatters and blasts her with one his attacks. And this is where he's just a resurrected humanoid dragon without his evil pawn pieces''.
      • Oh, and he gets to solve all of his club members' Dark and Troubled Past baggage, something Sona notes as an accomplishment.
    • Befriending and becoming the son of both Great Red and Ophis, two of the strongest beings of the entire series counts as this.
    • In Volume 14, he borrowed a page of awesome from Luffy. Specifically by making his right hand turn into a dragon by extending it and punches a magician who has a high level barrier with ease.
    • His David vs. Goliath fight with Grendel. Being able to keep up with a Lightning Bruiser dragon is practically awesome.
    • Volume 17 gives us Issei's full powered Attack Drones by combining both Red and White wyvern powers and manages to corner Euclid with it.
    • And then he finishes the battle by using his wyverns to externally boost his power in order to use Longinus Smasher.
    • After getting some sprinkles of badassery in volume 16 and 17, his new ability, Penetrate, more than makes up for it. He literally beats the crap out of Rizevim who can't nullify Penetrate.
    • Volume 20:
      • Nidhoggr didn't even stand a chance at the brutal beatdown he gave him.
      • And then later, his parents' acceptance of the fact that he's a dragon and a devil allows up to finally unleash Ophis's infinite power and unlock his ultimate form: Diabolos Dragon. He then proceeds to deliver a long-awaited Curb-Stomp Battle against Rizevim.
    • Volume 21. Despite the risk of dying, he uses Diabolos Dragon a second time to fight against Apophis, finishing him off with his new form's Infinity Blaster, followed immediately by a Longinus Smasher.
      • And immediately afterwards, he teams up with Sirzechs in order to fight Trihexa's core.
    • The EX sidestory has 30 years later Issei showing up as a dragon! He first shows up using the mechanical arm of a being that is equivalent of a god to pick his nose. He then one-shots a battleship god and its entire armada.
  • Then of course, there's the anime moments.
    • Defeating Raynare — this time though, doing a Destination Defenestration in the process.
    • Before that, both times he punched Freed in the face. Dude had those coming.
    • Then in Episode 10, he breaks Mira's staff with his bare human hand. It hurt him a little, but that makes it no less awesome.
    • His fight with Riser, where Issei's transformation into his incomplete Balance Breaker is fully animated, in all of it's glory!
    • And of course, his first fight with Vali, particularly where Issei overloads Vali's wings by giving them more energy than they can handle.
      • The real awesome moment is when he absorbed Albion's powers, which Ddraig stated that it was a Million-to-One Chance of it happening. because Albion's powers work against Ddraig's. But with the combination of Issei and Ddraig's resolve being in perfect sync, they achieve it together as true partners, and Albion is in complete shock as a result.
      Issei: Respond to what I'm feeling and do your worst!
      Ddraig: Vanishing Dragon! Power is Taken!
      • Meta example: The fact that Fumihiko Tachiki actually got to shout Boost non-stop for 12 seconds without running out of breath is just awesome. And not only him; Christopher Sabat as well for the dub's version.
    • The sheer Catharsis Factor of Issei's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Diodora in the anime - the enraged Issei gut-punches him hard enough to cough up blood, smashes his face in, Boosts himself roughly thirty times to overcome a barrier and uppercut him into the ceiling, and adds another twenty Boosts onto that for their final 'struggle'. Said struggle being Dragon Shot vs everything Diodora had... Dragon Shot pierced through in a millisecond, destroyed the wall inches from his face, and leveled a mountain-sized landmark in the process.
    Issei: I don't care what happens to me, NO ONE MAKES ASIA CRY!
  • Even the 'Boost' ability gets insane, light novels or anime, when you realize just how much doubling your power when Issei does it over and over really is. Issei's first fight against Vali ultimately has him Boost over 35 times in a row as stated above - an impressive feat equaling 34.3 billion times his normal power.
  • In the EX sidestory, Issei was absent from the plot, made especially odd since the enemy targeted Asia, his Relative Button. Then he shows up at the end and reveals he [[One-Man Army single-handedly slaughtered all of the other God-class enemies in the enemy faction while his children and past self were busy with one.


  • He gets an overall one for actually being able to keep up with Issei throughout the series. To put that in perspective: his training with Issei involves Issei trying to deliberately kill him just to make the both of them stronger.
    • He is the first in Rias' group to reach Balance Breaker, and it lets him make holy-demonic swords. Which can't actually exist in reality.
      • It later turns out he acquired a SECOND Sacred Gear at the same time. Which is at Balance Breaker the first time he uses it.
    • He one-shots Freed, turned into a chimera, in Volume 6 then impales his head without hesitation. Issei notes even he was jealous of Kiba's cool moment.
  • Defeats Siegfried in their second match by disguising himself as one of his clones charging towards Siegfried.
  • Gains an Offscreen Moment of Awesome in volume 12 while using Issei's rampage as a giant man in an armor, he rescues the kids who are held captive by Jeanne.
    • Before that, he practically takes on Jeane, Georg, and Heracles while saving the Sitri group on his own.
  • In the anime, during his fight with Kokabiel, he uses dual swords that the Fallen Angel blocks, mocking him about how weak he is. Kiba claims he's not done yet and produces a third sword, and uses it with his teeth, managing to make him bleed. For the dub, the moment is similarly awesome with Kokabiel taunting him 'Give up yet?', and Kiba responds with Never! before cutting the Fallen Angel.


  • Her nickname is the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess. What did you expect?
    • In the first volume, she kills three fallen angels. Off screen.
    • In volume 6, she and Akeno get in an argument over who gets a date with Issei. When the enemy tries to interrupt, the girls deliver a twin Off Hand Back Hand for their troubles, taking out all three of the attackers at once.
    • She destroys everything but half of Grendel's face in volume 16! Grendel gets one for surviving that.
  • In the anime, Rias killing off three fallen angels happens on-screen, and it is awesome: she kills all three at the same time with a single attack.
    • And then completes the set by vaporizing Raynare.
    • The first OVA shows us what happens when Issei uses Gift on Rias. Damn...


  • Being The Medic, she doesn't have a lot of these, but the ones she does have are pretty sweet.
  • She normally stays pretty calm, regardless of the situation, but when Diodora insults Issei, she slaps him across the face.
  • In Volume 20, Rizevim realizes he's hopelessly outmatched against Issei's new Diabolos Dragon form, and tries attack his family instead. Asia has none of this and activates Balance Breaker, which turns her into a Barrier Warrior who can block Rezevim's most powerful attacks, allowing Issei to continue the beatdown on him.


  • She is Rias' Queen, and the daughter of a Fallen Angel. She is also a sadist.



  • He gets to show off his power at the climax of Volume 4, drinking dragon blood, allowing him to stop time and drains his enemies magic, allowing Issei to apply Dress Break on them. According to Rias, this isn't even a taste of what he's fully capable of.
  • In Volume 12, once Georg tells Gasper that Issei died, he devours all of Georg's mists in anger.



  • She gets one in volume 16 after activating Shirone mode, and starts annihilating vampires who literally could not be killed thanks to the power of the Life Grail. She doesn't even need to attack; she just needs to touch them and they get burned.

     Other Characters 

The other characters (can't leave them out now, can't we?)

  • Vali curb-stomping Kokabiel counts as one when the Gremory group at that time can't even faze the latter.
  • Odin's fight against a number of devils. He just casually taps his staff and they all die.
  • Sirzechs shows off how powerful the Power of Destruction is on a small scale instead of how Rias uses hers. He just puts a small ball of his power on Asmodeus mouth and kills him from the inside.
  • Sona almost winning against Rias in their Rating Game when she takes advantage of the rules stacked against the Gremory group in her favor. She almost could've won too if it weren't for Issei's new ability Bilingual.
  • Saji gets one for being able to keep a single thread alive and attached to Issei before getting taken out of the game counts one as well. To the point Odin praised him and was awarded the MVP of the game.
    • His biggest one so far is when he makes his Big Damn Heroes moment against Loki and his five mini dragons, encasing them all on his own.
  • The original Son Wukong shows up right as Issei finishes pounding Cao Cao. He proceeds to level the rest of the Hero faction in seconds, and blocks the True Longinus, the strongest weapon in the series, with one finger. What.
  • He may be a villain at this point, but Cao Cao going One-Man Army against an entire crew of angels, fallen angels, and devils while protecting both Georg and Samael counts as one. Take note, he's just a human being. And he was winning!
  • Sirzechs in Volume 12. Oh boy, making a god cower in fear of him. And it was freaking Hades too!
    • His pal, Ajuka, also gets to be awesome in this volume and proving why he's The Rival to Sirzechs. He defeats all of the Old Satan Faction devils Siegfried was accompanying while sitting down in his chair.
  • Any match versus Sairaorg will almost always end in a Curb-Stomp Battle. This includes the successor of Glasya-Labolas, Kiba-Rossweiss-Xenovia team up (though Kiba did get to cut his arm but got regenerated thanks to a Phoenix tear), and Heracles. It's always awesome.
  • Vali's Juggernaut Overdrive. Biggest form he's ever pulled off. Pluto, who could fight Azazel evenly, gets curb-stomped by getting himself divided into nothingness.
  • Great Red's Dynamic Entry to the Underworld with a revived Issei accompanying Ophis with him. Put this into perspective: there's a war between The Alliance and the Khaos Brigade going on with the latter having one monster who really cannot be defeated because it can instantly regenerate its wounds when suddenly the entire sky cracks up and out comes Great Red with both sides not knowing what it's even there for seeing as they all know is that he's usually chilling at the Dimension Gap.
  • While not as awesome as Great Red's appearance (and really, what can?), volume 14 shows us magicians versus devils.
    • Sona's tactics in the battles.
  • Sirzechs curb stomping Issei in their mock battle! And this was when he could afford to do some silly poses in a silly Super Sentai suit!
  • Grendel gets one when he survives an Ascalon-powered CCD equipped Issei punch! However it's implied that he had something to even survive it in the first place.
  • Rizevim. Anything from him is a moment of awesome in his first appearance which is volume 16.
    • Personally drove the vampires to near extinction.
    • No Sold every single Sacred Gear. That means, no CCQ Issei, no Juggernaut Overdrive Vali, no crazy attacks from Gasper's Balor.
    • Wants to challenge both Great Red and Chichigami. By releasing the powerful 666 Beast.
  • The reason why God Is Dead in this series. He had a Dying Moment of Awesome by sealing 666 Beast, a being on par with Great Red, then fought while exhausted and still managed to gain the upper hand in the war till he died.
  • Bennia and Loup Garou's first on-screen fight is them holding back an entire army of vampires, allowing the Occult Research Club to move on.
  • I have three words for you: Malebolge Vritra Promotion.
  • The first episode of the third season showcases what Tannin can do against the crew. Let's just say them getting curb stomped is an Understatement. And according to Ddraig, he wasn't even using a tenth of his power when he tested them.
    • The dub takes it Up to Eleven as Ddraig instead says he wasn't even using a thousand of his power.
  • Belial's entire plan as payback to Rizevim and to avenge his cousin.
  • Issei's mom walks up to Belial (the strongest non-Maou devil who beat the crap out of Issei moments ago) and bitchslaps him across the face for what he put Issei through.
  • Fafnir (the underwear-sniffing pervert dragon) is very fond of Asia. So much so, in fact, that when Rizevim slaps her, he attacks him in anger. Between the fireballs and vomiting Gate of Babylon style attacks at Rizeviem, he gets taken out by Lilith. This apparently puts him in a coma. Except not. Fafnir had instead invaded Rizevim's dreams, murdering him over and over again in nightmares and turning him from a Joker-esque Invincible Villain to a desperate man. Rizevim has a total "Oh God, I'm dead" moment when he gets eating alive immediately after Fafnir returns to the physical world. Can't get more karmic than that.


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