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Recap / High School DD

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Warning! On these recap pages all spoilers will be unmarked! Read at your own peril!

Recap page for the light novel series High School D×D. The Recap page for Shin High School D×D can be found here.

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     Arc I ("The Red Dragon Emperor's Awakening") 
  • Volume 1: Diabolos of the Old School Building
  • Volume 2: Phoenix of the Battle School


     Arc II ("Birth of the Breast Dragon Emperor") 
  • Volume 3: Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard
  • Volume 4: Vampire of the Suspended Classroom
  • Volume 5: Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp
  • Volume 6: Holy Behind the Gymnasium

     Arc III ("The Heroic Oppai Dragon") 

     Arc IV ("The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively Companions") 

    Final Arc ("Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of Kuoh Academy") 

     Side Stories 



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