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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Kohta Hirano's Took a Level in Badass moment in Episode 2, "Escape From The Dead", showing that even us otaku have some form of Chekhov's Skill that can come in handy during a zombie apocalypse. And the Anime Network dub doesn't hinder that in any way whatsoever.
    • Put best by a guy's comment on YouTube: "Fatass just became badass!"
  • Episode 5 of the anime, starting with a DOUBLE TAP by Hirano when Takashi tosses him a .38 Special revolver he'd found, Hirano immediately shoots two of them who where coming up behind, only missing taking Takashi's head off by a couple of inches. This entire scene is pure concentrated awesome and is a vast improvement over the corresponding page in the manga, where they just randomly meet up again. The anime turns this reunion into a Moment of Awesome for Rei, a Moment of Awesome for Saeko, and two consecutive Moments of Awesome for Takashi...honestly, it has to be seen to be believed.
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  • "IT'S. A. LITTLE. GIRL." The moment that showed that these kids really are heroes at heart, by braving a horde of "them" to save Alice after her father was killed. And they did it. And it rocked.
  • Besides that, there's also a moment with our crew rushing to aid the hero in a Humvee with our lovely Lady of War on top, wearing only a thong and an apron.
  • Saya's parents making one last stand against the zombies invading the mansion.
  • Shizuka channeling a military drill instructor while giving Kohta a Get A Hold Of Yourself Man speech.
  • Even if it was more of a funny scene in the OVA, Takashi surviving against 4 of them WHILE SLEEPING FOR THE WHOLE EVENING is pretty damn awesome.
  • Hirano defuses the situation with the mall survivor who wanted to rape Miss Shizuka by garroting the bastard from behind, and makes him submit or die. The guy chooses to submit. Here's where it starts.
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  • The Takagi family's mechanic making a last stand against the zombies armed with nothing but a wrench after ensuring the survival of the main characters.
  • Upon escaping the school, some of Shidou's students complain about Shizuka's driving and say they should've waited it out somewhere in the school. When one of the students tells Shizuka to slow down, she hits the brakes and yells at him to back off. He does... only to rant on about being on the same bus as Takashi, tempting Hirano to take him out with his nailgun. Rei took care of the problem by whacking him across the stomach with her broomstick. So chalk one up for Shizuka and Rei.
  • Saeko admits that she was attacked by a rapist when she was younger and beat said rapist within an inch of his life.
  • The student who gets bitten defending Shizuka. An ordinary hinted to be geeky/nerdy kid who dies smiling after Saeko offers to Mercy Kill him so he won't turn into one of them.
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  • When Hirano stood up to Shidou and his group of students when they tried to force Shizuka to stay on the bus (which likely would have ended with her being raped, considering what happened after the group left). He threatens, with the hugest bloodthirsty smile known to man, that since they'd all treated him like crap before the apocalypse, that he would have absolutely no qualms with killing every last one of them. Beware the Nice Ones indeed!
  • Asami has two awesome moments of her own:
    • The first is when Takashi and the others decide against going to the clinic to get plasma for the old womannote . Asami steps up and volunteers to go alone, knowing "they" would be there.
    • The best part being, it isn't just talk... she means every word of it. And was willing to lay down her life for it. That's a lot of heart for a timid young rookie.
    • She also saves Hirano's life while they were at the clinic, when she nails one with her baton, just as it'd been inches away from sinking its teeth into him.
  • Chapter 24 when the Kaiju Defense Force successfully rescues the survivors on the mall rooftop, with plenty of More Dakka, Stuff Blowing Up, Fast-Roping, and no casualties. Looks like the SDF isn't useless after all.
  • Seeing Saya go into Mama Bear mode to save Alice, when she fell off her bike and was about to be killed by "them". Her first three shots were off target. Just as Hirano starts to step in, she stops him by saying she could do it on her own, with her next shot. Hirano basically says, "It's all you, honey. You got this." And then she does it.


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