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Awesome / Petite Princess Yucie

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  • In the very first episode, Yucie deliberately stomps in a puddle to aggravate mean girls who were bothering her and Cocoloo.
  • Yucie and Cube sneaking past the guards in episode 1.
  • The fight between Arc and Cerberus in episode 6.
  • The fight Cat!Yucie and Glenda have with Meow the First in episode 7, with gorgeous animation.
  • In episode 8, Cocoloo is chosen as a model by a famous painter, and the painting captures her smiling happily.
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  • In episode 10, Arc is cornered by the Chief Librarian, who magically animates armor, a clay jar, and books to go after him. Arc then uses his sword to make a shockwave that stops them without harming anything.
  • The Heavenly Triathalon in episode 12, with Yucie, Cocoloo, and Glenda working together while Elmina goes on her own, has all four girls earn at least one moment of awesome.
    • Elmina solves the first two challenges easily, while Cocoloo manages to solve the first one afterwards after trying hard enough.
    • Then Yucie, Glenda, and Cocoloo manage to inspire Elmina to not give up and that it's ok to try again as they attempt to complete the dance despite mistakes. She eventually joins in and they complete it together.
    • Finally, the others inspire Elmina to keep pulling at the lever to open Heaven's Gate even when it looks like she can't go anymore. And while Elmina's father still refuses to acknowledge her, she says she can keep trying, and earns the Crystal flower of Strength.
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  • Episode 13 has Glenda fetching a thorny lizard's tail for Amphi by accident when she refused to let go of the beast.
  • Episode 14 has Cocoloo reaching to Beth with words and support, not fighting.
  • Episode 17 has Beth saving Coocloo from falling off of the World Tree.
  • Episode 20 has Gunbard's tale and how he put together the Eternal Tiara.
  • Episode 23 has the girls fighting Diabolos, with every girl getting an awesome moment.
    • Cocoloo lets Diabolos phase through her, then pokes at its root with her spear, shattering it.
    • Elmina does impressive midair archery against Diabolos.
    • Glenda and Beth combine their magic to rejuvenate the Fairy king with rain.
    • Yucie leads the others and discovers that the pendants can focus the Tiara's light.
    • After being buried underground, Glenda and Elmina dig their way out with help from the lovestruck moles from episode 17.
    • Arc, Lord Drago, and the stewards help out, and eventually the Fairy World citizens fight back as well, with Frere apologizing to Beth for them running off before.
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    • Arc's Diving Save of Yucie.
    • All 5 girls focusing their hearts to defeat Diabolos once and for all.
  • In the last episode, Yucie's belief in The Power of Friendship is so strong it restores her friends after they were erased from existence.


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