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  • Together, Kaito and Frau figure out that the only way to stop the robots rampaging throughout Tokyo is to beat a game of Kill Ballad that's been hacked to essentially be impossible to beat. However, after losing a few matches, Kaito figures out that if he takes advantage of his crippling time-perception condition, he might be able to beat the game. At the very last moment, Frau invokes his perceiving time at an incredibly fast rate. This doesn't make time faster for him, but slower, and it puts an extreme strain on his mind and body. They manage to win the moment before the robots attack the army of policemen guarding the capitol building in Tokyo. Kaito collapses, Frau kisses him, Frau is also not found guilty of any crimes, and she returns to school in order to act as a full member of the robotics club. It's also revealed that Tokyo is well on the way to recovering from the incident.
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  • Even though it fails to save her in the end, Kai suplexing Mizuka, in an attempt to stop her malfunctioning exoskeleton legs is pretty awesome.
  • Nae taking out several armed commandos unarmed and saving Frau.
  • Akiho's response to Kimijima Kou's Hannibal Lecture and claims that she'll never save the world? That robots have saved the worlds countless times before. That the three robots she and the club made together are like her children. That she's never going to give up. That she'll beat him, beat her sister and save everyone. Then it's revealed that the only way for them to break into the terrorist-controlled observatory is to modify their robot and use it to break through their lines of defense, the Principle comes, seemingly to disband the club. She's actually there to make it a full-fledged club at the school, and the entire island comes to help.
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  • Pretty much everybody in Tanegashima banding together to complete and upgrade the Gunpro-1. In the space of a couple of days, they're able to turn it from a pile of junk into a fully functioning robot complete with dual pile bunkers.
  • A group of well-organized civilians and high school students band together and successfully foil a massive conspiracy to wipe out most of the human race.
  • Gunvarrel Ankh Striker.
  • Finally getting rid of that arrogant prick Kimijima Kou once and for all via a digital missile.
  • Episode 9: The Finishing of the first stages of Gunpro-1! Seeing it come together, and Aki just so god damn proud to finally see it together not only counts as a Heartwarming Moment but it is also awesome to see her dream finally reach reality! The music really helps set the tone! Now the robot doesn't get very far, or started that well. But it doesn't mitigate this moment of awesome, it just shows the first steps to truly making it work!
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  • Episode 16 starts out with one awesome moment. The Activation and successful movement of Gunpro-2! Accompanied by the music of Episode 9 when the team got their robot turned on.
  • And the mother of all moments of awesome, the highlight of the whole series, is the very end of episode 21 when they finally launch the robot, not GunPro-1 anymore, but as the real Gunvarrell. A dream made true, to protect your loved ones. If there is something called Nightmare Fuel, this is what Awesome Fuel truly looks like.

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